The Bedford Avenue Starbucks will start serving booze this Wednesday

starbucksDespite being denied a liquor license multiple times and opposition from local business owners, the Starbucks on Bedford and North 7th in Williamsburg will begin serving alcohol this [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

YggHuurIt’s a slower week here at the metal lake house, so grab your finest pair of black cut-offs, double bass kick back, and enjoy the late 3rd quarter calm before the 4th quarter storm. Oh, and if you’re thirsty, the beer is in the fridge, as always.

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Stream the new Tame Impala, Currents


Pitchfork just gave it their Best New Music distinction, and we’re enjoying what we’ve heard thus far, via NPR:

Currents takes another unexpected left turn in Parker’s hard-to-pin-down discography. As the singer and multi-instrumentalist edges ever closer to stadium-filling superstardom, Tame Impala’s new music is veering farther away from psych-rock bombast and toward falsetto-dripped soul, fragments of dance music and long interludes set aside for woozy, disorienting deliberation. The new record makes these shifts clear from its opening song, “Let It Happen,” which rambles down side roads, inserts the occasional bit of cryptic regret (“Tell my mother I’m sorry”), gets caught in a lengthy hypnotic loop, and ultimately coheres into a robust jam, all in a grandiose statement that spans nearly eight minutes. [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

Mutoid-ManHappy early Independence Day, everyone. If you’re looking for a fireworks factory worth of new metal to help get you from here to wherever it is you’ll be watching Randy Quaid fly a fighter jet into the g-spot of an alien space station this weekend, then we have just what you need. Crack something domestic and give it a spin.

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Brooklyn Electronic Dance Round Up: June 19-21

Hello Summer! This weekend marks the start of the season and it’s evident in the sprinkling of daytime outdoor options. Celebrate today’s end to the work week with a happy hour in the sun on the roof of Output with Have A Killer Time presents John Barera & Will Martin, two of Boston’s finest up-and-coming House producers. At night, head into Good Room for the return of the Dope Jams DJs, an all night clubbing affair with Paul Nickerson and Francis Englehardt. Saturday continues at Bossa Nova with the leftfield techno party Down By Low featuring Alex From Queens. Then as Pride Week makes its way into Brooklyn, Club Shade hosts a secret warehouse fest featuring Hearthrob, Honey Dijon and more. By Sunday you’ll want to cap it all off on N6th street as CAMEO and Beats In Space close down the block for Make Music New York featuring the sweet and eclectic Disco sounds of WNYU’s Tim Sweeney, Tom Noble, and Ivan Berko. See you on the other side! -@evvnmichael


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This One Goes To Eleven: 11 must-hear metal albums of 2015 (so far)

TOGTE11While it might be hard to believe, we are now halfway through the year, and in our crusty, charred corner of the music journalism world that means one thing and one thing only: It’s time to start brandishing premature, list-based proclamations like a street oracle does his cardboard countdown to the coming rapture. Sure, in 6 months time when the world is still standing and the sun is still slung up there in the sky, we will look idiots, but for now that’s half the fun. So, without further rambling ado, I am psyched to present This One Goes To Eleven’s 11 Must-Hear Metal Albums of 2015 (so far). Whether you’ve been following along all year or are just stopping by for the first time, you’re sure to find something heavy to sink those fangs into.

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REVIEW: Governors Ball 2015

gov ball logo

We saw legends dress up in fat suits. We saw Drake in a neon highlighter sweatshirt bounce around a jungle. We saw a lot of teenage butts. We waited in hour plus long lines for the famous ramen burger. And we saw the mighty fall. There were plenty of reasons that Governors Ball was memorable this year, and that’s why the gals at FREEwilliamsburg have come up with their lists of the weekend’s F$@K YES’S and F$@KING FLOPS. Thankfully there are WAY MORE of the latter than the former.

Megan: For starters, I think it’s worth noting just how big that Governors Ball has become. I was seriously amazed at how many out of towners I spoke with over the weekend. From the diehard Philly festie who found me on reddit then found me at the festival, to the group of dudes from Mexico who came to New York specifically for Governors Ball, there’s no denying that this festival has grown leaps and bounds since it’s inception in 2010. Even though the influx of people meant longer booze, food and bathroom lines, it’s hard to get mad.

We’ve seen the festival grow since it was just a one day foray on Governors Island to the mondo attraction it is today. Feeling a bit like proud mamas. And for that reason we want to give the following awards…

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Gov Ball and Nitehawk present Weird Al’s UHF Film Feast


As you may know, Nitehawk Cinema, the best (in my opinion) movie theater in NYC, loves to pair the movies they’re showing with delicious, thoughtful and eclectic dishes to match. Building on that, they also have FILM FEASTS, where they create an entire menu for one movie (food AND drink). It’s usually a classic, like previous picks Pulp Fiction, Christmas Vacation, or Big Lebowski. Or it’s one that is relevant to the now, like the upcoming Wet Hot American Summer screening which is sold out (the Netflix prequel series is out July 17). [Read more...]