Department of Transportation is planning to make Kent Avenue safer

proposedIn the wake of last year’s horrific hit-and-run death on Kent Ave, Department of Transportation officials are proposing measures to slow down a dangerous section of the road. According to NY Daily News the DOT study showed that 82% of northbound drivers went over the speed limit in the area between West Williamsburg and Clymer St. From NY Daily News:

The plan, which was approved last week by Community Board 1, moves bikers off the sidewalk and separates cyclists, pedestrians and cars with curbs, buffers and flexible dividers.
Planners say it will help accommodate an explosion in bike traffic. Weekend bike ridership increased by 324% between 2008 and 2010, the city said, but they hope the changes will make the corridor safer for everyone.

The work is expected to take around a month, and may begin this summer.


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