The Olympics were part of the reason for the Williamsburg waterfront transformation

2012Back in 2005 New York City was bidding against London for the 2012 Olympic games. According to [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

deadringers_3000-1024x1024Welcome to our first transmission from planet August, where the shows are drying up, the records are coming in drips, and we are still here, on hands and knees, lapping at the interstellar riverbed.

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This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

a0459075304_10Here I go again on my own. Going down the only road I’ve ever known. Wait, what? Sorry, blacked out there for a second.

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New mob film The Brooklyn Banker shot in Williamsburg with scenes from the Giglio festival

The mob movie stars Paul Sorvino and is shot throughout Williamsburg by a Williamsburg native — Bamonte’s, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, and the Giglio Festival are all featured. It premieres August 5th at Cinema Village:

The flick, which follows a bank official from Williamsburg with ties to a local organized crime family, features scenes set during the 113-year-old Italian-American festival, and to get the right look, filmmakers went right to the source, said the film’s producer.

“We took scenes from the actual feast,” said Michael Ricigliano Jr., who also wrote “The Brooklyn Banker.” “All of the guys in movie are guys who lift the actual Giglio tower every year.”

The mob movie was filmed entirely in Williamsburg, featuring scenes shot inside and outside Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church and local figures such as the members of the brass band of the Giglio feast. The participants are overjoyed that a piece of their rich culture has been captured on film, said a Giglio festival spokeswoman. [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup


Burned out on this heatwave? Join the fucking party, pal. Trust me when I say it’s cooler down here, six feet under.

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This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

a1173571949_10With the holiday upon us and big releases just ahead and right behind, this week is a bit slower than most. So get caught up on what you missed in the past few months (there has to be something) or plow blindly forward alongside me. The choice is yours, but I’ll be here all the same.

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Former Glasslands owners opening $3 million venue in Bushwick called Elsewhere


Elsewhere, credit: Karsten Moran

Now this is big news. Elsewhere is set to open this fall:

When Glasslands Gallery, the influential independent club on the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn, closed at the end of 2014, its owners had already been thinking about what was next. The partners — Rami Haykal, 28, and Jake Rosenthal, 29 — had booked shows and worked at the ragtag D.I.Y. space since college, taking over the lease in 2011. Along with their friend Dhruv Chopra, 29, who had advised at Glasslands, they were plotting an expansion to a larger room with the same grass-roots ethos when Glasslands fell victim to the Williamsburg real estate trends it helped catalyze: Vice Media, which outgrew the same punk spirit, took over the building. [Read more...]

Celebrate vinyl this Thursday at Baby’s All Right


Vinyl subscription service Vinyl Me, Please is partnering with All My Friends to present “THE SPINS” – a night to celebrate vinyl and local live music featuring NJ-based alt-pop band Brick + Mortar, BK-based pop-rock band Spirit Animal, and BK-based blues-rock duo The Grizzled Mighty. A vinyl-only DJ – DJ Tricecat – will also [Read more...]