Cop Shooting And Manhunt Through Bushwick Last Night


The big news from Bushwick this morning is that 29-year-old police officer Kevin Brennan will live after getting shot in the skull last night. Brennan is currently at Bellevue Hospital in critical but stable condition. The officer had responded to a call at the Bushwick Houses, a housing project bordered by Moore Street, Humboldt Street, Bushwick Avenue, and Flushing Avenue.

The shooter fled the scene at around 9 p.m., prompting a full fledged manhunt through the area that necessitated hundreds of police officers, dogs, and helicopters.

Twitter users knew something was wrong. “yeah I heard sirens all night, i guess there were hundreds of cops looking for the dude,” tweeted @hamm3r_time. “DO NOT GO OUTSIDE. There is a massive manhunt,” wrote @GunGirlNewYork. “Hostage negotiation team just rolled up, SWAT surrounding the building #bushwick” posted @uncleguito.

Police eventually caught and arrested 21-year-old Luis Ortiz, who was also wanted for a January 1st murder.

The Bushwick Houses was constructed in 1960 and consists of eight buildings that house 2,962 residents.

More amateur photos of the scene here.


  1. this cop came to work everyday harassing/ racial profiling..every young person in this neighborhood !!

  2. holy crap! there was a chopper hovering around my apt last night with a big spotlight. for like 30 min. around the broadway G stop area. i wondered what that was.

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