Psychodrama’s Second Session: a web series you should be watching

psychodrama 2

It’s rather serendipitous: 3 aspiring actors befriend each other in the same class at the William Esper Studio in NYC. They (Kimmy Foskett, Liza Renzulli and Luisa Fidalgo) slowly come to realize that intense hangovers, cute hipster boys and aspirations aren’t the only thing they have in common; they have the same therapist! They realize… hey, guys. This could be something?

Thus begins the brainstorm for the first season of Psychodramaa web series of short themed clips, each involving events and conversations that have really happened to these 3 ladies in their time here in NYC as 20-somethings. And with titles like Indecision, Sex, Jealousy, Motivation and Communication, these episodes connect with the viewer, no matter how much acting you’ve done or therapy you’ve been to. The writing is sharp and smart and perfectly relatable (props to Kimmy and Liza).

The show is not just relatable, either. The production and direction of this show are incredibly professional, especially for these CHIX on a budget (they’ve used crowd-funding sites for both seasons). I’ve been consistently impressed by the quality and content, so I was really happy to hear that there would be a Second Session this winter (watch the entire first session here). [Read more...]

Video: Colin Meloy debuted some new The Decemberists tracks on Bedford Ave.


As mentioned, Colin Meloy of The Decemberists was on Bedford Avenue over the weekend playing a few new songs from his just-announced record with The Decemberists What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World. In addition to a Morrissey cover and some older Decemberist tracks, he debuted ‘Make Me Better’ and ‘Lake Song’ from the new album:

‘Make Me Better’

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Williamsburg busker gets arrested even after NYPD officer reads law permitting the performance

musicThis weekend musician Andrew Kalleen was arrested by the NYPD for while performing at the Lorimer/Metropolitan subway stop. In the below video the NYPD officer is clearly heard reading the law that allows for this type of performance but that appears to [Read more...]

Devo and Jane’s Addiction played CBGB Fest – full set videos


Jane’s Addiction headlined the CBGB festival this weekend in Times Square, which also included the legitimately legendary, Devo. I squeezed in to a packed crowd for Devo’s 4:30pm set before heading off to see Jeff the Brotherhood and Diarrhea Planet at Death By Audio. We have full video sets from both bands below, courtesy of (((unartig))).

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Twin Peaks returns! (But not until 2016)


It’s confirmed! David Lynch and Mark Frost signed on with SHOWTIME to create nine episodes of Twin Peaks for a new limited series. Production starts in 2015, and the show is set to air in 2016, for the 25th anniversary of the show’s ending on ABC. #damngoodcoffee


More from SHOWTIME: [Read more...]

Pix: A Way To Say Goodbye


We’re enjoying the debut single from London’s Pix, aka Hannah Rodgers. It was produced by Dreamtrack, who’s been getting much buzz lately (and a best new music mention). We’re looking forward to hearing more from Pix. [via]

Interview: Justin Currie

Justin Currie City Winery

Justin Currie‘s current US tour just took in his first ever Brooklyn show, at Rough Trade in Williamsburg (20th of September), and also included a stop at City Winery (23rd of September). As singer/songwriter in Del Amitri and now into his third album as a solo artist, Currie has ran the gauntlet in a 30-year career.

A slight mix-up means we end up talking before the show at City Winery on Varick Street instead of Rough Trade, it’s my first time to the venue and while I tend to prefer beer stained walls and sticky floors to refined wooden decor and expensive wine, it’s readily apparent that the venue treats the artists well.

Del Amitri’s self-titled debut album, released in 1985, is begging to be rediscovered by a new generation hungry for arty indie-pop (think Orange Juice meets The Smiths meets Television. I know, I hate lazy reference points too, but it’s as good as all those band’s best moments). If that pricks your interest, at the bottom of this post you can listen to the band’s John Peel session from 1985.

After the debut, Del Amitri’s sound moved in a more traditional direction and they scored a string of top-40 hits in the UK over the course of 5 albums (1989-2002) including Nothing Ever Happens, Always the Last to Know and Tell Her This. In the US, Justin is mostly known for Del Amitri’s top-ten radio hit, Roll To Me; it’s one of those time-old examples of “this song is not really representative of the band’s output”. Regardless, let’s not downplay the beauty of a good pop song, however throwaway it may be. There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and Justin Currie’s ability to write moving lyrics for the lonely, heartbroken, misanthropic and disenfranchised; sprinkled with just enough hope for us all to carry on.

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The Knick…why are you not watching this immediately?!

The Knick

Great stories are made of great characters.  Of which, they need fulfill two essential elements:

  • They’re multifaceted and have depth (i.e., not the usual shallow monstrosities you typically see).
  • They have desire. As Vonnegut once said, “Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water.”

Some of you may recall it being shot in Greenpoint last October, The Knick, set in and around The NY Knickerbocker hospital of Manhattan circa early 1900s, has these characters in spades. I guarantee, will immediately draw you in.  The cast is simply amazing.  Most notable of which are Clive Owen and Andre Holland.  This may just yet be Clive’s piece de resistance in his role as Chief Surgeon Dr. John Thackery, a coke-addicted yet absolutely brilliant and endlessly driven doctor.  Andre Holland is cast as Assistant Chief Surgeon Dr. Algernon Edwards, a pioneering African-American doctor, who addresses the racist obstacles of the day head on (with both mental and physical muster). There’s Tom Cleary, the hard-drinking ambulance driver, Sister Harriet, the abortion-performing nun, Herman Barrow, the fund-pocketing snake-like hospital manager, and Cornelia Robertson, the strong willed head of the hospital’s social welfare office (and daughter to the Knick’s main benefactor Captain August Robertson).

Not for the faint of heart, there’s a fair amount of gore (especially in the operating theatre).  Steven Soderbergh excels in his double duty as both director and cinematographer (the latter under his pseudonym Peter Andrews). The sound scape is gorgeous.  Rather than opting for tracks of the time, they’ve chosen Cliff Martinez’ very modern scoring style (whose previous works include The Limey, Traffic, Solaris, and Contagion) and is simply sublime. It’s already been picked up for a second season and I cannot wait to see where it goes.

For those who have Cinemax, WATCH IT NOW.  For those without, be on the lookout as it becomes available on other “platforms”.  The first episode was being offered for free regardless of subscription and may still be dependent on whether you’ve got FIOS or Time Warner.

The Knick airs on Cinemax every Friday, 10PM EST and available On Demand.