15 bands to watch at CMJ 2015

cmj2015Though sometimes buried in an avalanche of free pizza, promo beer, and press releases, CMJ Music Marathon’s guiding principal has always been the discovery of new music. In that spirit, we decided to kick off coverage of the mega-fest’s 35th year with a countdown of 15 must-see bands you may have not heard, but need to. So even if your fav Tinder hook up’s lo-fi power pop thing didn’t make the list—sorry, we have 75 venues and 1,000 bands to keep track of here—sit down and give it a skim. Who knows, you might even find something worth seeing. [Read more...]

Sunday Service at The Woods featuring live music, football and a special menu by Landhaus



Sunday Service at The Woods

The Woods is the place to be on Sundays. Starting at 2pm, Landhaus offers a special Sunday roast menu that changes weekly, along with their standard menu offerings. Football is on at the back bar with audio all day. And don’t let the chilly weather get you down — their heated back bar and garden is open year round — a treat during those colder months.

Plus, there’s live music from Sammy Miller and The Congregation, a seven-piece jazz ensemble, that blends far ranging gospel, folk, soul, and even comedic influences into a new musical hybrid they’ve coined as joyful jazz. Get yourself to Sunday Services – your soul will thank you. The Congregation’s Sunday Service residency continues at The Woods every Sunday at 7PM.

The Woods
48 South 4th Street (Williamsburg)
Brooklyn, NY 11211 [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

a0842848921_16Having exhausted just about every “metal” opinion in my skeleton last time out, this week arrives, mercifully, sans the big talking points. There’s still more than enough insanity to go around, however, so grab the Thorazine and let’s get at it.

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NERO’s Critically Acclaimed Between II Worlds Tour is Coming to Brooklyn

Derek Bremner - Nero - Wireless 2015 - a83aee0e-21c7-11e5-9fbd-92ce347ad47a - Original

Joining a prestigious list of top-name EDM acts who have chosen secret Brooklyn Warehouses as the venues to unleash their new digs is NERO. The melodic dubstep trio, fresh off of their Austin City Limits appearance, has two shows scheduled for Thursday Oct. 15th and Friday Oct. 16th. Their last performance in the tri-state was at 2013′s Made in America festival and Philly, and let’s be real, a DJ set just can’t compare to having vocalist Alana Watson leading us on a musical journey. In other words, next week is “kind of a big deal” for EDM fans.

We had a chat with NERO about what Brooklyn audiences can expect from the critically acclaimed Between II Worlds Tour. [Read more...]

“Explore an animal from nose to tail” at new Williamsburg restaurant Black Tree


Black Tree, credit DNA

Um, okay. To celebrate their opening, it’s Goat and Cow week! DNA has more.

Farm-to-table restaurant Black Tree’s new Williamsburg outpost is looking to serve diners an entire animal — in one meal.
The restaurant, located at 261 Metropolitan Ave., is debuting a chef’s table meal in the neighborhood, with the entire eight-to-12 course meal guiding diners through the many parts of their protein, said co-owners Sandy Dee Hall and Macnair Sillick. Hall, who’s the executive chef, and Sillick first debuted Black Tree as a pop-up sandwich shop in Crown Heights in the hopes of making farm-to-table fine dining more accessible and affordable, they said.

They eventually opened a shop on the Lower East Side, at 131 Orchard St., and added menu items beyond sandwiches. But the LES location’s small size prevented Hall from exploring new concepts or bigger meals, he said. [Read more...]

See KEN Mode at The Acheron on Friday, win a copy of their new LP, ‘Success’, today

DSC_3471-Brenna_ FarisA few months removed their downcast post-hardcore heel-turn, Success, KEN Mode have become what one—in the days of rock n’ roll yore—might have called road dogs. With just a single Brooklyn appearance to their name in the wake of 2013′s stellar Entrench, the Winnipeg-based trio have since realized any excuse to get out of Manitoba before the winter is a good one, riding their second major North American tour of the year into The Acheron on Friday for what is bound to be a show-of-the-week contender.

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New vegetarian restaurant, Black Flamingo, now open in Williamsburg


They have a $3 taco happy hour, which is alright by us:

The team behind Williamsburg barstaurant Battery Harris have joined forces with musicians Eli Goldstein (Soul Clap), Philipp Jung (M.A.N.D.Y.), and Gadi Mizrahi (Wolf & Lamb) to open Black Flamingo, a Miami-esque restaurant and lounge they say they’ve “tailored to remove the BS that plagues burgeoning New York restaurants and nightclubs alike.” An ambitious, arguably Quixotic dream, but at the very least Black Flamingo is a reliable destination for vegetarians who want to go dancing in a retro basement club after eating their Latino-inspired fare. [Read more...]

Furniture-as-a-service: Save 1000s of dollars and stop hauling furniture



Furniture doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars. Moving doesn’t have to involve hauling backbreaking furniture.

Furniture On Demand
Furnishare provides furniture-as-a-service and delivers quality, brand name furniture to your home. You simply choose the pieces you want at prices as low as $50/month per any 3 pieces (ANY- even beds and sofas) and they will deliver it to you. They will also pick it up for free when you’re done with your subscription so you’re free to move or get a whole new set!

Subscriptions Are The Future Of Furniture
There is no reason to pay thousands upfront and then deal with moving the furniture every time you change apartments. With their unique subscription model, you can furnish your whole home for a year for the same monthly price as your cell phone or utility bills (up to 3 pieces at $50/month, 6 pieces at $100/month, 9 pieces at $150/month, etc.).

Your Furniture Stays In Style
People grow and styles change but furniture usually stays the same. Not anymore. With Furnishare’’s “furniture on demand” model and free white glove delivery service, you can change up your style with every new subscription. You can try short subscriptions like 3 or 6 months if you want to experiment with some cool new styles!

When you’re done with your subscription, Furnishare will pick the furniture up for free.