City Hall Station Open To In-The-Know New Yorkers, Tourists

We love New York City for a number of reasons. Mostly because we’ve figured out our prewalk to every possible place we may be going, but also for the gems the city has to offer. Sure, The Cloisters and Socrates Sculpture Park are pretty rad… but we’re talking about truly hidden below ground. Now we can all enjoy the long abandoned and beautiful City Hall Station, all we need is a little extra time on the 6 Train.

Via HuffPo:

If you ride the 6 train to the end of the line and get off at the Brooklyn Bridge stop, you’re missing out on something incredible. As the train loops around to go back uptown, it passes through an abandoned and beautifully preserved City Hall station from 1904. […]

The station is still not open to the public, but there’s a trick you can use to see it for yourself. Until recently the MTA would to force passengers to get off before the train made the loop, but now passengers are allowed to stay on. So the next time you reach the end of the line, keep going.

Now that we’ve armed you with in-the-know info to impress your visiting family and friends with, go reward yourself with some “secret” Chik-Fil-A.


  1. the picture looks amazing…BUT

    i just took this trek after work and the 6 basically passes through part of the domed off area but does not stop. if you want to catch even a glimpse (through the train car window), go when there is daylight.

  2. City Hall Station will add one more chapter in the pride of New York.New yorkers will certainly feel pride.

  3. Transit has been allowing riders to do this since early 2007. Not sure why this has swept the nation this week. It’s hardly a big secret though!

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