The DBA/Vice/landlord feud is becoming a he-said, she-said ‘soap opera’

credit: Gothamist

credit: Gothamist

We all can agree that we miss DBA, but the details about the club closing have become very murky. Reps from DBA feel they were pushed out, whereas Vice and DBA’s former landlord tell a very different story:

Edan Wilber of DBA says:

Well, we didn’t get bought out. At no point did money change between hands, we just waited for our lease to end….Our landlord had a meeting with us in September and we thought our lease was going until June, because we thought we’d signed a two-year lease. We’ve always been good friends with our landlord and we were never really good with the business side of things, and we thought we got a copy of our lease, and we just didn’t. That’s one of our bads, but we’re just not business people. [Read more...]

Folding Legs – Stick Tie Lock Tether

Folding Legs recorded new material. Check out the Brooklyn outfit’s new dance floor ripper below.

REVIEW: Time Warp US


A crowd dances at the first ever Time Warp US (Photo from SILVERSQUARES, a documentary about Global Dance Culture)

Brooklyn’s 39th Street Pier went from empty warehouse to pulsing party spot last weekend when Time Warp launched its first ever US installment. The multi-day festival has been a mainstay in Europe’s techno scene since 1994. For their 20th Anniversary, Time Warp US was born, bringing along a crowd of more than 4,000 up-all-night music lovers from near and far along with it.

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This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup


Photo by Mark Jaworski

Welcome to list season, everyone, when our dysfunctional family of taxable tastemakers, comment board critics, and casual passersby gather around the long table we call the internet to spit opinions into one anothers’ faces and flatulate. Randy Blythe will be arrested in a Best Buy, new albums will only matter if they have top insert-integer-of-choice potential, and shows, well, let’s just say Vitus is a long walk when its this cold. So goes the most wonderful time of year, and we are all drowning in it, so pour yourself another egg nog, dust off those old Mayhem tapes, and hang on for dear life. Together, we might just make it through this.

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Killer Mike’s speech on the Ferguson Grand Jury ruling is heartbreaking and inspiring


Killer Mike about an hour and a half after the Ferguson Grand jury decision. Run The Jewels at the Ready Room, St. Louis, Missouri – 11/25/2014.

Williamsburg sports bar 4th Down is set to reopen tomorrow

4thdownAfter being forced from their North 4th street location due to rent increases over a year ago, Williamsburg sports bar 4th Down will re-open tomorrow in their new location. Their new spot is at 750 Grand street between Graham and Humbolt. From [Read more...]

Dance Party Funeral for Williamsburg coming to Glasslands


With the closings of Glasslands and Death By Audio coming soon (not to mention this, this, this , this and this) Williamsburg is feeling pretty gutted these days. Appropriately, the artist collective Cheryl is throwing a funeral dance party to “celebrate” all the closings called “Nail in the Coffin.” They’re encouraging people to come dressed as Starbucks baristas, Scruge McDuck and more. We suggest coming as Jed Walentas, Stephen Levin, or Vice Media founders Shane Smith and Suroosh Alvi.

From the Cheryl website:

A Dance Party Funeral for the neighborhood of Willamsburg. Come mourn the end of era with us before Glasslands closes its doors in Williamsburg forever. In lieu of flowers, a $10 cover will be accepted at the door on behalf of CHERYL.

11:30pm-4am calling hours at Glasslands Gallery, 289 Kent Ave, Brooklyn.

Need costume inspiration? Just Accept Death.Think FUNeral, Victorian Mourning Merkins, Starbucks Baristas, All Black Everything, Whole Foods Suttee, Goth Immigrants, Winking Widows, Vintage Sorrow, Mast Brothers Conquistadors, Asian Tapas, and Scrooge McDuck. [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup


Finnish heshers, fake albums, and first shows from obscure French bands? Yep, it’s just another week in the world of This One Goes To Eleven.

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