This One Goes to Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

Eternal-ChampionsHoo boy, two good weeks in a row? Its been awhile since we got that lucky, so grab those headphones, a beer, and follow the torches out into the dark once again.

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Mister Dips airstream is serving burgers and ice cream at the William Vale

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We’re still waiting for Leuca to open but, in the meantime, we have Mister Dips to keep us company:

It may not have the spectacular views of the The William Vale’s 22nd floor Westlight bar—a component of Williamsburg’s newest hotel—but the 15,000 square-foot promenade known as “Vale Park” is still an exceedingly pleasant place to hang out, with its grassy rolling “hills,” picnic blankets, an herb garden, wooden terraces and cafe tables. And, as of today, Andrew Carmellini’s burger and soft serve stand, Mister Dips. [Read more…]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

a1304811290_10After a week off, we are suddenly waist deep in fall releases and an assortment of other sonic terrors that seemed almost inconceivable last time I checked in. Thus, before we get too far behind—and because I’m on new kitten duty (metal, I know)—let’s get at it before it gets away.

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LVL UP return to love (and Market Hotel) for record release bash

maxresdefaultIn the sea of cynicism, sarcasm, and post-whatever irony that is New York City, LVL UP’s latest opus, Return to Love, possesses an endangered quality: Earnestness. A neo-biblical tale of finding a reason to wake up in Brooklyn circa 2016, the band’s third LP—which drops Friday via Sub Pop—provides the focused indie-pop answer to their previously sprawling rock n’ roll rabble, capturing in its 10 hook-stuffed tracks the true bleary-eyed spirit of LVL UP.

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Electric Zoo Interview: Lane St8 of Mind


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Much of mainstream music is fueled by visual media. Those snippets of confetti falling on an ocean of flailing arms stirs excitement, but how many videos have you ever taken that actually capture what that moment felt like?

Up until this interview, I had never seen Lane 8 perform and I had only enjoyed his most recent summer mixtape on soundcloud. Though that’s enough to take note of an artist, what drew me into pursuing an interview with him was hearing about his “This Never Happened” tour. It’s not the name of his next hit single, it’s the idea that he wants you to embrace while witnessing his performance, a traceless night of fun that will live on solely through the memories of his attendees.

FREEwilliamsburg: What was your inspiration for your “This Never Happened” Tour?

Lane 8: While I was on tour last fall and my wife and I noticed at a lot of the shows, whenever the better known tracks from the album were playing, all we could see was just a sea of phones and iPads. The screens were just so overpowering you couldn’t even see people’s faces. We decided while we were wrapping that tour up that we wanted to fix this. Our goal was to get the audience to listen to music for 90 minutes straight without checking their Instagram and hopefully interact with other people inside the venue. All because, when you’re at a music show, even though there are strangers around you, in theory you all share a love for that type of music.

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GIVEAWAY: MK Returns to His Former Hood, Win Tix to See Him at Sugar Hill Disco This Saturday

_MK Press Shot MAIN

Detroit-made house producer and DJ Marc Kinchen, better known by his stage name, MK, might live on the West Coast now, but he’s still heavily influenced by his former years, which he spent hanging with high-profile artists and building beats in Bedstuy. Long term residents of Bedstuy, like Marc, are quick to comment on the neighborhood’s transformation, a familiar story that has also been told by legendary names like Spike Lee and Jay-Z, two of the neighborhood’s most infamous OGs.

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TASTE Williamsburg Greenpoint is this Sunday, September 18


This annual event turns 7 this year with lots of new spots to sample:

TASTE Williamsburg Greenpoint is an annual outdoor celebration of North Brooklyn’s local flavor! Entering its 7th year, this block party style tasting event features sample tastes from over 50 of the neighborhood’s best restaurants, bars, breweries and wineries, along with live music, demonstrations and much, much more. Participating restaurants below: [Read more…]

We paid a visit last weekend to the William Vale’s rooftop bar and pool


The rooftop bar at the William Vale Hotel, Westlight, opened on Friday and we paid them a visit, largely to check out the view. Gazing down from the rooftop, The Wythe Hotel’s rooftop bar is dwarfed by the 22-story bar. As is to be expected, the crowd reminded us of what you’d find in the Meat Packing District as Williamsburg quickly transforms into Miami with manbuns. This was even more true at the Williams Vale’s cheesy “Burning Man Decompression” pool party – “a night of celebration, including Yoga, Soundbath, Meditation, Drums, Massage, Healing, [a] Giant Mirror Globe… Body Painting, Floating Mirror Globes and Poolside DJs.” You get the picture. [Read more…]