New slasher just in time for Halloween


Leaves are turning, apples are ripening, Starbucks is making tons off pumpkin-ish flavored lattes and endless amounts of retro horror films fills my Saturdays. The bountiful number of Halloween and Friday the 13th sequels make it easy to not repeat a gore-filled film lineup, but I have almost run out of classics. Now, a new old-school style horror film just might make my October rotation.

LAKE NOWHERE premieres this Saturday, October 25th, at Cinema Village at 11:15 p.m. The 80s style slasher showcases the ever-so predictable plot of a group of friends spending some time out in the seemingly desolate woods when they get *surprise!* massacred by a “Masked Maniac”.


Live Review: La Hell Gang played Glasslands

Le Hell Gang Glasslands 3

La Hell Gang recently signed to Brooklyn’s Mexican Summer label and played their first ever US show on Wednesday night at Glasslands.

Having followed Chilean pyschedelic rock extensively over the last couple of years, it is always a rare but essential opportunity when a band rolls in to town. Given that La Hell Gang’s new album, Thru Me Again, is only their second in close to 5 years, it was definitely not a show to miss.

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Midnight Movies 10/17-10/19 Include Psycho and Texas Chainsaw Massacre

After a break for New York Comic Con last week, midnight movie coverage is back and it’s filled to the brim with chainsaws, stabbings, and a whole lot of fake blood. This weekend features some of the most important and influential horror films of all time, so break out those night lights folks. [Read more...]

Slick Willie – now open in Greenpoint


Slick Willie
179 Meserole Ave in Greenpoint

A new restaurant has finally opened on a quiet block in Greenpoint called Slick Willie. Named for a Greenpoint-born bank robber, Willie Sutton, the cafe boasts menu categories like Solitary Confinement, Hiding Out For a While and On the Run. We can’t wait to try the Contraband burger. For now, they’re only open for lunch and dinner, but as a chalkboard above the bar boasts: “Dinner and bar when prohibition is over: Full liquor, beer coming soon…” [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

banProvided your eardrums haven’t reduced to shrapnel after last week’s onslaught of new metal, you’ll be pleased to hear this week brings yet another home-brewed batch of sonic insanity. Stuffed to the stitches with death, doom, occult, and all forms of extremity in between, today reinforces what we all already knew: There’s no rest for wicked fucking awesome.

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Merchandise play Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight


Having seen Tampa’s Merchandise all over Brooklyn and Manhattan, at venues as small as Home Sweet Home, 285 Kent (RIP), Saint Vitus and Glasslands, and as big as Bowery and Villain, it’s fitting they’re finding some middle ground at Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight. To my knowledge, they’ve never played the North 6th venue, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to it; they’re excellent live.

The post-punk turned ’80s new wave-influenced band had their major label debut, After the End, on 4AD this year. While it was somewhat expected to contain pop singles that break away from the relatively unpolished “DIY” sound of Merchandise‘s previous efforts, these tracks are complimented by sprawling ballads. Carson Cox’s swoon-inducing vocals wash over lush, smooth, percussive backdrops, particularly perfected on album closer “Exile and Ego.”

The playful, poppier tracks – “Little Killer,” “Enemy,” “Telephone” – have all been released by the band with dizzying and psychedelic video accompaniments.  Alert: multiple Carson Cox’s on screen at once. Watch all of them below.

Tickets for tonight are still on sale. Copenhagen punks Lower open, as do Ninos du Brazil, who just remixed another After the End standout “Green Lady.” You can hear that below, too.


Death By Audio Shows Announced up to Halloween


Death By Audio is inevitably going to go out in style before closing on the 22nd of November (I’m still not over it), and the venue’s website has updated its list of shows running up until Halloween. As you can imagine, there are some stellar picks available as we enter the last few weeks of having a reason to trundle down South 2nd.

Coleman has already pointed out that DBA is the place to be this Sunday (hope you have a ticket), but beyond that, I wanted to single out some highlights.

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Starbucks’ second Williamsburg location had its liquor license denied

starbucksBrooklyn’s Community Board 1 voted to deny Starbucks’ the right to a liquor license on their forthcoming North 7th st. location last night. From DNA info:

Burrows said in this case, “the public says there isn’t an interest.”

The board vote followed impassioned arguments made by several locals, including Esther Bell from The West, which is located at 379 Union Ave., just a block away from the new Starbucks.

Bell said she she launched a petition after hearing about Starbucks’ request for a license to sell beer and wine on Monday, because she is concerned it will threaten small businesses in the neighborhood.

“We don’t need them to take over Brooklyn,” said Bell, who was applauded by the residents on Thursday.

The people haven’t won quite yet as there is still a final vote scheduled for October 20th.

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