Das Racist remix Katy Perry

Last night, as the perfect treat to end the weekend, Himanshu Suri
(@HEEMS) of Das Racist posted his remix of Katy Perry’s ubiquitous pop hit “Teenage Dream.” It’s no cast of Glee rendition. And for that I am eternally grateful. In place of the sugar-high original, the Heems version of this track is way slowed down and smooth. Possibly one of the sexiest tracks this dude has ever put his name on.

So whether this was the cherry on top of your weekend or the kickstart to get you through this work week, it is great either way. Check it out over at Heems’ blog Nehru Jackets or download it directly HERE. We probably really will dance until we die, won’t we?


  1. thatsnot myname says:

    himanshu kuma!!!!!!! that’s not my namethat’s not my namethat’s not my namethat’s not my namethat’s not my name

  2. Matt Flint says:

    Ugh. Super embarrassing. Super fixed.

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