Interview: Mystery Skulls


If you’re a child of the 90s, you’ll recognize Mystery Skulls as a reference to a nostalgic Nickelodeon television show. However, if you’re a Spotify user, or you’re known to fall victim to YouTube click-a-thons, you know that this name is still alive and well in the form of a one-man electro-pop outfit who’s recently been blowing up the airwaves and interwebs.

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April Showers Us in Beats: This Month’s Must See Shows


I write to you from a coffee shop in Singapore where April showers are alive and well. No seriously, it’s fucking pouring here. I thought it was the dry season? And dammit, why aren’t we in a bar? I’ve spent the last two weeks in Southeast Asia, and I’ve learned quite a lot: 1.) Thailand has a deep love for Adele, 2.) I really need to invest in a backpack, and 3.) I’m totally okay with riding in the backs of strange trucks as a mode of long distance transportation. Seriously, my parents would smack me in the face if they saw the creepy white minivans that were endlessly presented to us as our “buses”. While trying to get to a remote island, I rode in one for about six hours sans AC and full of mosquitos. That’s Thailand, folks!

But for real, it’s amazing over here. The food is incredible. The beaches are unbelievably beautiful. The people have such an ease about them – completely different from the hustle and bustle I’m used to in NYC. And despite the fact that I probably could have lived happily ever after in the tiny beach town of Koh Lanta giving $4 massages and moving my ass to dance remixes of Set Fire to the Rain, I realize that what we have in our big city is actually pretty special. I may have a 19-hour flight, in which I’ll inevitably have to sit bitch, ahead of me, I’m excited to come home for a number of reasons, and one of them is all of the amazing shows coming up this month.

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“I Hate Being Single” – funny Williamsburg web series from original Broad City director


Are you watching I Hate Being Single? You should be because it’s funny and it takes place in Williamsburg. The director, Rob Michael Hugel, launched Season 2 in February and the humor will remind you of early Broad City webisodes. Here’s Episode 3 from the new season, starring Shalyah Evans of Girl Code and many local settings:

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Band Alert: ELEL

Brooklyn can be a tough show. Sometimes the room looks like it’s filled with statues of music zombies, staring blankly at the stage with crossed arms. But that was not the case at Baby’s All Right for ELEL’s first show in Williamsburg last week. Every person in the audience swayed and danced to the seven-piece band’s happy, poppy beats. Hailing from Nashville, the band brought a little of the South’s sunshine with their viral hit “40 Watt” and other sassy singles like “Kiss Kiss” and “When She Walks.”The room was electric and the dancing contagious. Keyboards, drums, guitars, horns, wood blocks and a triangle covered every square inch of the stage. Throughout the set, each of the band members switched instruments and positions like musical chairs, making it feel like a family jam session. [Read more...]

Video: See snowy North Brooklyn from above after Juno

junoThanks to Matt Coats‘ quadcopter flyover of Williamsburg and Greenpoint we have some great footage of our snowy neighborhood from the sky after “storm” Juno. Check it out below:

- @joshmorrissey

Uphoric: A New Global Festival TV Station Launching This Spring


Our bodies may be dealing with the snowpocalypse, but our minds are already in sunnier, happier places. Despite the sub-zero temperatures, music headlines constantly remind us that festival season is right around the corner. As lineups continue to drop and festival-goers pick and choose their trajectory for this summer, a new development has entered the mix. For the first time ever, a digital TV station entirely focused on the global festival circuit will be spreading fest news this spring. Uphoric (from UG Strategies) is a place where festheads can tune in for live festival performances, exclusive interviews, behind the scenes content and much, much more. If their trailer doesn’t get you excited for 2015′s festival season, you’re probably not a very fun person.

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Video: Zola Jesus played open air in a blizzard

During the second night of her sold out stint at Greenpoint’s Saint Vitus, Zola Jesus took to the streets and performed Nail outside the club in the developing blizzard around 9pm on Monday night.


Video: Here’s what the Greenpoint/Williamsburg waterfront looked like in 1992

williamsburg1992Check out this short video that was recently uploaded to YouTube by photographer Roland Andrijauskas of the Greenpoint/Williamsburg waterfront in 1992. The clip shows the rawness of the early 90′s waterfront (try to ignore the weird alien transmissions in the audio) when the twin towers were visible behind smoke stacks. Watch below:

- @joshmorrissey

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