Things to do tonight: Poster Party!

When the local, lovable, Greenpoint-based comedy troupe Serious Lunch (recent winners of the ECNY 2011 Award for Best Sketch Comedy), was working on a TV pilot, they needed a quick set dressing – so they hand-drew a bunch of movie posters and hung them on the wall.

“When we hung the first 12 or so in the apartment we were shooting in, and saw them all together tiled on the same wall, it was pretty striking,” says Tim Bierbaum, the main artist in the show. “And one of the early ones I drew, Blow Up, came out surprisingly well which I guess is when I decided there might be some genuinely interesting in drawing this.”

So they kept going, and the result is a show called Poster Party! which opens tonight, at Habitat, featuring hand drawn movie posters by Bierbaum and other Serious Lunch members Bob Officer and Anthony Miale, as well as collaborator Nicole Barth.

“Markers make things look childish and goofy,” adds Bierbaum, “which is a cool lens to see these things through. Translating the movie posters from photo to magic marker is sort of like recognizing how well designed they are.”
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Industries of the Blind Chapter 1 Release Party

The much awaited release of Brooklyn based instrumental post rock band Industries of the Blind debuts at Coco66 Friday. On April 8 their evolving lineup, now consisting of three guitars, a bass, keys, two violins, a viola, and drums will premiere their first official release in their nearly eight years. Originating in the great state of North Carolina in 2003, the band has grown through various incarnations, honing their technical, sprawling sound and ethereal energy. Industries is sure to bring an exciting and memorable show along with Ghastly City Sleep and Future Ghosts. The new Industries album, “Chapter 1” is available for download at any digital retailer or their website. Rumor has it, a few songs from their upcoming album, Chapter 2, might make their way onto the set list. For only 7 bucks, don’t miss this show.

Dine In Brooklyn

Beginning on March 21st and running through the 31st is Dine In Brooklyn, one of our favorite times to try out Brooklyn eateries at a low price.

The deal is pretty simple: $25 for dinner, $20.11 for lunch (random!), and two-for-one brunch options. A few Williamsburg and Greenpoint restaurants are participating including: Aurora, Baci & Abbracci, Bamonte’s, Barberry, Cadaques, DeStefano’s Steakhouse, Giando On The Water, Hachi, La Piazzetta, Le Comptoir, Loreley, Miranda, My Moon, PT, Tabare, and Zenkichi.

To take part in Dine In Brooklyn, you must call ahead and make a reservation.

East River Ferry Godmother

The Bloomberg administration and City Council have a new plan to help New York residents along the water deal with crowded subways and fewer bus routes.  A new and improved ferry service is scheduled to provide all day service along the East River starting in June.  The ferries are getting a guaranteed $9 million in city money, as well as city operating support for the next three years.  The city’s Economic Development Corporation is running the project, and will hand the responsibility over to BillyBey, a division of New York Waterway.  The ferries will supposedly run regularly, allow bikes on board, and not cost all too much. From the Times:

“There is an existing East River ferry service, run by New York Water Taxi, but it makes only a handful of runs each day, during the morning and afternoon rush…The new network will offer two additional stops in Brooklyn, at India Street in Greenpoint and at North Sixth Street in Williamsburg, and the boats will travel far more frequently, running from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends. In the summer, ferries will also stop at a pier near Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn and, on Fridays, make a run to Governors Island…City officials said they were hopeful that the expanded route and subsidized fares, as low as $3 a ride would foster a commuting culture…”

Well, nearly everybody I know commutes, and with a higher ticket price and, the ferries scheduled to arrive at each stop only every 20 minutes during the morning and afternoon rush times, and every half-hour at off-peak hours, it may not give the old subway the run for its money some are hoping, but who knows? With Governor Cuomo’s announcement yesterday to cut the MTA Budget by $100 million, the price of a train ticket might be three to five bucks before you know it.  Looks like all our Navy surplus pea coats might start coming in handy.

Just when I thought you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!

At least Mayor Bloomberg is proud of himself.  In a press release he said the city’s response to the snow this morning showed it had fixed the problems that plagued the much griped about handling of the Dec. 26 blizzard.  Arguably, this most recent snow was not as bad as last month’s, but the official record indicated  9.1 inches in Central Park.  It was worse in other parts of the city, but I swear the BQE never looked that bad from where I was looking on my buddy’s fire escape. Snowpacalypse 2010 reached upwards of 20 inches in some areas, but I gues we shouldn’t belittle the city’s efforts.  According to WNYC:

The mayor vowed a faster and more efficient response to the storm this time. There were 106 private contractors helping to clear the city’s tertiary street and 1,000 laborers who cleared bus stops and cross walks.  “Our goal for this storm was not merely to get back to business as usual,” Bloomberg said. “Our goal was to deploy a more effective snow response operation than ever, more aggressive and more accountable, based on the lessons that we learned in the last storm and that’s what we’ve done.”

Thanks, Mike. That just means we had to go to work today. Winter is far from over, but im already tired of it.  Check this vid from last month:

New Bars & Restaurants Round Up

It’s a new year and there are tons of recently opened spots for food and alcohol consumption. Below is a list of places to try in 2011.

Tuffet, a “cheese/meat/bar”  owned by a Market Table alum, opened on New Years Eve. Now that we’ve got our hangovers (& desire to eat nothing but wheatgrass and bean sprouts) mostly out of our systems, we’ll be looking forward to a visit to this intimate space, which features 15 rotating cheeses, cured and cooked meats, and a bar with wine on tap (!) 286 Graham Avenue, near Grand.

Walking into Cubana Social makes you immediately feel like you’ve been transported to 1950’s Cuba. The former cigar factory on N 6th Street has been transformed into a beautiful social club with high ceilings, brick columns, and a long counter that runs throughout the space. The food which is “traditional Cuban with a modern twist” nicely compliments the reasonably priced cocktails which run from $8-$10. Live jazz and salsa music is also slated to be part of the Cuban dining experience.  70 N. 6th Street, near Wythe Ave.

Feeling punchy? The Drink might cure what ails you. Metromix has a full report on this “vaguely nautical” watering hole, which focuses its ambitions squarely on ridding the spiked communal beverage of its association with prom disasters and pukey frat parties. Forget to leave room for the Holy Spirit with either a hot or cold cup of the stuff ($5) or really get the party started with an entire bowl ($43).  228 Manhattan Ave, between Grand and Maujer.

The musically themed bar LP & Harmony offers cheap drinks, a well-stocked jukebox, and open mic nights. It’s a strange mix between a sports bar with huge flat screen televisions showing the latest games, and a DIY music venue with local musicians singing in the background, and we’re not sure how we feel about it yet. There’s also a small dance floor with a DJ that begins every night after 10PM. In the summer, patrons will be able to drink the backyard garden which is always a plus. 683 Grand Street near Manhattan Avenue.

The Garden Spot Cafe is Greenpoint’s newest diner/coffee shop serving inexpensive staples that are necessary after a night out. We’ve been told the giant list of breakfast burritos is worth a try. 195 Franklin Street, near Green Street.

Calexico has finally come to Brooklyn, and we couldn’t be happier. The 65-seat eatery features new menu items such as fish tacos, grilled corn, and the 645 burger which is “a blend of brisket, chuck and short rib on a ciabatta bun with their signature chipotle “crack” sauce”. There’s a full bar that serves a variety of beer and cocktails, and a garden will be open in the warmer months. 645 Manhattan Avenue, near Moore Street.

Rockaway Rooftop Tacos in Greenpoint

Although Rockaway Taco is now closed for Winter, there’s still one more chance to eat their delicious food in 2010. Tomorrow night from 6:30-9:00pm they’ll be visiting Eagle Street Rooftop Farms in Greenpoint to cook up the radishes from the farm that have just been harvested. The cookout is open to all, there’s a bucket donation for food costs. To attend, please RSVP to [email protected]

Greenpoint Open Studios

150 artists opening up their spots for the 2nd annual GOS on what is suppose to be a bea-u-ti-ful weekend. Night time events too! I want to know whats going on at Paulie Gee’s tonight and if I can still get pizza.

Website has maps and more info.