CSS Release Video For “City Grrrl,” a.k.a. The Transplant Theme Song

I’ve got a special place in my heart for CSS — let it be known that little miss Lovefoxxx’s adorable Brazilian accent can be found bopping around on many a travel playlist in my phone. Why? Because the girl brings me right back to a careless age when everything seemed complicated but was way more simple than I would have ever admitted, especially to my parents or my probably totally confused and tortured boyfriend. CSS’s newest single, “City Grrrl,” off of La Liberacion is basically a play-by-play of a suburban teenager’s weekend, changing in the Penn Station bathroom and hopping in a cab Downtown. But just like the song says, when you’re 13 the idea of paying bills and living on your own in the “big city” is exciting… until you’re a 27-year-old blogger with $100 to spare each month on cheap whiskey.

That said, I think I finally figured out a way to create a wormhole into space and time, or whatever… I’ll be on the train in the near future bumping this song in my headphones while wrapped in six layers of winter clothes reminding myself why New York is and always will be where I call home, while the NYU girl at the end of the train is making her friend listen to the song going “Aren’t we totally City Grrrls!??,” and the gay goth (who’s shoes I’ve been eying for the last four stops) will be subtly voguing to the chorus in his seat, and before we know it our subway car will have vanished into thin air. Now remember, we all have CSS to thank for that.


  1. Soooooo beautiful post, have me tearing

  2. nailed it. great post.

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