Radiohead releases new song ‘Burn The Witch’

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Colin Marston and Kevin Hufnagel on crafting the year’s most literate death metal album

Gorguts-2Gorguts have been at this death metal thing for a while now. They may not be as namechecked as some of their mega-reunion-tour peers, but over the course of the band’s 25-year existence—encompassing five albums, two tragedies, and one protracted hiatus—they have remained steadfast at the genre vanguard. Under the careful watch of mastermind Luc Lemay, Gorguts laid the blueprint for today’s crop of parameter-agnostic death metal acts (Pyrrhon, Artificial Brain, Wormed, et al.), became underground legends in their own right, and, in 2005, quietly receded into some sort of sunset.

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Ought and Priests play Silent Barn and Rough Trade this weekend


Two bands perfectly bookended on either side of the punk spectrum bring their tour to Brooklyn this weekend with shows at Silent Barn (5/7) and Rough Trade (5/8). Montreal quartet Ought are still riding high on their last album, Sun’s Coming Down, via Constellation Records in 2015; a triumphant combination of The Fall, Talking Heads and Pavement. Video for the title track is below the jump (or stream the whole album here).

Priests have been a FW favourite for a few years now and are one of the best live bands around these days in my opinion. Having not released anything since 2014′s excellent EP,  Bodies and Control and Money and Powerone might assume they will be playing some new songs. Between Ought’s angular, often technical compositions and Priests political, aggressive delivery, this is one not to be missed.

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The Rosemont jazz club is now open in Bushwick


The new jazz club, from the owner of the now-defunct Trash Bar, had a soft opening a few weeks ago. We miss Trash Bar (well kinda) but The Rosemont sounds promising:

The Rosemont, the new one from Aaron Pierce of bygone Trash Bar, has soft-opened in anticipation of a grand opening in May. [Read more...]

Top 5 shows of the weekend

Bob Mould Williamsburg

It has been a fairly low-key week, and the gagging need to get out there and see something might be why this time around we’re heavy on the early part of the weekend, but that’s fine, Sunday is supposed to be relaxing, I guess. A bit like a couple of weeks ago, this weekend features mostly tried and tested greats, and that might be a reaction to Prince’s death; you only get one life so don’t take any of these acts for granted.

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Ensemble ACJW Presents Turning Point at National Sawdust



Ensemble ACJW Presents Turning Point
Tuesday, May 3 at 7 PM
National Sawdust

Join Ensemble ACJW, the group that Time Out New York called “consistently innovative and exciting,” for their second concert at National Sawdust. Turning Point explores Schoenberg’s Chamber Symphony—one of the last tonal works written by the composer—as well as pieces influenced by his revolutionary ideas about sound, structure, and gesture. The program also features works by Boulez, Takemitsu, Matthias Pintscher, and Crawford Seeger.

National Sawdust
Tickets: $15
80 North Sixth Street | Brooklyn

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

a2937445179_10Since we were tackling other topics last week, I’d like to take this moment to wish Saint Vitus a belated, but very happy, 5th birthday. I was up there on Friday and to hear Pallbearer—a band born and bred a thousand miles away, both geographically and culturally—talk about Vitus as a sort of adopted home, only reinforced what should probably be obvious by now: Each time we go to Vitus, we are participating in a piece of metal history. It might not be the The Mermaid or The Rainbow quite yet, but let’s give it another 5 and see what happens.

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Top 5 shows of the weekend


Thanks to Pete for subbing last week. Nothing helps me get over disappointing election results and earth shattering musicians dying (RIP Prince) than blowing a chunk of cash on records, so it’s more than fortuitous that my favourite label, The Numero Group, are hosting their third annual pop up this weekend; You can head over to 170 Franklin Street from Thursday until Sunday (details here). There are shows to be seen, too, of course…  [Read more...]