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Image c/o The New York Times

Thursday seven art installations were unveiled at various Brooklyn subway stations along the D line. According to the New York Times,

Almost all of the new works…are laminated glass windscreens that edge subway platforms above ground.”

To see these “laminated glass windscreens”, check out all of the beautiful art exhibitions in this slide show, c/o the New York Times: Beautifying the D Line. Seriously, take a look.

Amongst these installations includes a very cool gate created by Christopher Russell, a Manhattan sculptor:

Mr. Russell was entrusted with designing bronze gates, 7 feet high and 6 feet wide, at the Ninth Avenue Station in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. The gates depict honeybees crawling on hives, and the posts of adjacent fences will have honeybees resting on 17 finials shaped like flower heads.

The gates are expected to be presented in the fall after the station, an Arts and Crafts-style copper-roofed structure built in 1916, has been fully renovated. Although the gates are operable, riders will not pass through them, but will simply admire them (or tremble in their presence).”

For more on this story, including the inspiration and process behind Russell’s work, visit the New York Times article in its entirety here: A Sculptor Creates a Stop on the Bee Train.

If you happen to hop on the D train and pass one of these installations, comment below!

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