Zachary Cale played Zebulon

Zachary Cale was at Zebulon last night. Accompanied by Alfra Martini, the duo performed songs from Zach’s upcoming full length named “Noise of Welcome”. Below is a two song video edit of the show.

NOT SAFE FOR WORK: Tinsel Teeth live at Cake Shop


On Friday night Providence, RI noise rock band Tinsel Teeth brought their very own brand of punk ruckus to the basement of Cake Shop. Please be advised that the below video edit of the set’s last 10 minutes contains what some might consider STRONG NUDITY. Enjoy at your own risk.


Skeleton$ Big Band played (le) Poisson Rouge

Skeleton$ Big Band played a killer set at (le) Poisson Rouge on Sunday. Why this band hasn’t yet blown up in a Dirty Projectors kind of way is a slightly beyond me. Below is a video edit of the first and last song from last night’s shindig.


No, Camel isn't making rollies

So, enough local papers, blogs, and e-zines have covered this, that I don’t have anything else to say, but in case you missed it:

From the Brooklyn Paper: Joe Camel- a hipster? R.J. Reynolds markets its smokes to Williamsburg

By Aaron Short

I do have one question.  In 2012 when the FDA starts making cigarette packs feature huge photos of toe-tags and black lungs, will the gross cancer guy be all tatted up on a fixie?

"I'm Waiting for my Man"

The junkies in Williamsburg will have to wait longer, or maybe clean up their act and get a job.  Okay, the job part might be crazy, it is Williamsburg.

The NYPD announced today they have shut down the drug-ring which investigators claim ran the North Williamsburg heroin game.  After a four month long sting officers arrested seven alleged dealers who had sold heroin to undercover narcotics agents over 20 times throughout the investigation.

According to the police, these guys were devoted.  They stood on the corner of Jackson Street and Kingsland Avenue near the Cooper Park housing projects, so much that investigators say they showed up on a Google Earth photo of the intersection.  On a more disturbing note, these guys didn’t seem to care they were selling smack within 1000 ft. of a preschool.  Authorities went on to explain that the ring allegedly had a clever method of peddling dope.  From MSNBC:

The suspects, who range in age from 18 to 32, were seen on surveillance cameras hiding heroin by stuffing it in a magnetic lock-box behind a metal sign on a storefront…The heroin sold was packaged in glassine envelopes and was stamped with different logos including “Fed Ex,” “KFC,” “Powerful Impact,” and the “Monster” energy drink logo.

Criminals beware, the NYPD is on a roll.  In addition to busting these drug dealers, authorities also charged several employees at the surrounding bodegas with possession and sale of untaxed cigarettes.

Kayfabe: Game of Death was at Death By Audio

Sam Mickens brought his new performance piece titled “Kayfabe: Game of Death” to Death by Audio last Saturday and Sunday. Below is a recording of Saturday’s premiere.


Sam Mickens' "Kayfabe: Game of Death": Sat & Sun at Death by Audio

If you are looking for something DIFFERENT this weekend then check out the info below. We have no clue what to expect, but something tells me that it is going to rule hard.

Brooklyn-based artist Sam Mickens presents his new performance work, “Kayfabe: Game of Death” at Death by Audio Saturday, November 6th & Sunday, November 7th, MMX.

A brutal reveille for this new phase of his NY-based performance work, “Kayfabe: Game of Death” sprung, fully grown and armored, from Mickens’ recent obsessions with and voluminous research into the professional wrestling and wrestlers from the era of his youth and, further, from the larger concept worlds that thread through and explode from that of professional wrestling. Also integrating thematic elements from Mickens’ longstanding obsession with the Rev. Jim Jones & his Peoples Temple, as well as a Homeric sense of poetic sweep, the piece will utilize elements of dramatic text, song, modern movement, video, and less definable modes to deliver a raw smackdown of avant pageantry.

Cleo Fishel | Laurel Jones | Charlie Looker | Alexis Marcelo | Noah Mickens | Sam Mickens | Mike Pride | Steven Reker | Alan Sutherland | and others

“Kayfabe: Game of Death” at Death by Audio [49 S. 2nd St., Brooklyn, NY]
Saturday Nov. 6th & Sunday Nov. 7th at 8pm
$10-15 sliding scale. Noone will be turned away for lack of funds,
though seating will be limited.

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