Pictures from yesterday’s International Women’s Day rally


It was quite the exciting scene in Washington Square Park yesterday afternoon! Thousands of men, women, children, (dogs!), and non-binaries of all credences, ethnicities, and ages gathered in support of International Women’s Day. FREEwilliamsburg was there to capture the fervency, togetherness, and inclusivity of herstory in the making. [Read more…]

This “Day Zero” Jungle Party Looks Insane


BK club favorite Damien Lazarus at Day Zero 2016 (Photo Credit: Here & Now, instagram: @wearehereandnow)

If you’re a fan of techno visionary Damian Lazarus, then you already know he played a three-hour set at Output earlier this month. The sound was impressive thanks to the Funktion One sound system, the vibes were chill because the club recently expanded their dance floor, and the average attendee was okay with spending $14 on a mixed well drink. I mean, come on, what did you expect? This is Brooklyn.

When you caught the Crosstown Rebels labelhead at Williamsburg’s best club, you were seeing him in an environment that was familiar. In fact, the most unusual thing that happened to us that night was scoring an Uber home for less than $20 (NOICE). New York attracts artists from all over the world, but in terms of atmosphere, what you see is typically what you get. It takes an adventurous spirit and an open mind to venture past these convenient venues to see DJs like Lazarus in their best environment (and Billboard touting his legendary event as “the best party in the world” certainly doesn’t hurt either.)

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Electric Zoo Interview: Gone Goldfishin’


Photo by Ross Hillier

After a rare performance at Webster Hall in March, New York had the special pleasure of hosting Goldfish this year at Electric Zoo on Randall’s Island. While members David Poole and Dominic Peters often find themselves performing in these environments, they admit it’s not really their scene on a typical day off in the City.

“We always end up at the Village Vanguard listening to Jazz,” says Peters. “There is such a rich heritage of Jazz in New York City with some amazing history and venues. All of the best guys in the world are always playing here, and we generally gravitate towards that.”

This might sound surprising, until you learn more about the two jokesters, who refer to themselves not as producers, but rather as “musicians who are coming into dance music”. Poole and Peters each share a long love affair with music, which started when they were just children growing up in South Africa, long before they would eventually meet while studying at University of Cape Town. “Dave and I both started playing when we were six years old,” Peters says. “Dave started on the violin, but we are both multi-instrumentalists.”

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Best dressed exhibitors at this year’s Comic Arts Brooklyn


This year’s Comic Arts Brooklyn festival, presented by Desert Island, brought together the best comic artists in the world with the best locals-only vibe you could ever ask for. Sure, there were a ton of awesome comics, and prints, and shirts, and patches and buttons and all sorts of special happenings and mingles. And I’m sure someone is blogging about all that.

But not me! I went solely as a Fashion Blogger. Why shouldn’t the CAB Fest have it’s own red carpet? I think it should!

Until then, here’s just a quick look at the best dressed exhibitors from this year’s Comic Arts Brooklyn. Enjoy!

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REVIEW: Surprise! The Meadows Wasn’t All That Basic


Kanye West returned to NYC to play The Meadows (Photo Credit: SamAlive)

When I exited the 7 train at Mets-Willets Point in Corona, Queens to the distant sounds of rock music rolling over asphalt, I’ll admit my expectations for The Meadows had been set low. Despite the rare use of the CitiField/Flushing Meadows Park venue and the, dare I say, exciting lineup, it was just hard for me to understand what necessity Founders Entertainment saw in launching a brand new festival. [Read more…]

REVIEW: BangOnNYC’s Elements Festival Keeps Its Cool


Photo by Chris Lazzarro, Freedom Film LLC

Brooklyn may have reached sweltering temperatures of over 100 degrees last Saturday, but organizers and attendees of the second annual Elements Music and Arts Festival managed to keep their cool. This year’s event was an expanded version of the 2015 debut, featuring four larger stages, more fanfare and an impressive lineup of heavy hitting artists. [Read more…]

PHOTOS: HYTE Brought An All-Star Techno Lineup to Brooklyn


Brooklyn techno fans had even more reasons to celebrate their independence over 4th of July weekend when global event series HYTE came stateside to North Brooklyn, bringing with them an all-star lineup of international techno artists. Talk about feeling FREE. Acts like Berlin-based duo Pan-Pot, New York native Danny Tengalia, French trio Apollonia and Iranian American producer Dubfire were just a few acts that brought slammin’ techno to the Brooklyn Hanger, which was expertly transformed into a multi-stage festival for the duration of the weekend. [Read more…]

Panorama 2016 Festival Review


The folks at Goldenvoice, the company most famous for promoting Coachella, were probably looking forward to a reprieve from the three digit temperatures their flagship festival often endures in the Southern California desert when they were organizing their New York City festival, some months ago. Instead, they, and festival-goers like myself, would have to persevere through three days of record-setting highs on Randall’s Island this past weekend; the shiny paragon of LCD Soundsystem’s big New York reunion show looming over us all. [Read more…]