Live review: Deerhoof played Webster Hall Marlin Room


Deerhoof brought their current tour to a close with a career-spanning party at the Marlin room on Saturday night.

I prefer the Marlin Room to the Studio downstairs (and the ballroom, naturally), it’s a nice sized space with a low ceiling and good sight lines, there is some sound bleed from the other rooms, but aside from that the sound was fine. Although it does suffer from extortionate liquor prices!

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Live review: Swervedriver played Music Hall of Williamsburg


One of Oxford’s finest show that reunions are not just for cashcows going through the motions.  After 18 years, I Wasn’t Born to Lose You sounds like the band never went away. Most reunion albums don’t capture the magic of how things were first time around, but Swervedriver have bucked that trend and then some. I’d put this record up there with anything the band put out.

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Live review: Max Richter played Le Poisson Rouge

Max Richter Acme

Max Richter brought his Infra work from 2010 to life for an evening that was at times exhilarating. Originally planned for the 20th of March at St Ann in Brooklyn Heights, I’m always thankful for not having to go to a church, so welcomed the switch to Le Poisson Rouge.

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Live Review: A Winged Victory for the Sullen played Le Poisson Rouge

Winged Victory

A Winged Victory for the Sullen showed that you can serve up maximum intensity with minimal sound, their performance on Tuesday night at Le Poisson Rouge will live long in the memory.

The group consist of two ambient heavweights, Dustin O’Halloran and Adam Wiltzie, who met backstage at a Sparklehorse gig in 2007 (of whom Wiltzie was a member). Their self-titled release from 2011 was a work of beauty, blending neo-classical with ambient and drone. An impatient 3-year wait (from this listener) was rewarded in 2014 with the release of Atomos, an original score to a dance piece choreographed by Wayne McGregor. The hour-long, 11-piece score is simply exquisite and will appeal to a fan of any genre I’ve mentioned above.

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Top 5 shows of the weekend


It’s already been a fine week for gigs so far, with neo-classical being the order of things until now (reviews for A Winged Victory for the Sullen and Max Richter coming soon!), but it’s time to swap bowed instruments for guitars, and a bit of brass, with the weekend choices.

5) The Budos Band at Brooklyn Bowl
Daptone Records’ The Budos Band returned last year with Burnt Offering, their first record in four years, the album captures their funk roots but adds some trippier, darker tones to their sound. It’s a fine marriage and Brooklyn Bowl will be grooving in a sea of bass and brass. Friday and Saturday (doors 6pm, show 9pm)

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Over the Counter: This Week in New and Interesting Music

superunison“Over the Counter” is a column focused on new and interesting music that isn’t heavily featured on major music blogs. In this edition: Super Unison, Antwon, Föllakzoid, and Big Ups. [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

FantasyEmpireI hung out with my girlfriend’s parents all weekend, so chances are I need this more than you right now. Misery does love company, however, so join me as I turn this shit to the ozone, pour something stiff, and pound my forehead off the wall. With a little luck and a lot of faith (get behind me Satan), I’ll be myself again in no time.

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Former motorcycle shop, BBQ joint, and music club mashup reopening in Bushwick


The Shop: credit Katarina Hybenova/Bushwick Daily

That odd spot with the confusing name and concept, The Shop, is slotted to open next month in Bushwick. Formerly in a garage on Metropolitan Ave. in Williamsburg, The Shop’s new focus will be on Texas BBQ and live music:

A shuttered motorcycle club turned barbecue joint will be fully revived next month, serving Texas-style barbecue and hosting live shows. The Shop Brooklyn, at 234 Starr St. in Bushwick, originally launched in an old parking garage on Metropolitan Avenue between Driggs Avenue and Roebling Street in 2008. Owner and motorcycle buff Daniel Lyle, 40, who used to work as an investment banker, started out by letting other motorcycle fans park their bikes in the garage to make the rent. [Read more...]