Chomsky: What Americans want for Iraq is irrelevant

As Chomsky says “what matters is what Iraqis want.” We couldn’t agree more with this must see video.


  1. its too bad chomsky is a damn are-tard when it comes to anything that doesnt relate to linguistics or foreign policy…

  2. McCain is running as Eisenhower. watch out for the Bomb.

  3. Well if people agree with such statement, quit voting for warmongers. It looks like the lineup of this election is not reflecting any wish for ending war…

  4. William F Buckley with the undead uppercut

  5. GILMORE says:

    I’d like to end Operation Trillon-Dollar Clusterfuck as fast as anyone…
    But seriously, the sooner people stop citing Chomsky as the main source of their foreign policy thinking, the sooner anti-war people will be taken seriously.
    And does he bother to say *which* Iraqis?

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