Coco 66 shut down, owner arrested

Greenpoint’s generally cool hangout bar/music venue Coco 66 was raided, shut down and owner David Kelleran was arrested.

According to Gothamist:

It seems owner David Kelleran has been operating without a liquor license, and local police tell New York Shitty that the precinct “did a joint operation Saturday with the State Liquor Authority… The owner was arrested and all the liquor was order destroyed by the SLA.” According to one observer, $20,000 worth of precious, life-sustaining liquor was poured down the drain!

Apparently, Kalleran had been buying liquor from retail liquor stores instead of a distributor. It seems like it will be shut down for a long while, with the possibility of getting a liquor license looking pretty unlikely for the foreseeable future.


  1. NOOOOOOO! All that liquor could have gone to the “Save the Hipsters Foundation!…

    But, seriously, this is extremely sad and blows. Many great memories… hope it re-opens soon.

  2. If things keep going the way they are with the NYPD shutting down EVERY DIY spot in Brooklyn, (or NYC in general!) this is going to be a sad, lifeless city.

  3. was this a DIY space?

  4. Uhh no, it was a legit bar. And this guy sounds like a fucking moron. It was decent bar, I saw a show there once, way too loud.

  5. Ale Lias says:

    Also, rumor has it that the owner has a little bit of a coke habit. Apparently, he was zooted when the police arrested him during the raid, rambling incoherently.

  6. bring back kokies

  7. whatever

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