This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

1000x1000The 2016 edition of MDF kicked off yesterday, which means 50% of the NYC metal scene has packed up and moved south for the weekend. Thankfully there’s still enough radioactive spillover to go around, however, so sit down, shut up (yes, that means me too), and dig in.

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Summer Catering at The Sandwich Shop



Summer time at The Sandwich Shop delivers your one-stop party shop. We offer catering services for offices, productions, photo Shoots and events. Carnivores, vegetarians, and those with gluten-free diets will all enjoy a wide selection of sandwiches and salads! Download our app by texting Sandwich to 33733 or visit

The Sandwich Shop
658A Grand st, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Tel 718.360.0737
Download App: Text “Sandwich” to 33733

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

weekend-nachos-apologyI want to start this week by saing thanks to everyone—especially Slaves BC, Blackest, Thera Roya, and Pants Exploder—who came out to This One Goes To Eleven’s showcase at The Acheron on Friday night. Hopefully I’ll doing more of that moving forward, so stay tuned and remember to support your local bands. Now, on to what you came for…

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The Lot Radio – a Williamsburg radio station and coffeesop in a shipping container

The Lot Radio - 17 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (credit: Kellylouise Delaney / Gothamist)

The Lot Radio – 17 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (credit: Kellylouise Delaney / Gothamist)

The Lot Radio has been open for a few months, and you can listen live now. The coffeeshop kiosk that shares the space helps to fund the project.  Now that it’s getting warmer, The Lot Radio’s outdoor space is an especially nice addition to the neighborhood:

Over the past few months, visitors to the Williamsburg-Greenpoint border may have noticed the gradual appearance of a shipping container, church pews, recycled furniture, and lawn flamingos in the distinctive triangular lot situated between North 15th Street, Banker Street, and Nassau Avenue. Before this, a camper had occupied the gated-off space for years, intriguing locals who wondered how a developer hadn’t yet claimed the unique plot of land for a mega-tall condo. [Read more...]

Restaurant openings: Cherry Point, Emmy Squared, Don Muang Airport and more


Cherry Point in Greenpoint

We already told you about Rider (Williamsburg), Barano (Williamsburg), The Rosemont (Bushwick), Hail Mary (Greenpoint), and The Dromedary (Bushwick). Here are a few other new places to try.

Cherry Point just opened in Greenpoint:

Julian Calcott, formerly the executive sous-chef at the Spotted Pig, [Read more...]

TOMORROW! This One Goes To Eleven presents Slaves BC at The Acheron

07-ogThe season-long Coachella that was once NYC’s Tecate-soaked, air conditioner-agnostic summer show roster is right around the corner, but before the procession of un-ironic sun hats and color-coordinated side-boob begins its Uber death march north, This One Goes to Eleven has cooked up a little taste of the old days. Friday the 13th at The Acheron. A hardcore band from Pittsburgh. $10, no bullshit, and plenty of beer. Grab your tickets and get in the pit.

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At least there’s one bright side to the impending L train shutdown…



The MTA is finally going to improve service on the G. Given the inevitable surge in ridership it will face when the L gets shut down, we’re going to need the improvements:

Metropolitan Transportation Authority honchos will finally give the G train the attention straphangers have been demanding for years when they stop L train service to Manhattan for repairs in 2019. The agency will shower the green-eyed bullet with longer trains that come more frequently and free above-ground transfers during the upheaval, officials announced last week, and transit activists are riding high on the news.
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BYO Music Fest This Week (Plus A Mat Zo Giveaway!)


New York’s annual edition of Electronic Daisy Carnival may be the sparkliest party in town this weekend, but they didn’t give me a press pass, so blah on them. Actually, I couldn’t care less because this week NYC is positively brimming with top notch talent and amazing concerts around the city that don’t involve trekking it out to Citifield and huffing it with the 18+ crowd. So WHATEVER. Can’t you tell I’m, like, totally not bitter AT ALL?  But seriously though, follow me this way if you want to curate a seriously sick DIY festival weekend. I GOTCHU. We’re also giving away some dope tickets, so keep reading!

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