Brookyln Electronic Dance Round Up: Nov 21-22

Thankful there’s no lake effect snow in Brooklyn, this week ends with one last push to party before heading home for thanksgiving. Starting tonight at Cameo, Cut Mistake Music features a showcase with No Regular Play member Greg Paulus and new label signees N’conduit + Jack Fuller. At Glasslands, Kim Ann Foxman returns with disco house producer Fred Everything. On Saturday you can get things started at TBA with some real Detroit house vibes courtesy of Rick Wade. Over in Bushwick, Palisades hosts an Allergy Season x Adhoc session with Galcher Lustwerk and more. Then finally, Underground Quality presents a 10 year Anniversary party at Output with free entry before midnight. Pass the stuffing, this turkey’s done!




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INTERVIEW: Chris Malinchak


Classically trained musicians are often the first to spout their criticisms toward the rise of EDM, and the increasingly popular laptop DJ’s of today. But take five minutes to chat with a virtuoso like 26-year-old house DJ Chris Malinchak, and I guarantee that those feelings will swiftly begin to dissipate.

Best known for his 2013 hit So Good to Me, the DJ and Producer’s talents don’t stop at his Macbook Pro. He vividly remembers learning how to play the piano, which he began studying at the ripe old age of two. “When I was in kindergarten, I would literally get up at midnight and play for hours,” Malinchak says. “I couldn’t get enough of it.” Recently, even major European and US tours haven’t stopped the hungry artist from finding time with a keyboard. “Right now, I’m enjoying messing with a Chopin Polonaise and a piece by Rachmaninoff, which are pretty heavy duty pieces of music on their own,” Malinchak says, chuckling at his own use of “messing with” when referring to some of the greatest Pianists of all time. [Read more...]

A two-story laser cat threw a party in Williamsburg last night


Laser Cat; credit: Gothamist

Just another day in Williamsburg, only with a two-story, inflatable laser cat care of the artist collection Hungry Castle. This all went down in a lot on Havemeyer street last night:

The Laser Cat experience goes like this:
* Someone gets on stage and pushes the big red panic button;
* The overly familiar dance song suddenly switches to another, equally familiar tune;
* A piece of pop-culture-laden video art, projected onto the side of a building overlooking the lot, also instantly changes;
* Laser Cat just keeps Laser Cat-Catting along.

Here’s some video below and Gothamist has more pictures documenting the experience.

Top five shows of the weekend

DBA5) Occultation, Kosmodemonic, Mountain God, Think Tank at Palisades
In the interest of full disclosure, this one was booked by yours truly and is flying under FREEwilliamsburg’s This One Goes To Eleven banner, also written by, umm yeah, you guessed it. But rest assured, I wouldn’t splatter my name all over something I didn’t believe in, and this one—headlined by Brooklyn dark rockers, Occultation, and featuring support courtesy of local Kosmodemonic, Mountain God, and noise punk upstarts, Think Tank—has me truly hyped. Throw in Palisades, probably Bushwick’s preeminent seen-and-be-seen venue these days (FYI: I consider Shea/The Acheron to be East Williamsburg staples), and you have one hell of a Friday night rager on tap. Tickets are just $10, so come out and support your local nepotist.

Friday, doors at 8pm

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This Girl F$@KING Loves Dillon Francis


I’m assuming, you already know that I’m madly in love with Producer/DJ/Comedian/Viral Sensation/Drunken Chef Dillon Francis. I can’t help it. The cats. The pizza. The multiple alter egos ranging from Becky, the basic bitch girlfriend of DJ Rich as Fuck (another alter ego) to Rave Dad, a papa so PLUR he named his daughter Molly. As much as I hate saying it . . . I CAN’T EVEN. Just visit Dillon Francis’ Merch Table and you will immediately understand that the  universe crafted us perfectly for each other. For $20,000 he will ruin your step dad’s Christmas. WORTH IT.

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Free Shows at Output This Weekend


Looking to burn some calories and get your dance fix prior to next Thursday’s mondo pigout? Have I got the workout plan for you! And no, I’m not going to to tell you to do drugs, or do something even more drastic like drop $39 on a 45-minute Soul Cycle class. Hell no. Instead, I’m telling you get yourself over to Output for some TOTALLY FREE booty-shaking goodness.

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This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

bulbsI want to begin this week by saying goodbye to Death By Audio, which, after many years serving as Kent Ave’s BEST venue, has now entered its final days of existence. Although a punk haven by trade, DBA hosted its share of metal weirdos in the past, so please, when you’re cracking a PBR at Vitus or The Acheron this week, make sure to pour a little out for the DIY icon. As the condo plague continues to spread north and east over the coming months, you’re going to want all the karma you cant get.

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REVIEW: When In Robe Spa Party w/ DJ Gina Turner


I gave myself the goal of “taking it easy” last week. After getting a bit of a cold following the rage fest that was this year’s BEMF, I decided that R&R was exactly what I needed, and what better way to support that mission than with a trip to the spa? That said, I had to get my music kicks too, so “When in Robe” seemed like the perfect way to close out a low key weekend. It seemed like it, but after spending nearly 45 minutes hunting down my friend’s flip flops (which ended up on the feet of two completely different drunk people) and getting in a hot debate about the existence of God and aliens while standing outside in a soaking wet robe, I accepted the sad fact that relaxation is fleeting anyway.

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