CNN continues to suck

The Holloway story is tragic, but it’s not news
CNN continues to baffle us. After proclaiming time and time again that they will begin covering real news (now that they have a new president), they devoted their entire prime time slot last night to Natalee Holloway. Apparently, she’s more newsworthy than, say, the attack in Egypt, because she’s white and relatively attractive. And as icing on the cake, CNN’s beltway reporter Bob Franken recently had this to say about Rovegate (as pointed out by the Huffington Post):

“Speaking of the Karl Rove matter, of course, that is news that is considered at the moment so yesterday. We’ve moved on.” (read the article here)

We’ve got a missing hot teen wearing a bikini. Who cares about Rove’s affront to our national security? Yes, its like totally yesterday, dude.


  1. it really F*cks me up the total lack of news ethics+++
    F*ck CNN+++

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