Little Racer celebrates Foreign Tongues EP

“Garage rockers without garages. Surf rockers who can’t swim.” That’s how local band Little Racer describes themselves, and as strange as it seems, it’s pretty accurate. For the past few years, the group has been blasting loud yet shimmery guitar riffs and groovy bass around the boroughs and up and down the East Coast. Little Racer celebrated their new EP, Foreign Tongues, earlier this month with a release party bringing together some of Brooklyn’s other borderline surf rock bands, including New Myths, Surf Rock is Dead and New Life. [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

YggHuurIt’s a slower week here at the metal lake house, so grab your finest pair of black cut-offs, double bass kick back, and enjoy the late 3rd quarter calm before the 4th quarter storm. Oh, and if you’re thirsty, the beer is in the fridge, as always.

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No Window Shopping tonight at The Yard

NoWindowShoppingA new group exhibition, No Window Shopping, opens Thursday evening at The Yard. Featuring a variety of works on wood and canvas from BEAU, Sam Kirk, and URNY, Phase ii of No Window Shopping aims to highlight current events and local affairs including affordable housing, quality of life, normalizing relations with Cuba and the purpose that respectively defines – and ultimately connects -those relationships.

Continuing a rotating program of local artists exhibited at The Yard’s Brooklyn location, No Window Shopping will be on display through September 18th.

No Window Shopping
Phase ii f/ BEAU, Sam Kirk & URNY
July 30 – September 18, 2015
The Yard: Space to Work
33 Nassau Ave. 2nd floor.

RSVP for July 30th, 6-8pm, opening reception.

Some asshole cut down a tree to steal a bike in Williamsburg


Grand Street between Driggs and Roebling; credit: DNA

We’re not sure how no one saw this happening, but talk about persistence!

A thief sawed down a 25-foot tree to steal a bicycle locked to its trunk last week, according to locals.

Christopher Ryan said his friend locked a bike to a tree in front of 242 Grand St., between Driggs Avenue and Roebling Street, overnight last week — a move Ryan acknowledged was illegal and carries a $1,000 fine.

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

locrianWith the dog days looming and a fistful of rad releases in wait, let’s forego the pleasantries this week in lieu of sheer, cold-hearted efficiency. Something tells me I won’t hear too many complaints about that when all is said and done, anyway.

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Win Tickets to Full Moon Fest at the Brooklyn Mirage!


The 5th Annual Full Moon Fest is back for another day of gourmet food, dancing and craft cocktails at a brand new venue in East Williamsburg! This year’s festivities, brought to you by MATTE, will take place at The Brooklyn Mirage, an urban oasis surrounded by 10 foot walls and decorated with tropical foliage and sand. This will feel particularly good between your toes while you’re listening to house acts like Yelle, Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap, JDH & Dave P, Oliver Nelson, Tensnake, MXTHER and more. Even better yet, the new venue means that this year the party goes  from 3 PM until sunrise. Aww hell yeah!

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Bill Baker’s craft beer gastropub now open in Williamsburg


Bill Baker’s (credit: DNA)
364 Grand St. (at Marcy Street)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

A new gastropub with a great craft beer menu just opened on Grand Street.  Bill Baker’s menu features lots of small plates including deviled eggs, duck pierogis, creole shrimp and grits, steamed clams, mac & cheese, squash blossoms, and something called bacon puffs (bacon brioche and mushroom cream). For dinner, they have the obligatory burger, a roasted duck, and chili cheese dog. But, we’re primarily excited about the beer menu. They have twenty drafts including four they make themselves. Sure, they have the most hipstery website we’ve seen in years, but we’ll cut them some slack. This is Williamsburg after all. From Epoch Taste:

Named after one of the owners’ grandfather, a banker and sportsman with a reputation for being forthright, Bill Baker is a new restaurant and bar in Williamsburg that takes a page right out of his occupation and time. An antique banker’s clock and glass teller’s counter complement the marble bar top and brick walls, which date back to 1887. [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

OldWitchKeeperWelcome to the very first Friday installment of This One Goes To Eleven, everyone. Semi-mandated by the new Global Release Day, proceedings have moved to an altogether badder and boozier time slot, so join me in saying TGI-motherfucking-F for the first and, mercifully, final time.

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