Death By Audio Will Close in November


Death By Audio is my favourite place in New York, I’m writing this with a lump in my throat, but I think everyone wondered just how long the venue could last in the neighbourhood and unfortunately that question has been answered.

A statement from Edan Wilbur and Matt Conboy reads:

After seven years of operation Death By Audio will close on November 22, 2014. Running this space has been an incredible undertaking and a joy since day one. We have been fortunate enough to host bands from all over the US and the world nearly every night of the week. Amazingly, we’ve hosted in excess of 1000 acts a year for the past seven years. The effect pedal company will remain open and relocate to a temporary space until we find a more permanent home.
When we first moved onto south 2nd street the only things on our block were a used police car lot and several empty buildings. Now there are a half dozen expensive restaurants, bars, a daycare center and a new condo building (that was an empty lot when we moved in). All ages DIY music venues are almost by definition temporary, and we feel fortunate to have lasted in this space for this long. We knew from the beginning that it couldn’t last forever and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has preformed or attended any of our shows. We are still weighing options about what happens next and will let everyone know more about the future of Death By Audio as soon as we can.
Our closing party starts Wednesday Sept 10 and we will have great programing for these last 75 days. We are looking forward to putting on some really incredible shows to send off what has been one of the greatest undertakings of our lives. We hope to see you there.
Edan and Matt
P.S. If you’re in Hot Snakes please get in touch.

I can only offer my most sincere thanks to Edan and Matt for everything they have done. DBA was the best place to see shows, and I saw alot, despite its ramshackle appearance the sound was great and the atmosphere was always welcoming and without judgement. No-one was there just to have a water-cooler conversation the next day about where they were the previous night, it was all about the music. I hope that Death By Audio does have a future, somewhere. I’m an atheist but for want of a better word, DBA truly felt like a spiritual home.

In the meantime, check out the venue’s website for current bookings, there will no doubt be some pretty special shows coming up.

Photo of Thee Oh Sees by Chris Quartly

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