Das Racist played Todd P's Halloween party

Todd P’s Halloween party took place last night at the Ridgewood Masonic Temple. most people were probably still recovering from Halloween observed the night before, but a respectable amount of ghouls and tricksters made their way to the show, headlined by so-hot-right-now hip hop ensemble Das Racist.

Halloween is a time when you can see what people are really about. They’re either in a pre-packaged costume or they’re trying too hard or they are legitimately clever and good-spirited. And for Das Racist, it can be all of the above all the time. These guys walk the lines between irony and sincerity; between novelty and legitimacy; between gimmickry and credibility. And while some people show up at the party dressed as a can of Four Loko, others as zombies or superheroes, Das Racist can just take the floor as themselves and still be baffling and maybe a little frightening.

This set was, by all definitions, a shit show. You know when your friends have an inside joke and they are cracking up about it, and the joke is sort of independently funny, but not nearly as funny as your friends’ uproar would suggest? Combine that feeling with the feeling of seeing your little brother get way too drunk at a party you invited him to. That was what the stage presence of Das Racist was like. And it was a fucking party.

Starting their set with “Who’s That? Brooown!” the stage erupted in dancing and passing mics around and mumbling and jumping up and down, the band ripped through a set of their rap songs to the late night Halloween crowd. (I say “ripped” like, you know, a bong rip. Not like ripping through a to-do list with efficiency.) When there was a gap in the flow, I couldn’t tell if it was because a mic cut out, or was knocked out of Victor Vazquez’s hand, or because someone just forgot their own lyrics.

After a fittingly short set, an blast of dubstep airhorn and getting the crowd to chant “MUSIC SUCKS,” Heems announced that since they were a four-man rap group, working with two mics, the next song would be their last. And I guess that was the cue for EVERYONE from the crowd to come up on stage. There were about as many kids up on the Temple’s stage as there were on the floor for “Rainbow in the Dark.” A chaotic end to a weirdly chaotic show.

In the end, after all the fumbling and having waited around 90 minutes later than expected to see these guys, would I go see Das Racist again? ABSOLUTELY. Seeing that many people going so crazy is contagious and who doesn’t love to pretend to be in on the joke?


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