Democracy = More Dildos For Everybody

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Gothamist caught wind of a promotion going on at Park Slope’s Babeland next week. By bringing in your voter registration card Tuesday through Nov. 11th, you’re entitled to a free sex toy! For the ladies, Babeland will hook you up with a Silver Bullet, while for the dudes, you can pick up a Maverick!
From Gothamist:

All you have to do is “bring your voter registration card, ballot stub or your word of honor that you cast a ballot on November 4th” and they’ll hook you up with the goods, which will probably help keep stress levels down until the election results are in.

So there you have it. Go vote on Tuesday, and whether or not you get laid for doing so, Babeland will make sure you go to bed happy.
In related news, does anybody have an extra McCain t-shirt lying around? I need it for my Halloween costume, and am not about to pay the McCain campaign 60 bucks to ship me one overnight. C’mon Brooklyn, there’s got to be some former GOP supporters out there….right? If so, email me plz!


  1. mr charlie says:

    i got a great one about obama being a socialist, but it will cost ya.

  2. mimi!

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