Cibo Matto & Javelin are playing a free show tonite


Hopefully the weather will behave. The show is free at 7pm at Brooklyn Bridge Park:

The Japanese art-pop duo, Cibo Matto, is back and just as sparkly as ever. After a fourteen year hiatus, these ladies, famous for their songs about food, return to the scene with a new celebrated album Hotel Valentine. With brushstrokes of hip-hop, funk, and pop, their colorful songs are the perfect palette to cure us of our winter blues. Nels Cline will also be joining them on stage. Second in this musical collage are the cousins of Javelin who are known for their synth-hammering, knob-twisting, sample-happy beats. And to kick it all off JD Samson (Le Tigre, MEN) will prime the evening with a DJ set.

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