Crime Wave at McKibben Lofts

McKibben has never been the cleanest or most idyllic residence in all of New York. But at least it was home and you could go to a party and have tye-dye parties, and you could feel relatively safe there. Unfortunately, there has been a string of violent crimes hitting the lofts lately. According to Gothamist.

gun-toting robbers have started breaking into the apartments, robbing tenants of their expensive toys: “Give me all your stuff, I have a gun, I shoot people,” said one robber before snagging his victim’s laptops, cellphones, iPods and Xbox games. In the past two weeks, there have been three robberies within the building, plus another mugger who stole a woman’s iPhone in front of the building as she was coming home from work.

Stay safe everyone!


  1. new idea: Gun store for hipsters on Bedford now – of course vintage guns – protect your own!

  2. come back says:

    you do realize, gimme, that if your joke were to be funny and yet truthful, simultaneously, the store would have to be set at some bumblefuck part of bushwick. because we all know that williamsburg and that part of bedford avenue is now swarmed with vulgarly rich bull-shit yuppies. and that williamsburg isn’t williamsburg anymore, well, not the “hipster” part— it’s more like HOBOKEN.

  3. lol

  4. Tell this to stupid realtors who expect you to pay 3k for a loft on this building.
    9k to move in between broker fees, deposit, etc….


  5. brandonmetal says:

    ‘i shoot people’ sounds exactly like what someone who doesn’t shoot people would say.

  6. still alive says:

    Brandon – I wouldn’t want to find out the hard way

  7. manhatposeur says:

    Time to raze the projects nearby.

  8. a lot of residents in McKibbin, if they all chipped in a few bucks a month they could hire a doorman/security guard?

  9. bill murray says:

    a hipster with a mf’in

  10. keepinitreal says:

    hey did anyone tell these transplant fucks they live in Brooklyn, if you cant take the heat…. and most of you cant take the heat, frankly i would have just shot, taken nothing and called it an overwhelming success, the neighborhood needs to clean up this hipster trash asap!

  11. turtlelucy says:

    I like the idea of chipping in for a security guard. Make sure you check out his references and background, first, though!!

  12. notamusiccritic says:

    keepinitreal , seriously , if you think Brooklyn is Hood, then You haven’t been around Much. Apart from Out east, most of brooklyn is so tame it makes manhattan look dangerous. I think you are keeping it real to some distant memory, not reality.

  13. Love love love….good for them. Robbers are bi winning. Love it. Can’t wait for Bushwick to be Hoboken and all the hipsters gone.

  14. If you’re paying $900 a month to live in a loft, in Bushwick, you’re already getting robbed.

  15. haha, your charlie sheen reference is as tired as your complaining about hipsters.

    it’s pretty cool that you’re pro-armed robbery, though. i hope when it happens to you, they pistol-whip some decency into you.

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