US Time Warp Lineup Announced


The longest running underground techno festival will be invading the The Kingsbridge Armory in the Bronx this Thanksgiving Day weekend, November 28-29th. The “20 Years Tour” features the first ever US lineup stacked with high-profile techno pioneers, and more to be announced.

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Muchmore’s is suing NYC for the right to dance

muchmoresWilliamsburg bar Muchmore’s is suing New York City for the right of patrons to dance on their premises. Many New Yorkers are familiar with the prohibition era law that prohibits dancing without a hard to obtain caberet license and forces bars throughout the city to post comical “NO DANCING” signs. Owner Andrew Muchmore is an attorney and hopes to change the law so as to be able to book more [Read more...]

That random unoccupied building on Bedford and Grand will be a beer hall soon

bedfordgrandYou know the one, THAT building on the corner that used to have the giant illuminati eye painted on it a few years ago. That building always kinda represented the boundary between North and the slightly grittier South Williamsburg to me, and not just because the street names literally change from “North” to “South” at that point, but in the overall vibe of the geographic areas.

The ground floor has inexplicably been unoccupied for as long as I can recall; sort of a marker the less densely gentrified streets that lie ahead. Directly South of it is Maison Premiere, of course, which has nothing gritty about it (and duh, there’s nothing gritty south of there now anyway), but the Northern part of that point is “Williamsburg Williamsburg,” you know, where you tell your friends who aren’t from the area to meet you because it’s not too far from the Bedford L.

Welp, it looks like that’s about to change; the staunch geographic marker soon to be occupied by what sounds like a pretty incredible beer hall. Gothamist has the scoop (and it’s totally worth reading their entire post, which has a pretty detailed history of the building):

These burning questions and more are now being answered, because Ivan Kohut, the owner of Radegast Hall, is turning the place into a Flemish beer hall and restaurant.

John McCormick, a restaurateur and interior designer who owns St. Mazie in Williamsburg and Moto in Bushwick, is currently overseeing a gut renovation of the ground floor space, which was originally a bank operated by one Ladislaw W. Schwenk. The bank was shut down by the state of New York in 1914 after it was discovered that Schwenk accepted $500,000 in deposits from some 2,500 customers for months after he learned his firm was insolvent.

WARNING: There is going to be a clown funeral parading through Williamsburg this weekend

clownsIf you are afraid of clowns STAY OFF THE STREETS this Sunday evening. To mourn the end of this year’s NY Clown Theater Festival a group of clowns will march in a funeral procession starting on Bedford and North 7th at [Read more...]

Midnight Movies 9/26-9/28 Include Escape from New York and You’re Next

The fall horror-binge has begun, and as usual Nitehawk has you covered with some great options. This weekend’s midnight movie is You’re Next, beginning their wonderful “Final Girl” film series.  You’re Next falls pretty squarely in the “fun horror” category, along with Scream and Cabin in the Woods, playing to horror tropes without sacrificing any of the actual creepiness.  The all-white animal masks the killers wear became instantly iconic, and the “Final Girl” in this one is anything but helpless. This one makes for a perfect midnight movie. If going at midnight just isn’t your thing, Nitehawk’s brunch movie is 1963’s classic horror movie The Haunting (so not the one with Owen Wilson), and they’re presenting it in 35 mm. [Read more...]

Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea are moving to Crown Heights this winter

bkfleaAt least we still have Night Bazaar.

If today’s chilly, sodden weather hadn’t clued you in: winter is coming. Time to move all of summer’s outdoor bounty indoors, including powerhouse al fresco markets Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea, which are winding down their waterfront season. After last year’s successfultransition to a Williamsburg warehouse, the whole kit and kaboodle are instead heading to Crown Heights to join their gorgeous new sister Berg’n.

Co-founder Eric Demby dropped the news to the Times in a one-off line in the paper’s examination of the booming market trend. Demby confirmed the news to us today, telling us everything will move to 1000 Dean Street beginning the weekend of November 8th and 9th. The new space, seen above, will link internally with Berg’n, which offers ample seating, a full bar and the hall’s permanent food vendors including Flea vets like Ramen Burger and Mighty Quinn’s.

The space looks more finished than its predecessor and Demby tells Eater it will be “similar to our winter market last year in W’burg, just a different location…albeit a far more pleasant one.” Demby says there’ll be between 100 and 110 vendors each weekend and that they’ll be set up with more permanent stalls. Of those, five to 10 will be cooked-food stands and more from the “packaged-food contingent.”

“It’ll be more Winter Flea than Smorg, where you browse for a bit, wander into Berg’n for a burger/brisket/dog/slice and a beer, then maybe go back to the market and buy a chair or a blouse,” Demby explains. “For dads like us, beer makes shopping better, and the idea is to make this a no-brainer winter-weekend destination for families, tourists, and of course Brooklynites.” Sounds kinda like a mini, artisanal mall…but with booze! Thumbs up. [Gothamist]

A gang of “flirts” robbed a man in Williamsburg

costanzaA group of ladies robbed a modern day George Costanza who was taking pictures of the water on Kent Ave last week. The group was able to remove him his belongings by flirting with him and then taking off [Read more...]

How the pickleback was invented at Bushwick Country Club

picklebackThese days the pickleback shot is a staple at bars all over the country, but how did someone think to follow a shot of whiskey with a shot of pickle brine? Bushwick Country Club owner [Read more...]