Crusades, Pornographers, and Gay Pride

Saturday, June 25th
Billy Effin Graham at Queens Meadows. He’s 86 and this will be his last crusade. This promises to be a freak show too bizarre to pass up. We hope to get filled with the Spirit. Provided the spirit is George Dickel, of course. We’re bringing a flask. Billy G is guaranteed to end early, so we’ll be checking out Comets of Fire at Mighty Robot afterwards.
Miighty Flashlight

Saturday, June 25th
If you’ve never been to The Mermaid Parade, check it out saturday at Coney Island. Otherwise, here are our picks:
East River Music Project presents
— Brasilia
Grizzly Bear
— Soft Circle
Miighty Flashlight (download mp3: 1 | 2)
Pajo (download mp3)
(East River Park Amphitheatre NYC just south of the Williamsburg Bridge on the Manhattan side) This show goes from 2-6pm. It’s free

Then at 7:30, as part of Prospect Park’s Celebrate Brooklyn:

New Pornographers / Stars / The Sadies
click here for directions and info.
Sunday, June 26th
Gay Pride, of course. Click here for information.

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