Video: Mobb Deep played Queensbridge Park last night


The iconic 90s group played an hour-long set last night to a huge crowd — we estimate 8,000 to 10,000 fans attended. The free show was sponsored by Summerstage. See the closing moments of their set below: [Read more...]

Mike Judge joined Gorilla Biscuits for “New York Crew” cover at House of Vans last night

hovIn the history of perfect matches—Sonny and Cher, weed and brownies, Jeter and the Yankees—a free hardcore punk show at a Greenpoint skatepark ranks pretty damn high, especially when gratis booze is thrown into the tryst. No matter your feelings on hardcore/skaters/Heineken, ample supporting evidence was on display at House of Vans last night, when NYC hardcore legends Gorilla Biscuits set off the sometime-venue’s fourth free summer bash with a little help from their friends, including Mike Judge of (duh) Judge, who joined the band onstage for a encore rendition of Judge’s “New York Crew” that loosened every damn rivet in the warehouse. Check out the video below and then go smash your forehead off something solid.

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White Lung played Saint Vitus


Canadian Punks White Lung celebrated the release of their new Domino Records released album “Deep Fantasy” with a sold out show at Saint Vitus the other night. Watch the whole thing below:

Watch the 1991 short film that predicted the future of Williamsburg

theoryofNew York director Hal Hartley has created many full length films starring famous actors like Jeff Goldblum, Parker Posey and Edie Falco, but back in 1991 he made a short film set in Williamsburg. Theory of Achievement follows a group of young Williamsburg residents as they [Read more...]

Video: The Onion reports on “hipster molting season” in Williamsburg

beardmoltingWatch your feet! Check out The Onion’s report on beard molting season in Williamsburg. Although jokes about hipster beards are quite overdone, The Onion does a good job of coming up with a concept that is much more original than the [Read more...]

More Northside Tickets: Dan Croll at MHOW

via The Sheperd

via The Sheperd

We’ve got more tickets coming at you for Northside Fest! Let Brit Dan Croll entertain your ears from the stage at Music Hall of Williamsburg this Sunday. Bring a friend too, sharing is caring.

Bright synthy-pop tracks from Croll’s new album Sweet Disarray like “Compliment Your Soul” nestle their way into your brain, looping around like a soundtrack to your daily commute. Or that could just be from me accidently pressing repeat on Spotify again. Either way, his music is pretty terrific. Even Sir Paul McCartney thinks so.  Tell us what you think in the comments below and we’ll pick a lucky mate to go to the show.


Pissed Jeans covered Agnostic Front

Summer is finally here, so are the season’s free shows. Union Pool hosts a series called Summer Thunder in their courtyard on the patio, typically during the afternoon on Saturdays. Yesterday, Cold Fronts from Philly and Sub Pop’s Pissed Jeans delivered some sunbathing jams, including a cover of Agnostic Front’s classic “Victim in Pain”.

Pissed Jeans at Union Pool

Cold Fronts at Union Pool

Priests Play Two Record Release Shows Tomorrow

priestsPriests may be one of the cornerstones of today’s D.C. punk scene, but a quick listen to their new EP, Bodies and Control and Money and Power (and with a run-time just a bit south of twenty minutes, a quick listen is basically your only option) reveals a band equally indebted to the speed and aggression of bands from our nation’s capital AND the repellent noise of New York no-wave.

It should come as no surprise then, that they’re celebrating the release of the aforementioned EP (which is out tomorrow via Don Giovanni) with a pair of shows at the two remaining Lower East Side punk sanctuaries, ABC No Rio and Cake Shop.

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