Brooklyn Electronic Dance Round Up: Nov 13-14

BIG things happening this weekend! Neighborhood favorite, Cameo Gallery will be sending off their second-to-last weekend with a booking staple for the club, and one half of Metro Area, Morgan Geist. Joined by Have A Killer Time’s Justin Miller and venue resident Evan Michael, it’s sure to be a night of Disco and House with an italo edge (stick around for Saturday too when DFA’s Pat Mahoney stops in for one last set). Over at Good Room, FIXED celebrates their 11th Anniversary with a rare appearance from Kompakt’s Barnt, who has been winning hearts with his slow paced cosmic dance music. Also, just a skip down the road, Output sets up shop with an Innervisions label night featuring a live set from the afro rhythmic Âme and contributions from Marcus Worgall and Nikola Baytala too.

On Saturday, head into Bushwick where Broke City is back at Lot 45 showcasing the gritty and raw productions of L.I.E.S.’s Bookworms joined by locals Octo Octa and Beta Librae. Then finally finish your precious time off at Verboten for their Subversions night with Matthew Dear and DJ Koze. See you on the dance floor Brooklyn!

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This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

Sorni-Nai1600-560x560Happy Friday the 13th, everyone. Let us celebrate in style.

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Video: burglars are stealing packages from North Brooklyn apartment lobbies


Gothamist has been reporting multiple burglaries of lobbies in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. Keep an eye out for your neighbors when those packages arrive from Amazon Prime! From the police report:

1) On Monday, October 19, 2015, between the hours of 1200 and 1500, the suspects entered the lobby of an apartment building on Woodpoint Road, within the confines of the 94 Precinct, and removed a package that had been left there, a queen size bed frame. [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

VastumTake a deep breath everyone. The cold withering death of November is officially in the air and to celebrate, we are releasing the floodgates on plenty of fucked up music today. Strap yourselves in, remember the safe word, and get to it.

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Greenpoint Landing will steal your girlfriend

Ok, so everyone’s favorite embodiment of doom in Greenpoint, the mega-project Greenpoint Landing is getting two more massive “high-rise” buildings for “luxury residential rentals.”

30 and 40 stories each, these towers are terrible, just the worst.

These towers will steal your girlfriend. They’ll do all your drugs and ask to borrow five bucks. They’ll throw you under the bus at work and pocket a bottle of booze from your house party.

Oh, just a couple of assholes isn’t the end of the world, you’re thinking? Oh, how many assholes could it even possibly be?

Well, I’ll tell you: it’s exactly 1,557 assholes. [Read more...]

Brooklyn Mutt Show at the Diamond this Sunday


Attention mongrel owners, The Diamond is hosting a mutt contest this Sunday. The event will celebrate the newly passed law that allows dogs at restaurants and bars with outdoor spaces:

Owners can enter their flea bags into the contest for a $10 fee, which Hook says will go to the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition Shelter in Williamsburg.

A panel of judges — a vet, a rescue center volunteer, and a pet disco host — will then judge the mutt-testants on their “proletarian demeanor,” as well as smell, obedience, their how well they protect their owner against a cardboard burglar cutout, and self-control in the face of a urine-beckoning fire hydrant. [Read more...]

Brooklyn Electronic Dance Round Up: Oct 31 – Halloween Edition!

Sending out ghostly vibes to all you North Brooklyn ghouls! Tomorrow marks the first All Hallows Eve on a Saturday in a long while and the weather’s not looking too shabby either. Let’s start the night over at Good Room where legendary Funk/Disco producer Maurice Fulton lays it down at the Greenpoint spot supported by NY wax slingers Dope Jams too. Down the street, Cameo celebrates its last Oct 31st with a stacked indie night featuring a DJ Set from Neon Indian, and it’s FREE courtesy of Jukely! Make your way deeper into Bushwick where Rinsed has a full showcase of secrets; secret warehouse and secret guests playing late into the night. Things get discofied in the Black Flamingo basement where DJ’s Tommy Castro and DJ Duckcomb spin classic tunes. And finally, MeanRed plays hosts to big talent from NYC’s Wolf + Lamb with New Jersey Disco afficionado, Mike Simonetti too. Happy Halloween y’all!

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This One Goes To Eleven: 5 most horrifying metal albums of 2015

a0842848921_16Though typically reserved for Mothers-Against-HBO’s monthly letters to customer service, desensitization is also a fact of life for extreme music fans in the year 2015. With the metal world larger, and more inclusive, than ever before, with the once-reviling GWAR now little more than a post-everything Alice Cooper—with a fucking chainsaw solo carved into the listening canon—disorientation, and its attendant scares, have become increasingly difficult to orchestrate. Enter, then, 2015′s 5 Most Horrifying Metal Records, which have, despite all those impediments, managed to scare the unliving shit out of us time and time again over the course of the past 10 months. Grab your headphones, hit the lights, and check them out.

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