Food For Thought: Pitchfork Music Festival 2014


The trend in music festivals these days seems to be “all you can eat”. A hungry fan shopping for an experience would be pleased to see a former Beatle playing alongside a long broken-up, and now-reunited rap crew from the 90s. If your tastes are more progressive, here are 30 bands that you’ve never heard of – try a taste of each. In the mood for something more contemporary? Then you won’t want to miss this DJ we booked all the way from Europe – he comes with a fireworks show too!

Leave it to Pitchfork to buck the trend. The décor here can be best described as no frills, with only three stages marked by green, blue, and red banners. The menu is simple if not sparse; a lean mix of acknowledged prodigies and obscure names. Pacing is steady and reliable; when one course ends another begins, that is if you can make it through such a packed house. The mise-en-place could use some work.


Ahh, the critics will be debate this one endlessly. “It was an unambitious lineup”, the first will say, “full of lightly-spaced words of the same size and font.”

Another pundit, this one more curt in his assessment, chimes in. “A breakfast combo at Denny’s has more grand slams than a day spent at Pitchfork.”

“Touche,” nods the first. “As if your plate arrives with only a single egg, strip of bacon, and sausage link. Savor it! It’s a tasting menu, not a buffet.”

A third critic, presumably a Pitchfork staff writer, is unimpressed with this depth of insight. “A meager portion, perhaps, but these are no ordinary eggs. Free range, organic hens. Thick-cut bacon, heirloom breed. Small-batch artisan sausages, hand-made in a former carriage factory in Brooklyn”.


The Chicago-style hot dog vendor nearby overhears the exchange, his lifelong profession providing insight into the matter. “You’re all wrong! It’s not about the quality of the meat, it’s about the toppings!” He reaches into a jar and plucks out pickle. “Say this pickle represents St. Vincent. It’s a half-sour, not so great on its own.” Pointing to a sausage and a bun, he continues. “…but serve it between Beck and Tune-Yards, and you’ve got a darn tasty sammy, Chicagah style.”

Nearby, a concertgoer collides mid-crowd with a plate full of overtopped frankfurters, cheesy fries, and Souvlaki with Tzatziki sauce. “You idiot!” she scolds at the gourmand. “Who the hell brings a 7 course picnic into a crowd like this! You’ve ruined it for everyone!”

The fourth critic, watching all of this from afar with self-possessed amusement, quietly takes notes, plotting his story, the smirk on his face the only thing betraying the angle he’ll pursue.



Uber offering a free ride for commuters f*cked by the G


We’re saving this for a sweaty day:

Whether you’re a weekday commuter, Greenpoint or LIC resident, or frequent neighborhood visitor, we’re sending some Uber Love your way for the next five weeks. While the MTA does their thing, we’re here to bridge the gap with one free transfer between the Nassau Av and Court Sq G train stops.

Enter promo code FREETRANSFER – Then ride anywhere between the Nassau Av and Court Sq stops from July 25 through August 31 and get one free trip (up to $30)

In other commuter news, thankfully, the ferry is back too!

Shake Shack coming to Williamsburg?


We have not been able to officially confirm this, but a tip came in this morning and we’re keeping our fingers crossed:

Just talked to the construction workers outside N4th & Berry (next to Viva Toro) and the head construction guy said that Shake Shack signed a commercial lease for the space!!

We’ll keep you posted when we hear more.

Joanna Gruesome share “Jerome (Liar),” playing NYC next month

joanna gruesome 12inNoisy pop punks Joanna Gruesome are following up their awesome debut LP, last year’s Weird Sisterwith a gold split 12″ on their own label Reeks of Effort with Trust Fund (it will be released in the US on HHBTM). Each band are contributing 3 tracks, and you can listen to Joanna Gruesome‘s first below. It’s just what you’ve come to expect from the band: brief yet exhausting twee goodness.

You can pre-order the record here (no link for US yet); it’s out September 22nd.

The Welsh band are on tour starting this weekend, and it hits NYC twice. First, an incredible bill at Shea Stadium August 26th, where they play with indie darlings Perfect Pussy, plus alt-punks Potty Mouth and Love of Everything. Tix for that are on sale now, and I’m sure they won’t be for long.

That Friday the 29th, they hit the South Street Seaport with Big Ups for what is sure to be an awesome end of summer (never end, summer) concert. Even better, that one’s FREE. 

Iceage premier new song, announce Bowery Ballroom show

iceage_sep2013_byLawrencePrice15 months ago, on the heels of Iceage’s sophomore effort, You’re Nothing, and awaiting the emergence of related projects like Lower and Vår, you probably heard me barside at some venue in some stupid t-shirt spouting the opinion that Copenhagen was home to the best punk scene on the planet. Since then, however, critical and consumer attentions have strayed, said scene has evolved, and now, looking back on a year dominated by black metal bands and shoegaze start-ups, it all seems like a distant and, given those band’s sonic proclivities, ice-encased memory.

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The West is ready to do battle with Williamsburg’s first Starbucks

thewestWhen I heard Starbucks was officially opening its first location in Williamsburg my first concern was the excellent coffee shop The West, located about 100 feet from the new Starbucks. In the wake of smaller stores like Kings Pharmacy being forced out of the neighborhood because of big chains like Duane Reade, The West is planning on holding their ground. They [Read more...]

Hey don’t jump down into the subway tracks

subway1During my commute at the Metropolitan/Lorimer G stop yesterday I saw a girl drop her glasses onto the tracks and immediately hop down to get them. She did it so nonchalantly that you would think she did this every day. Don’t do that people it’s dangerous! The whole thing only took about 10 seconds but you should have seen the faces of everyone on the platform after. Yipes!

- @joshmorrissey

Forecastle 2014


We are in full-blown music festival mode, and while we could focus all day on the megafests like Lollapalooza, I wanted to shed some light on a lesser known. Forecastle Music Festival takes place in Waterfront Park in Louisville every July and has been growing steadily since it’s inception in 2002. This year’s headliners are Outkast, Jack White and Beck. What up, Kentucky? You’re crushin’ it.

Sure, Kentucky’s a bit of a hike, but wouldn’t it be nice to get out of the big city bustle for a few days? And that’s exactly what some NYC artists are doing. Let’s check out some of our local favorites who are heading down to the Bluegrass state from July 18-20.

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