Top 5 shows of the weekend


5) Lemuria, Slothrust, Aspiga, The Young Leaves, Prince at Brooklyn Night Bazaar
Dating someone from Buffalo for three years gives you a certain appreciation for much of Western New York, including but by no means limited to Lemuria. The indie punk trio, in addition to putting on a tight live show, have been steadily cranking out overlooked LPs for years now, earning the right to more attention than they’ve received, but such is the nature of the music industry. Consider this weekend’s headlining slot at Brooklyn Night Bazaar then, a just due. It’s free as always and sure to be packed to the ping pong tables with holiday cheer, so make sure to get out there and have some fun before “quality” family fun comes calling.

Saturday, doors at 7pm

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REVIEW: Flosstradamus’s #HDYNATION Tour Misses the Point


Five-Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six-Hundred Ratchets. Is that the set of Broadway’s beloved show RENT, or are these dudes in bullet proof vests going to attempt to get us more TURNT than LGBT issues and the AIDS crisis? (Seriously tho, doesn’t the #HDYNATION production legit look like HDYRENT?) Saturday night’s performance had me begging the question, “How do you balance an elaborate ‘Fuckthapolice-a-thon’ with a multi-level stage show?” When will the crowd get tired of you throwing water bottles at them? Did they really just launch a tiny pine tree into the crowd? Fuck, that really looks like RENT, except everyone here has HPV instead of HIV.

Several of the aforementioned elements had me wondering what’s truly important when it comes to putting together a fully realized tour. And I came to the conclusion that maybe when you’re a DJ duo that excels at playing singles, you should stick with that approach rather than attempting to grasp for a storyline that doesn’t exist. At the very least, avoid building a storyline about poverty, discrimination, corruption and adversity that is so far away from the truth for the target audience to which you’re playing. I’m just saying, what do a bunch of underage, rich white kids with Taylor Swift Disease know about being hood? I can guarantee you they know more about the hit musical RENT, so maybe that was the inspiration. Or maybe I should just get off my high horse and enjoy a silly EDM show for what it is: FUN.

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TimeWarp_Josh Wink_JeffThibodeau_9039

Josh Wink performs at the first-ever Time Warp US Festival (Photo by Jeff Thibodeau Photography)

Josh Wink doesn’t feel the need to have a photographer on stage with him to capture that standard DJ shot, with his hands in the air. He doesn’t care how hard you fist pump at his show (or “pogo” as he tends to say in European interviews because the phrase has sexual connotations overseas – you do the math). And call him old-fashioned, but he refuses to flood his Instagram with selfies. “I just don’t see how a picture of me sitting at an airport is interesting,” the house DJ and producer says. “I’m probably over thinking it.”

When Wink isn’t contemplating the self-important implications that come along with using social media, he’s playing sold-out clubs in Ibiza, signing artists to his electronic music label, Ovum Recordings, and spending time at home in Philadelphia with his 3-year-old son. Becoming a parent hasn’t taken the electronic legend off the road, but it has made going out on dates with his long-time girlfriend a bit more difficult. “We just went to our second movie since our son was born, and I guess that’s just part of our life as being 40-year-old parents,” Wink says. However, a recent trip to the cinema became a much more introspective experience than the musician had anticipated.

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This One Goes To Eleven: 10 best metal albums of 2014

AirheadsWith the capital-I Internet anointing 2013 “THE BEST METAL YEAR EVER!!” before it even ended, 2014 was a letdown by the time it began. Much hyped releases from the likes Agalloch, At the Gates, Mastodon, and Pallbearer couldn’t save it. The underground’s rescue missions returned with heads hung. Ludicrous precedent, and its attendant expectations, have a habit of souring even the best things and metal fell victim this year, issuing a jointly agreed upon “meh”, before moving on to 2015’s saliva soaked forecasts.

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Top five shows of the weekend


Photo by Chad Batka

Photo by Chad Batka

5) The Aimee Mann and Ted Leo Christmas Show at the Town Hall 
In case you A. Happened to miss Ted Leo’s surprise appearance at DBA last month B. Have been lacking the jubilant holiday spirit, or C. All of the above (I feel your pain, Cs), then the Town Hall may have just what your looking for this weekend. Headlined by Aimee Mann and the aforementioned Jersey punk icon–who collaborated earlier this year as The Both–this holiday themed bash is sure to fill both your cheer and Leo quotas, as long as you’re willing to pony up $45 bucks (because, you know, it’s the holidays). If that’s your thing, then get out there and show your spirit. If not, well, bah humbug.

Saturday, doors at 7:30pm

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A Hip Holiday Gift Guide


Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve done zero shopping. It’s a super busy time of year as it is, and putting the task of shopping for friends, family, loved ones, dogs, landlords, bosses, teachers, the cute girl you see at the coffee shop on Tuesdays, your favorite bartender and, ugh, your step mom, can be daunting. We get it. Lucky for you, we’re taking the guesswork out of your holiday shopping with a number of fun and unique items for everyone on your list this year.

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The DBA/Vice/landlord feud is becoming a he-said, she-said ‘soap opera’

credit: Gothamist

credit: Gothamist

We all can agree that we miss DBA, but the details about the club closing have become very murky. Reps from DBA feel they were pushed out, whereas Vice and DBA’s former landlord tell a very different story:

Edan Wilber of DBA says:

Well, we didn’t get bought out. At no point did money change between hands, we just waited for our lease to end….Our landlord had a meeting with us in September and we thought our lease was going until June, because we thought we’d signed a two-year lease. We’ve always been good friends with our landlord and we were never really good with the business side of things, and we thought we got a copy of our lease, and we just didn’t. That’s one of our bads, but we’re just not business people. [Read more...]

PHOTOS: Flight Facilities Played Webster Hall


Photos by Tyler Etheridge

Australian EDM duo Flight Facilities brought their first-class show to Webster Hall last Thursday. A group that was previously known for mega club singles, are now touring in support of their debut LP Down to Earth. Party pilots James Lyell and Hugo Gruzman flew high during their sold out performance last week when they opened with their new hit Two Bodies and took us on a fully-curated flight with their vocalists, Owl Eyes bombshell Emma Louise (who covered vocals for Giselle on the groups popular hit, Crave You), and another strong male vocalist in tow.

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