This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

EcateWelcome to April everyone. If we are to believe the pundits (and Adam D’s year-round party shorts), there’s more bearable weather right around the corner. Until it arrives, however, feel free to follow me back down to hell where the brimstone fires are stoked and the magma pools are just begging for a beer and a soak.

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Masha & the Bear – Russian restaurant with vodka on tap now open

Masha & the Bear, credit: NY Times

Masha & the Bear, credit: NY Times

There’s a new Russian restaurant in East Williamsburg called Masha & the Bear. It opened softly in January and is a great addition to the neighborhood. Especially since the have an amazing craft beer selection and, um, Vodka on tap! The Times paid them a visit and liked the food, but not the spotty service:

In the time of Peter the Great, the czar’s chief of police trained a bear to offer visitors a cup of pepper brandy. Down it, and you were ushered in; fail, and you were mauled (or “hugged,” as one 19th-century account delicately put it). At Masha & the Bear, which opened in January in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there is no such entrance fee or ursine enforcer. But a challenge of sorts awaits on the drinks menu: horseradish vodka, infused in house. According to Vitaly Sherman, who runs the restaurant with his wife, Maria (known as Masha), Peter the Great mandated that all Russian inns keep a stash of horseradish vodka in their cellars for the rejuvenation of weary travelers. If an innkeeper did not comply, “he was executed,” Mr. Sherman said… [Read more...]

Live review: Swervedriver played Music Hall of Williamsburg


One of Oxford’s finest show that reunions are not just for cashcows going through the motions.  After 18 years, I Wasn’t Born to Lose You sounds like the band never went away. Most reunion albums don’t capture the magic of how things were first time around, but Swervedriver have bucked that trend and then some. I’d put this record up there with anything the band put out.

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Top 5 shows of the weekend


It’s already been a fine week for gigs so far, with neo-classical being the order of things until now (reviews for A Winged Victory for the Sullen and Max Richter coming soon!), but it’s time to swap bowed instruments for guitars, and a bit of brass, with the weekend choices.

5) The Budos Band at Brooklyn Bowl
Daptone Records’ The Budos Band returned last year with Burnt Offering, their first record in four years, the album captures their funk roots but adds some trippier, darker tones to their sound. It’s a fine marriage and Brooklyn Bowl will be grooving in a sea of bass and brass. Friday and Saturday (doors 6pm, show 9pm)

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“I Hate Being Single” – funny Williamsburg web series from original Broad City director


Are you watching I Hate Being Single? You should be because it’s funny and it takes place in Williamsburg. The director, Rob Michael Hugel, launched Season 2 in February and the humor will remind you of early Broad City webisodes. Here’s Episode 3 from the new season, starring Shalyah Evans of Girl Code and many local settings:

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Williamsburg businesses are fighting the upcoming L train shutdown

In case you forgot, spring is basically being ruined by the fare-raising/surplus rockin‘ MTA, which plans to shut down L train service between Bedford and 8th Ave for SIX weekends beginning April 11. It seems like something like this happens every year, but this time around, local businesses are protesting the springtime service change.

The shutdowns, which will halt L train service between Bedford Avenue and Eighth Avenue from April 11 to May 18, will happen just as foot traffic picks up and revives cash flow, business owners said.

“Spring is like the height — that’s the peak,” said Joseph Franquinha, owner of Crest Hardware and Urban Garden Center at 558 Metropolitan Ave., who relies on the spring gardening season for business. [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

FantasyEmpireI hung out with my girlfriend’s parents all weekend, so chances are I need this more than you right now. Misery does love company, however, so join me as I turn this shit to the ozone, pour something stiff, and pound my forehead off the wall. With a little luck and a lot of faith (get behind me Satan), I’ll be myself again in no time.

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Metropolitan Dental Arts Grand Opening – 380 Union Ave



Metropolitan Dental Arts is open for business in Williamsburg

Dr. Keith Heller, a Cosmetic/Restorative and Family Dentist, is proud to announce the grand opening of his new dental practice that will serve the residents of Williamsburg. He will be offering multiple deals and discounts for all new patients who come in for Exams, Cleanings and X-rays.  Every new patient will receive a free take-home teeth whitening kit.

Metropolitan Dental Arts accepts all PPO insurances.  For those patients who do not have dental insurance he will be offering a deal of $99 for an Exam, Cleaning and X-rays for the first month the office will be opened.  This deal will expire on April 30, 2015.

Also, for those patients looking to brighten up their smile, for $250 you can get both in-office and take-home bleaching completed.

This brand new state of the art practice is excited to treat and educate both the adults and children of Williamsburg.

You can visit the practice website at or contact us at 347-758-5478.

Metropolitan Dental Arts
380 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
On the corner of Union Ave and Powers St