Fraud or philanthropy? Art and Craft film review

Fraud, it seems, without any monetary benefit to the forger, is not a crime. And this is known best by Mark Landis, who has duped some of the most prestigious art museums in the country with his copycat pieces for more than 30 years. The new documentary Art and Craft, opening this Friday, peers into the life of Mark Landis and follows him as he deceives museum registrars and aggravates the one man always on this case, former registrar Matt Leininger. [Read more...]

Video: Ghoul at Saint Vitus (9/9)

ghoul-promo-band-pic-2014-661194If they ever make Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4: Leatherface Does NYC, then chances are its going to look and feel a lot like Saint Vitus on Tuesday night, when self-professed Creepsylvanian splatter thrashers, Ghoul, took over the Greenpoint metal HQ for a night of truly terrifying (albeit totally tongue and cheek) sonic destruction. The video of the full set below says pretty much everything I’m currently at a loss to.  All hail Ghoul.

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Put your balls away Mac DeMarco


Canada’s TOPS have a video for their new single, “Way to Be Loved,” and it features a cameo (inexplicably) from Mac Demarco’s sack. (See the 1:46 mark.) Needless to say, it’s not safe for work, unless looking at someone’s balls hanging out of their jeans is acceptable at your job. That said, we love the song!

A couple more by TOPS, who we’ve been enjoying: [Read more...]

Watch Action Bronson make a milkshake at Williamsburg’s Momofuku Milk Bar

actionIn the latest episode of Vice’s Munchies rapper Action Bronson takes the crew to some of his favorite food spots. At 7:31 in the video he heads up to Williamsburg to [Read more...]

Williamsburg man upset by ‘hipsters’ found guilty of making phony 911 complaints

spikehill53-year-old Williamsburg resident Louis Segna was found guilty of making phony 911 calls to complain about made up incidents happening around his apartment at North 7th and Bedford. He was found guilty for three calls, but was believed to have made over 400 complaints. Some of the calls were regarding noise levels and some calls were much more serious. From [Read more...]

Dolla dolla bills y’all: TipBombing


I love subway performers, especially good ones. They put a smile on my face and get my mind off the horrible smell, sweltering heat or extreme wait times for the L train. Three members Vito Catalani, Kristine Young, and William Yu –  of Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) NY’s Barn Program also appreciate street performers and started a project called TipBombing.

The team’s goal is to surprise musicians with a mass audience and a big fat collective tip. The second tip bombing happened at the end of July and the group hopes to do many more. Guitaro 5000, an artist from New Jersey, was the lucky recipient. As Guitaro 5000 played his set, people trickled in until the station was filled with adoring fans waving dollar bills. His case overflows with singles and one little fan requests an encore. You can check out his reaction below. [Read more...]

Video: Future Islands, Omar Souleyman and Operators at House of Vans

Last night was the penultimate House of Vans show of 2014. Headliner Future Islands brought out the devoted fans and they delivered an energized performance that demonstrated why their live shows have become viral YouTube hits. Frontman Samuel T. Herring had the crowd moving with his bizarro dance moves and schizophrenic Death Metal-Morrissey-Elton John vocals. (No sign of David Letterman in the crowd, unfortunately.) Next week, Holy Ghost!, Kim Ann Foxmann, and Dave P close out the House of Vans shows for 2014.

Here’s video from Future Islands, Omar Souleyman, Operators, and Mas Ysa:

Future Islands

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Did You See “The Molly” PSA?

Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 9

Earlier this week, Electric Zoo promoters released an anti-drug PSA simply titled “The Molly” as part of their new Come to Life campaign. Looking to avoid another tragedy like last year’s, all attendees of the 6th annual Electric Zoo festival must watch this video as part of the wristband registration process.

While I’m of the mind that kids are going to do what they want, I believe the campaign is a pretty bold move on the part of Made Events. The problem with young people overdosing on ecstacy isn’t going away: 40 hospitalized at Avicii’s show in Boston, two dead at Las Vegas’ EDC festival and another dead at Maryland’s Mad Decent Block Party just last week. At least someone is addressing the issue . . . but only time will tell if it does any good.

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