Saint Vitus celebrated their third anniversary with Spirit Caravan


Saint Vitus turned three on Tuesday (4/15) and hosted Spirit Caravan to honor the occasion. Video below:

New Madrid at CAMEO on Saturday



On the last leg of the tour supporting their sophomore album Sunswimmer, New Madrid is playing CAMEO this Saturday. Sunswimmer is the quintessential new sound of Southern rock. The album is not too hard hitting, but still has an edge, a little dreamy at times with a touch of drawl. The upbeat, distorted guitar riffs over a steady beat topped with melodic, echoing vocals feel like a drunken Sunday afternoon below the blue Georgia sky.

New Madrid formed in 2010, when most members lived in Tennessee. Finally, the band decided to end the long distance relationship and move in together in a converted barn less than five minutes from their recording studio, joining lead vocalist Phil McGill in the small college town of Athens, Ga. The band felt like it was a better fit for them than “Music City” Nashville, and I couldn’t agree more. [Read more...]

Whisk: a better on-demand car service app for Williamsburg and NYC



If you’re looking for the best way to get around from Williamsburg, look no further than Whisk, the newest on-demand car service app in the city, which just added more than 100 app-activated cars in Williamsburg. This means that when you want a ride, Whisk has you covered.

New riders get $10 off any ride originating from Williamsburg. Use code WB10 to redeem.

With Whisk, you’ll be using a consumer-friendly interface with pricing displayed like in a cab ride; you’ll have real-time control; and you’ll be able to switch between personal and corporate profiles without having to log in and out. Rides with Whisk are generally within 10-20 percent of the cost of a taxi rides. Bonus!

And, Whisk regularly comes up with new innovations for its subscribers – from the Ride Pass, offering flat-rate weekly memberships for unlimited rides, to Priority Peak, a loyalty program that allows regular riders to jump the queue when demand is highest and bypass any surcharges related to peak travel.

Try it out by downloading the app at

Offer terms:
Riders should use code WB10 to register. Offer is valid for new riders only. Should a ride cost less than $10, the remaining amount is forfeited. Gratuity and tolls are not included. Offer is valid until June 1, 2014.

New video from Ejecta – ‘Eleanor Lye’ (NSFW)



Who Killed Spikey Jacket? – The biggest bang for your buck

Is Who Killed Spikey Jacket? the band with the most explosive audience? Fast forward below video to the 11:47min mark and decide for yourself.

Who Killed Spikey Jacket? at The Acheron

Why You Shouldn’t Be Sad You Missed Nirvana’s Secret Show


I was at St. Vitus, where “Nirvana” (or rather, one half of the Foo Fighters plus Krist Novoselic) played a “secret show” last night. I didn’t see that show. The bar staff told me, and everyone who had been there to see another band, Boyfrndz, to get out at 11:00. They told us they were shooting a music video, and we, all 20 or so of us, needed to leave, and quickly.

Standing outside, watching Boyfrndz load their donated gear into the trailer they rent for $20 a day (their original gear, and their van, was stolen in San Francisco last month), I didn’t think to question the urgency with which St. Vitus’s staff had ushered us out. I’ve never been on a music video shoot before. I guessed that whatever band they were filming wanted a closed set.

Almost immediately after the show ended, St. Vitus hustled the band and its merch table outside along with everyone else, so the bandmates were forced to take breaks from loading their gear to swap merch for cash on the street out front of the bar.

“The people who work at this bar are fucking dicks,” said one the bandmates as he popped open a plastic storage bin full of T-shirts.

“Why, what did they do?” I asked.

[Read more...]

UNSOUND Festival 2014 starts today in Brooklyn



Poland’s most adventurous festival is based in Kraków and returns to New York this year with their sister extension. They have produced Unsound in Tbilisi, Minsk, Kiev, Prague, Bratislava – and soon Unsound Adelaide at Adelaide Festival. With an emphasis on vibrant electronic, experimental, independent and club music scenes from all around the world, you can find a full calendar of this weekend’s events. Some of the music and lecture venues include Cameo Gallery, Goethe-Institut, Issue Project Room, The Wick with performances by Huerco S., Deepchord, Ben Manely & Sean Meehan, Ital, Aurora Halal, Miles, Porter Ricks, Demdike Stare, and much more.

Now going into its fourth edition, Unsound Festival New York is an extension of Unsound in Krakow, Poland, with a focus on exploratory music from an international network of cities and scenes. These diverse sounds, all interconnected, draw from many milieus: experimental, classical, post-classical, techno, improv, dub. What unites them is a shared sense of aesthetic investigation and appreciation for curious ears. As always, we’re interested in imaginative ideas and a willingness to take risks, musical and otherwise. With a mix of emerging artists and musical pioneers, the program favors projects and pairings commissioned by Unsound in Poland and in New York, with some projects being presented for the first time. All of Unsound’s iterations — in Krakow, New York, London, Adelaide, and Minsk — celebrate an international mix of sounds and movements, making the festival a unique cross-border artistic experiment.

Pandora hosts BK Night Bazaar this weekend

photo by @StylesbyRoseTran

photo by @StylesbyRoseTran

It’s tough to follow last week’s line-up from Communion, with Rubblebucket singing WHILE crowd surfing and attracting the likes of LiLo, but Pandora’s going to give it a shot.

Tonight night kicks off with the Bronze Radio Return whose happy, toe-tap worthy tunes are sure to attract a crowd. From Hartford, Connecticut, the 6-member band brings rootsy rock to the stage, even recording their latest record in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Saturday night features a variety of danceable bands: Ash, River Run North and Golden Suits. Here is a video for River Run North’s “Fight to Keep”,  which premiered on Conan O’Brien Presents: TeamCoco:

AND Brooklyn Star will be serving up fried chicken in waffle cones all weekend long. There’s mashed potatoes in there too. It’s like the savory ice cream cone of my dreams. RSVP and skip the line here.

I give a “thumbs up”.