Chilean band La Hell Gang sign to Mexican Summer

La Hell Gang

Chile (in particular, its capital city, Santiago) has been a melting pot of musical inspiration over the course of the last decade and is, in my opinion, delivering the best music around at an unrivaled consistency.

New York is cottoning on to this sonic boom from South America; The Holydrug Couple and Föllakzoid have already been snapped up by Sacred Bones, both of whom I recommend highly.

The latest band hoping to break through is La Hell Gang, who have just signed to the Brooklyn-based Mexican Summer, home to the likes of Fresh and Onlys, Ariel Pink, Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin. The label will issue the band’s second album, Thru Me Again, on the 24th of June.

The new material, judging from the songs available thus far, is more psychedelic with a hazy desert tinge; a nice contrast to the straight-up dirty rock and roll of debut album Just What Is RealSweet Dear is a swaggering, reverb-soaked chill-fest, best suited to a lazy summer stroll, which you can listen to below.

The next preview of the albums comes in the shape of The Beginning Remains the End, an 8-minute instrumental with a slow burning intro that leads to an almighty guitar wigout.

There is no word on potential US shows at present, but one can certainly hope.

Pre-order Thru Me Again here.

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