A day in the life of Williamsburg resident and NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan


Business Insider followed NY1 anchor/NYC treasure/Williamsburg resident Pat Kiernan through his day which starts at 3AM and the man doesn’t even drink coffee! Watch below: [Read more...]

All Tomorrow’s Williamsburgs


Earlier today, DNAInfo reported that Bay Ridge is the new Williamsburg. This is a ridiculous claim, obviously. Bay Ridge is like 2 hours from Manhattan.

But that did not stop literally every single local blog from penning 600-word essays speculating whether or not Bay Ridge is, in fact, the new Williamsburg. Speculation about the new Williamsburg/Brooklyn and pointless screeds about why X, Y, or Z neighborhood and/or city is absolutely not the new Williamsburg and/or Brooklyn keep bloggers’ families fed and warm at night.

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J.Crew, Apple stores likely coming to Williamsburg


Last week, we reported that luxury condos will soon usurp the tumbledown je ne sais quos of Wythe Ave. from South Williamsburg all the way up to Greenpoint. Today we learned from Crain’s where the future residents of those condos will buy their flat-front khakis for $75: J.Crew. Full disclosure: I like J.Crew’s khakis, but I would not pay $75 for them. Maybe like $25 if they were on sale.

Crain’s also told us that Apple plans to open a store in Williamsburg. Great news if you don’t want to trek to one of the four Manhattan locations to get your $800 phone built by slave laborers fixed because INSTAGRAM ISN’T WORKING.

Whisk: a better on-demand car service app for Williamsburg and NYC



If you’re looking for the best way to get around from Williamsburg, look no further than Whisk, the newest on-demand car service app in the city, which just added more than 100 app-activated cars in Williamsburg. This means that when you want a ride, Whisk has you covered.

New riders get $10 off any ride originating from Williamsburg. Use code WB10 to redeem.

With Whisk, you’ll be using a consumer-friendly interface with pricing displayed like in a cab ride; you’ll have real-time control; and you’ll be able to switch between personal and corporate profiles without having to log in and out. Rides with Whisk are generally within 10-20 percent of the cost of a taxi rides. Bonus!

And, Whisk regularly comes up with new innovations for its subscribers – from the Ride Pass, offering flat-rate weekly memberships for unlimited rides, to Priority Peak, a loyalty program that allows regular riders to jump the queue when demand is highest and bypass any surcharges related to peak travel.

Try it out by downloading the app at http://get.whisk.me.

Offer terms:
Riders should use code WB10 to register. Offer is valid for new riders only. Should a ride cost less than $10, the remaining amount is forfeited. Gratuity and tolls are not included. Offer is valid until June 1, 2014.

Who Killed Spikey Jacket? – The biggest bang for your buck

Is Who Killed Spikey Jacket? the band with the most explosive audience? Fast forward below video to the 11:47min mark and decide for yourself.

Who Killed Spikey Jacket? at The Acheron

Meet Coyote and Crow, the raspy voice at Bedford Avenue

Photo by Mark Eggensperger

Photo by Mark Eggensperger

Lately, when I’m rushing to catch the L to work, skipping down the stairs from Bedford Avenue two at a time, one sound freezes me dead in my tracks- the banjo.

When I hear strings being plucked and a hefty boot stomping on a tambourine, I tiptoe down the rest of the stairs, as if anyone can hear my flats on the concrete over the screeching train. I put my hood up, sunglasses on and sneak behind a pole. The roaring blast of Americana that once was a sound of comfort and home now has me slithering with fear to the yellow strip to wait incognito for the next Manhattan bound train.

I’m avoiding any chance of confrontation with the raspy voice of Coyote and Crow, Thomas Kopie. [Read more...]

Law & Order: SVU filming in Williamsburg tonight


You really know you’ve “made it” when Law & Order picks your neighborhood as a backdrop for its Weekly Dead Hooker telecast. According to a tweet by Sherman Parking, the show will be filming around the corner of Kent Ave. and South 6th Street starting at 10 P.M.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to spot detectives Benson & Stabler Ice-T. If you’re not lucky, your car will get towed:


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Popular East Village staple Max is now open on Driggs

Photo: Daphne Wester

Photo: Daphne Wester
Max is located at 740 Driggs Ave. (at South 2nd) 347-987-3645

From DNA:

The eatery has spent more than a year in flux, after electricity issues caused by Hurricane Sandy forced its longtime home on Avenue B to shutter prior to its lease ending, explained owner Luigi Iasilli.

Then, after signing a lease on the South Williamsburg address in late 2011, problems with that building required repairs that didn’t allow Iasilli and his team into the space until this past October, he said.

With the real estate snags behind him, the native of Potenza in southern Italy is ready to serve the patrons he followed to Williamsburg as part of their collective exodus from the East Village, Iasilli said.

“Our customers were asking us, please, move to Williamsburg, move to Bushwick,” said Iasilli, who told the Wall Street Journal that his East Village traffic had become “slow.”

They haven’t updated their website, but will be serving the same menu and are open for lunch and dinner.