Condoms create reef – "a small plane could be landed on it"


[From Unknown Country via Gawker]
A huge floating reef made up of millions of disposed condoms has been discovered in the mid Pacific. The condom mass is two miles long, up to sixty feet deep, and in places so tightly compressed that a small plane could be landed on it.
The mass was discovered by the Australian Oceanographic Laboratory Outpost on Macquarie Island in the South Pacific. Scientists there explained that the accumulation, which consists almost exclusively of condoms, is explained by a principle of physics called “like aggregation.” Like aggregation is caused by the massing of similar objects due to ocean currents and winds, the response of the objects to the earth’s magnetic field, and other factors.
The tendency of dust to clump and mass in a house or under a bed is explained by the same principle.
The Australian scientists are mapping the reef by satellite because it is a serious marine hazard. The world disposes of an estimated 300 million condoms a year.


  1. Hey,
    I think you’ll find this article appeared dated ‘Sydney 1996’ on
    An interesting article about the same phenomenom is at

  2. Aaron Gaston says:

    can they recycle the used material ?

  3. Fun.

  4. Is this real? Where are the photographs of the reef? Where is the link to an article carried by a news agency that I’ve ever even _heard_ of?
    Interesting if true…

  5. It can be recycled just turn them inside out and shake the F**k out of them.

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