Cops vs. Music People

photo via flickr
So over the last couple days, some fairly influential people in the music/internet universe have been either A. beaten up by security guards while cops watched, or B. arrested by the FBI after leaking some Guns N’ Roses tracks.
In the first case of general misjustice, the founders of the F Yea Fest and were beaten up after a Radiohead show, and then beaten up even more when security forcefully pried the video tape evidence from their hands. As you may recall, they rocked Williamsburg a short while back when they played Club Exit. La Weekly has a nice play-by-play of that fiasco. Here’s an outtake from that story:

Dawes alleges that one of the security guards threw Carlson into an electrical box. ‚”He hurled him into it, then threw him onto the ground — at this point there are two or three officers there. [The security guards] smashed his head into the pavement as they’re trying to cuff him, the cops aren’t doing anything. I’m yelling, ‘Officer, this is your jurisdiction — this isn’t Hollywood Bowl property anymore. Don’t let them do this.'” Dawes recalls that the officers replied that they ‚”give event staff leeway.”

And then secondly, the guy who runs music blog Antiquiet was arrested by the FBI this morning for leaking nine unauthorized tracks from Guns N’ Roses long-awaited album, Chinese Democracy. They could use some legal help. The La Times has that scoop.
While both of these mishaps took place across the dirt in LA, we Brooklynites should take notice, as we’re probably the highest music blog per capita city, and also have craptons of unauthorized shows with big mean security guards.

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