Attention chillwavers and alt bros…. Hipster Runoff is for sale


Yep, “Carles” is selling his niche-famous aughts site:

Famous niche hipster PR 5 Site w/ 168,648 uniques/mo making $1,300/mo w/ no work

Well-established site that has gone inactive but still generates traffic. Quality inbound links from NYTimes, Gawker, Wired, & more. Great opportunity to take brand and rebuild audience.

We’d say it’s the end of an era, had that era not already ended. The current bid is for $2500. [via]

Review: Future Islands spoiled, uplifted Terminal 5


As their secret set during Death By Audio’s final week was well worth the freezing cold wait around the block, so too was the freezing cold walk to Terminal 5 for Future Island’s second sold out show this past Friday. The sheer charisma and dedication of the band, specifically lead singer Samuel T Herring, is astounding. And while following such an intimate, emotional show at Death By Audio should be a difficult feat, Future Islands really only one-upped themselves. These guys have been playing together for 8 years and the emotion they still bring to their live show is uncanny.

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Turkey’s Nest forced to retire iconic Styrofoam cups

pic via Brooklyn Daily

pic via Brooklyn Daily

Anyone who has spent a summer weekend afternoon in McCarren Park has seen many parkgoers carrying around giant white Styrofoam cups filled [Read more...]

Cake Shop music venue seeking investors

cake shop

After the 2014 massacre which saw the loss of Death By Audio, 285 Kent, Glasslands and many more, Cake Shop is now my favourite concert venue in New York. With good sound, a welcoming vibe and mercifully bad phone reception downstairs which means less people disappearing up their own devices, there’s just always been something about the place that is more than simple endearment.

The venue’s Facebook page just posted a message calling for investment, please see below:

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Book a last minute ticket to Tulum for this great music festival


Our former music editor, Nisia, moved to Tulum, Mexico (yes, we’re jealous too). She’s helping to produce a pretty awesome showcase for NYE. Grab a last minute ticket and bask in some sunlight:

AURORA invites you to rise into the New Year for the first incarnation of a musical tradition that is sure to be as luminous and magnetic as the atmospheric phenomenon bearing the same name.


Tickets and more information here.

happn celebrates 1 million users



happn celebrates 1 million users!

 Since its launch earlier this year, happn, a cool new app fresh out of Paris, has been taking New York by storm. The app helps you find the people you’ve crossed paths with, providing a solution to all those missed encounters. After barely ten months of connecting people around the world, the app has already reached 1 million users and to celebrate we caught up with Jenna, one of the app’s many success stories hailing from the Big Apple.

 Jenna, who downloaded happn when it was introduced in New York last September, explains how she took her chance on happn and hasn’t looked back since:

 “After a week of chatting with Tom on the app, we had our first date. We were both quite nervous at first, but the chemistry was there. After years of dating websites, speed dating and any other dating stuff I’ve tried, I’ve finally found someone who’s perfect for me. The funny thing is that he’s also been living on Bedford Avenue for years, two blocks away! We found out we both party at Output – how come we’d never met? If it wasn’t for I would never have found this absolute gem of a human being!”

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The DBA/Vice/landlord feud is becoming a he-said, she-said ‘soap opera’

credit: Gothamist

credit: Gothamist

We all can agree that we miss DBA, but the details about the club closing have become very murky. Reps from DBA feel they were pushed out, whereas Vice and DBA’s former landlord tell a very different story:

Edan Wilber of DBA says:

Well, we didn’t get bought out. At no point did money change between hands, we just waited for our lease to end….Our landlord had a meeting with us in September and we thought our lease was going until June, because we thought we’d signed a two-year lease. We’ve always been good friends with our landlord and we were never really good with the business side of things, and we thought we got a copy of our lease, and we just didn’t. That’s one of our bads, but we’re just not business people. [Read more...]

Folding Legs – Stick Tie Lock Tether

Folding Legs recorded new material. Check out the Brooklyn outfit’s new dance floor ripper below.