Citing modesty concerns, hipster website removes “sexually suggestive” male images from Sit Room Photo

Sorry folks, we were finding those images of a tense Obama and Biden too scintillating to handle.


  1. Thank you so much! I was getting all kinds of evil thoughts when I saw the untouched photo. I just wish the New York Times would hire you to remove all those images of men from its front page. So distracting!

  2. What? No potted plants where the men were?

  3. touche hasids, muhmuhmuhahahaha, now I come bike through your neighb nekkid

    • No More Hot Dogs says:


    • Willi bOY says:

      Please just learn how to “SPELL”. Thanks

      • JewishgayJesus says:

        @Willi bOY Just an FYI, all words in the post are spelled correctly. Although I think Erica (person who posted)was actually thinking of ‘titillating’. Its more inline with the context.

        @Erica You are so clever. Thanks for making me LMFAO. I had seen Der Tzitung’s post on Monday and was rather annoyed by it especially the ludicrous explanation. When Rachel Maddow brought it up, I was so pleasantly surprised. Ha ha ha. 😀

  4. You should have obliterated their sh*tstains, too.

  5. When I see pictures of men it makes me think with my vagina and I do stupid things. It is just better to keep images of men out of public. Imagine if a man were ever president, this website would have to spend the next four years never having a picture of the president on the site.

  6. DennyCrane says:


  7. The real commander in Chief

  8. fsteele says:

    Means more than that. Tells the whole story of the Administration. Hillary alone doing the whole job.

  9. What we all have known since the weak Obama is president; Hillary is the only one in this administration who is the real deal!HILLARY 2012!

  10. What a relief for all the gay Hasids. Now they can focus on the story.

  11. Hillary is clearly appalled that once again, she’s stuck with all the work and very little help.

  12. I love that The Daily What calls FW a “chaste hipster website”

  13. But you can certainly believe all those photos of OBL weren’t re-touched, can’t you? place of refuge 2012 dot com

  14. new word: Hasidiots….

  15. All you Anti-semenites

  16. Tatiana Covington says:

    We just can’t have all those rampaging penises hanging around!

  17. Richard says:

    This is hilarious!


  18. Richard says:

    This is hilarious!


  19. yeah got Bil Laden …….yeah

  20. Hilary’s horrified reaction and hand on mouth proved to me a woman that maybe she wasn’t gonna be ready for that 3:00 AM call after all. The dudes didn’t seem horrified.

  21. Hilary’s horrified reaction makes us, the public, want to see what she and the dudes saw. We want to judgefor ourselves. The gov. can make millions needed dollars if they were to release the tape.

    I got to your site cause Rachel Maddock mentioned it on her show!!!!!!

  22. Mazel Tov on the photo! There is a price on my head because I have empowered female victims of sexual abuse to speak out. Brooklyn, here I come!

  23. Madlibs says:

    If there were more women in that room, the world would be a better place

  24. Great, but they should of left the seal of the president up.

  25. Bob Moshe says:

    My vote for the two best posts (in addition to the photo itself):
    1. “anti-semenites!”
    2. “potted plants” – but of course that would have excited the floraphiles in the crowd (mmm, unclean thoughts about pistils and stamens!).

  26. I am Jewish/observant and think this is hysterical.

  27. I got to your site because Rachel Maddow mentioned you and I just had to check this out.
    This is genius,thank you so much. I just wish now to get enough exposure, like show up on yahoo’s. That is where I found out about the hasidic picture.

  28. ha, gave up before erasing the man’s head on the lower left… amateur!

  29. Scopes Monkey Chick says:

    If you liked this, check out another photoshop extravaganza on the same subject:

  30. FeistyAmazon says:

    Well Hillary shoulda been President anyway…and I like that she and her female co worker are running such an important operation! Here’s to WOMEN RULING THE WORLD!

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