INTERVIEW: NRP is No Regular Dance Act


Nick DeBruyn and Greg Paulus were pushing each other’s creative buttons long before they handled their first mixer. The success of No Regular Play is no regular story, and when you listen to their unique jazz-infused house beats, you’ll only begin to understand how these sounds were a lifetime in the making.

The duo met in the Twin Cities when they were only eight years old. Even as children, the future tastemakers were ahead of their time. Paulus’s innate talent for playing trumpet along with DeBruyn’s impeccable musical tastes set the stage for something truly special. Late nights were spent composing music, sharing vinyl collections and connecting over a shared love for the legends, from John Coltrane to A Tribe Called Quest (inspirations to whom they still pay homage). Unlike most adolescent friendships that fade and lose shape over time, DeBruyn and Paulus maintained close ties. Their bond, and their relentless pursuit of making music would eventually bring them to the Marcy Hotel in Williamsburg. Wolf+Lamb‘s legendary parties acted as the influential backdrop where Paulus and DeBruyn connected with likeminded artists and eventually formed No Regular Play – a one-of-a-kind dance act that is a true testament to Brooklyn’s diverse underground community.

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Dog Parker invades Brooklyn

via Dog Parker

via Dog Parker

As if Brooklyn wasn’t already the most dog-friendly borough in New York City—it’s about to become even more so. Enter Dog Parker. [Read more…]

BPM INTERVIEW: Heart and Soul Clap of Brooklyn


Hanging with Soul Clap on the Roof deck of Canibal Royal (Photo by Ashlyn Fulton)

When we met up with Eli Goldstein and Charles Levine at Canibal Royal, the two looked as though they had just ransacked a thrift shop on Bedford Ave. Goldstein’s retro jumpsuit, aviator glasses and thick black beard made him instantly recognizable amidst a crowd of performers hanging backstage. To his side, I see the approachable Levine wearing a colorful, geometrically inspired button-up paired with his signature smile. He went in for a kiss on the cheek before making introductions.

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This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

Music_reviews_Anagnorisis_PeripeteiaAnd so the countdown to Halloween begins. Next week we will bring you all the corresponding insanity—both GWAR and Skeletonwitch will be in Brooklyn, for one—but for now here’s a little something to whet that everlasting bloodthirst.

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Interview – Springtime Carnivore

Springtime Carnivore FW

Springtime Carnivore‘s second album, Midnight Room, was released earlier this month on Tone Records and is already one of my favourites of 2015The solo alias of Greta Morgan, Springtime Carnivore will be making stops at Mercury Lounge on Saturday the 22nd of October and a matinee at Baby’s All Right the following day on her joint-headline tour with La Sera, she was kind enough to answer a few of our questions.

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Electric Zoo Interview: The Freeway of Flux

Flux Pavilion headlining the main stage at Electric Zoo 2016

(Photo Credit: aLIVE coverage on behalf of

Truth be told, I wasn’t always into bass music. I spent most of 2012 cringing to dubstep while most of my friends got down like dinosaurs. But that all changed when I first heard Flux Pavilion’s, I Can’t Stop. Those prolific vocals over moving melodies made from grimy synths bridged the gap between me and bass music. Even four years later, this track prevails as a closing anthem cherished by bassheads everywhere.

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Electric Zoo Interview: Lane St8 of Mind


Photo credit: aLIVE Coverage on Behalf of

Much of mainstream music is fueled by visual media. Those snippets of confetti falling on an ocean of flailing arms stirs excitement, but how many videos have you ever taken that actually capture what that moment felt like?

Up until this interview, I had never seen Lane 8 perform and I had only enjoyed his most recent summer mixtape on soundcloud. Though that’s enough to take note of an artist, what drew me into pursuing an interview with him was hearing about his “This Never Happened” tour. It’s not the name of his next hit single, it’s the idea that he wants you to embrace while witnessing his performance, a traceless night of fun that will live on solely through the memories of his attendees.

FREEwilliamsburg: What was your inspiration for your “This Never Happened” Tour?

Lane 8: While I was on tour last fall and my wife and I noticed at a lot of the shows, whenever the better known tracks from the album were playing, all we could see was just a sea of phones and iPads. The screens were just so overpowering you couldn’t even see people’s faces. We decided while we were wrapping that tour up that we wanted to fix this. Our goal was to get the audience to listen to music for 90 minutes straight without checking their Instagram and hopefully interact with other people inside the venue. All because, when you’re at a music show, even though there are strangers around you, in theory you all share a love for that type of music.

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Interview: Claude VonStroke


Claude VonStroke is the master of good times and a keeper of fine traditions. This Sunday, the San Francisco-based Dirtybird Records label will once again bring their chill west coast vibes to the Brooklyn waterfront for a day of drinking, dancing and chowing down. Known for their infectious house beats and solid reputation as festival fan favorites, a stacked lineup of Dirtybird players returns to Brooklyn for the annual Dirtybird BBQ – an event that promises to be as delightfully filthy as it sounds. Dirtybird newcomers and beloved veterans like J. Phlip, Justin Martin and of course, the head of the flock himself, Claude VonStroke, will provide a bumpin’ soundtrack for the day’s festivities, which boasts a “County Fair” theme, fan-fueled costume contests and enough hamburgers to feed an army of (actually) hungry ravers.

I had a chance to chat with label head and hard core party animal, Claude VonStroke, about why Dirtybird BBQ is the ultimate day party, his newest musical project and what he and Ben Affleck have in common. Check it out!

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