15 bands to watch at CMJ 2015

cmj2015Though sometimes buried in an avalanche of free pizza, promo beer, and press releases, CMJ Music Marathon’s guiding principal has always been the discovery of new music. In that spirit, we decided to kick off coverage of the mega-fest’s 35th year with a countdown of 15 must-see bands you may have not heard, but need to. So even if your fav Tinder hook up’s lo-fi power pop thing didn’t make the list—sorry, we have 75 venues and 1,000 bands to keep track of here—sit down and give it a skim. Who knows, you might even find something worth seeing. [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

a0842848921_16Having exhausted just about every “metal” opinion in my skeleton last time out, this week arrives, mercifully, sans the big talking points. There’s still more than enough insanity to go around, however, so grab the Thorazine and let’s get at it.

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This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

screen-shot-2015-07-28-at-4-51-21-pmWhew. What a way to start the most metal month. Sit down, sign the waiver, and prepare to get sonically beat on for the next thousand words or so.

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Phil Cook performed Southland Mission at Rough Trade

Southland Mission

Phil Cook and his band The Guitarheels brought sweet Southern sounds to Rough Trade Thursday for the first performance of their two-night tour. Cook has been known in the industry as a great musician for years, but always lending his talents towards another’s vision. Last week, the room was filled with those eager to hear Cook’s debut stepping into the spotlight. Some fans traveled as far as his native Wisconsin to witness is first show supporting Southland Mission – an album built from the journey to find his voice and interpretations of his Southern inspiration. [Read more...]

Broad City is taking on the Cronut in Williamsburg today

cronetBroad City will be filming in Williamsburg today as they parody Dominique Ansel [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

BBWelcome back to your friendly metal Costco everyone, now with 50% less staph infections and double the old-man fights. Please enjoy your shopping experience and come again soon.

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What should you do if you run into someone you know on the subway?


It’s 8:30 AM Monday morning. As you slowly walk to the L train, the only thing that is keeping you from stepping in front of a delivery man’s bicycle to get you out of work is a new episode of Radiolab in your earbuds. As you walk down the stairs towards the train you hear [Read more...]

Video: Godflesh played Warsaw

UK industrial rock institution Godflesh decimated eardrums at Greenpoint’s Warsaw this week. You can watch most of their set below.

Godflesh at Warsaw