McCarren Park SummerScreen lineup announced

Starting on July 10th the outdoor movie series SummerScreen returns to McCarren Park (Bedford and N. 12th). Todd P will be curating the yet to be announced music lineup for SHOWPAPER. The first five movies are listed below, and you can vote for the final movie here.

July 10
Can’t Hardly Wait

July 17
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

July 24
The Craft

July 31
The Goonies

August 7

August 14
Audience Pick!


Remembering the McCarren Park Pool before it was a pool again…

Do you remember venturing out to/in Williamsburg every Sunday, rain or shine for the Jelly Pool Parties at the once defunct McCarren Park Pool? [Read more…]

R.I.P. Vagina Tree

From Brooklyn Paper

Greenpoint’s most seductive tree has given itself to the wrath of Hurricane Irene.

The so-called “Vagina Tree,” a decades-old London Plane in McCarren Park, toppled from the high winds of this weekend’s tropical storm, damaging an iron fence and a lampost as it fell.

The tree’s distinctive trunk, which looks like it has been around the block a few times, fully lived up to its nickname last April when someone anonymously pierced it with a five-inch metal ring.

The sexy neighborhood curiosity near Bedford Avenue and the McCarren Park tennis courts has attracted a Foursquare page and even hosts its own Twitter feed, @TheVaginaTree.

But Irene’s furiously swirling winds licked the tree forcefully enough to snap it just above its waist on Sunday. All that remains is a spent stump.

The Foursquare’s account is now “closed.” On Monday night, the tree Tweeted what might be its last message: “I am the stump formerly known as Vagina Tree.”

Media Giving McCarren Park Shit. Also, There is Actually Shit in the Park.

Image c/o New York ShittyReports of a poop-filled McCarren Park are all over the blogosphere today after Brooklyn Paper posted a story on “Greenpoint’s liquored up vagabonds” pissing and shitting all over the park playgrounds. Gothamist credits New York Shitty for identifying the issue months ago and reporting on the deeper problem since.

According to New York Shitty’s Heather Letzkus:

“This isn’t a poop problem, it’s a homeless problem. There is a substantial homeless population here that is not being helped. Many of these people are alcoholics, or addicts, and they don’t speak English [most of them are Polish], and they have a serious problem.”

According to Gothamist, Letzkus believes the homeless population is drawn to the corridor along Lorimer St between Bedford and Driggs because Abate Playground and Jerzy Popieluszko Square are not locked at night and are relatively secluded.

Although North Brooklyn Parks administrator Stephanie Thayer claim that maintenance workers lock up Abate Playground on weekend nights after dark and parks workers clean up the play areas vigilantly, it appears that local residents posting to New York Shitty and the Friends and Families of McCarren Park Facebook Page feel children continue to be in constant danger of playing in feces.