This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

DSC_0143There are few things on earth more metal than surgery. Take it from a guy who was too busy blowing black goo out of his sinus cavities last week to write this little column. With ten days of recovery time and the muse of recent trauma now in the ol’ psycho-emotional pocket, however, I’m glad to say we are now, thanks to one of the craziest, ballsiest, and baddest (in a good way) release slates of the year, back with a vengeance. So strap in and buckle up, because like a Phoenix from the–wait, hang on, come back! We were just getting to the good part!

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GROUPLOVE and Portugal. The Man Play Rumsey Playfield Tomorrow


Sure, there’s a fall chill in the air, but let’s hang on to the summer for a few more weeks. Keep those vibes shining tomorrow night with a kickass show from LA alt-rockers Grouplove and Alaska’s own Portugal. The Man at Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield. Both indie rock groups are on a roll, coming off a stacked summer of festival lineups. And it just goes to show, the party don’t stop. Typhoon kicks off the night at 6:15 PM, so get there early.

Don’t miss this opportunity to bust out your favorite chunky sweater and dance under the moon. You can still snag tickets for only $39.50 HERE.

And in case you need further convincing:

Maxim vs. FREEwilliamsburg – Our Back to Back DJ Sets


Making a pit stop at Rough Trade isn’t much of a digression from Maxim’s everyday life. “The setup is quite similar to the one at home,” the London-based Singer, DJ and Producer says while browsing through his favorite vinyls, most of which come from the golden eras of reggae and funk. When faced with the task of building his ideal DJ set, Maxim looks to the songs that he enjoys hearing in a gritty club, as well as representing his buddies and collaborators. “I’ve got to include some Massive Attack, so let’s do Protection; they’re good friends of mine,” he says.

The original Prodigy frontman is embarking on a new chapter in his musical career. Coming to the table with a background in electro-rock, it’s not surprising that Maxim is cultivating a following with his own style of Trap. “I want it to be harder, with a more industrial sound,” he says.

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Top five shows of the weekend

Photo by Pooneh Ghana

Photo by Pooneh Ghana

5) Deafheaven, No Joy, Indian Handcrafts at Music Hall of Williamsburg
While you’ll (spoiler alert) find another Deafheaven show ranked higher below, this is the 2013 critical lightening rod’s only headlining show of the weekend and should be treated as such. I have some qualms about the booking–why have Canadian shoegazers No Joy open when Brooklyn’s black metal scene is producing so many solid options at the moment–and Music Hall of Williamsburg can feel just as homogenized as its Manhattan siblings these days, but with a new writing/recording cycle looming, this could be your last (or first) chance to catch the Bay Area boys for quite awhile. If Sunday night isn’t like a tea/kittens/football affair for you, then there’s no reason not to be there.

Sunday, doors at 8pm

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DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist paid tribute to Afrika Bambaataa

cutshadowEveryone’s got that one annoying friend on Facebook who posts endless statuses about “real hip hop.” You know the spiel. Kanye can’t rap. Kendrick’s attempt at beef is weak. Drake is soft. Unless it’s Illmatic, Resonable Doubt, 36 Chambers or Midnight Marauders, it ain’t worth listening to. In other words… they sound as ridiculously closed-minded as a TV dad does when he shakes his fist at those damn kids with their music.

Cultural tropes aside, if there’s anything I’ve heard this year that is honest to god, no BS, REAL HIP-HOP (in all the right ways), it was the tag team set DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist spun this past weekend at Irving Plaza. Oh, and this wasn’t just a tandem set from two of the most acclaimed turntablists of the past three decades… they were spinning records from Afrika Bambaataa’s personal collection, while the the President of the Zulu Nation himself looked onward from the balcony. Including Bambaataa’s own original demo pressing of “Looking for the Perfect Beat.” I think “real hip-hop” dude just splooged. [Read more...]

Video: Ghoul at Saint Vitus (9/9)

ghoul-promo-band-pic-2014-661194If they ever make Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4: Leatherface Does NYC, then chances are its going to look and feel a lot like Saint Vitus on Tuesday night, when self-professed Creepsylvanian splatter thrashers, Ghoul, took over the Greenpoint metal HQ for a night of truly terrifying (albeit totally tongue and cheek) sonic destruction. The video of the full set below says pretty much everything I’m currently at a loss to.  All hail Ghoul.

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Sustain-Release Pre-Party at Output Tomorrow


This weekend welcomes the first ever Sustain-Release, an intimate avante garde music and arts festival featuring dance music from established producers as well as local talent, taking place in the Catskill Mountains of New York. In addition to live music on two stages all day Friday and Saturday, the festival also features shared cabins for participants (tickets limited to 500), heated pools (open til 1 AM!), and nightly bonfires. Come together one last time for a goodbye breakfast on Sunday before packing up and making your way back to the city.

REVIEW: Electric Run 2014


The Electric Run returned to Floyd Bennett Field over the weekend bringing upbeat music, trippy lights and a fun excuse to work out to the Aviator Sports Center. The annual event attracted nearly 10,000 participants from across the five boroughs, New Jersey and Long Island  over the course of two race days.

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