Top 5 shows of the weekend


This wretched month will finally come to an end by the time the weekend is out, but February does leave us a nice parting gift in the form of some fantastic shows that should get you out of whatever hopefully warm abode you call home.

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This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

cryptsermonIn a fit of domestication (and, in this case, transparency), I spent this past Sunday assembling IKEA furniture for my girlfriend. And as anyone who has ever spent their weekend assembling IKEA furniture can tell you, the only thing it makes you want to do is throw on something caustic and smash that pile of Swedish voodoo back into the splinters from whence it came. So here’s to that caustic something and the perhaps foolhardy hope that I can find solace in sonic destruction alone.

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Top 5 shows of the weekend


Greetings, let’s cast aside these tenebrific last few days and look to that which brings the most effulgent of feelings: the weekend. I can’t say I’m being terribly helpful at this point, given that three of the best five options are already sold out, but I don’t make the rules.

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This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

sumacAlright head count time, I just want to make sure everybody survived the one-two gut punch that was Valentine’s weekend and an Ulver-approved polar vortex. We all good? Hearts, minds, and frostbitten fingertips still intact? OK, alright, awesome. Now let’s get down to business.

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A new bar is opening on a boat in the East River in Greenpoint

bkbargeIs it summer yet?

The above rendering is for Brooklyn Barge Bar, a new bar on a docked barge at 91 West Street. Its owner, the comically named Will Drawbridge, hopes to open (cast away?) on May 1.

Brooklyn Barge Bar is a seasonal bar and restaurant planned for the Greenpoint waterfront, at 91 West St., that would have picnic tables on land and seating on a docked barge.

The effect, said owner Will Drawbridge, is of a restaurant on a floating pier, similar to popular bar-on-a-boat The Frying Pan in Chelsea, where Drawbridge has done some consulting.

“It doesn’t move, hardly at all,” Drawbridge said. “It just offers an incredible view of New York City, frankly.” [Read more...]

Top 5 shows of the weekend

jon spencer

It’s going to be a cold weekend, but it’s also going to be a long one so try to get out there and enjoy yourselves. Like above-freezing-temperatures, I’ll practice brevity.

5) Kleenex Girl Wonder, Wild White, Black River Manifesto at Silent Barn
Billed as a “post-love fest” for Sunday, you can get your jangle on at Silent Barn with Kleenex Girl Wonder and Wild White, neither band play particularly often so this is a good double-header. If you like something a bit dirtier and lot more bluesy, look no further than opening band Black River ManifestoSunday 8pm

Punk and hardcore fest “New York’s Alright” returns one last time this April

newyorksalrightOver the past three years, New York’s Alright has served as sort of an antidote for the bland, big-box shitshows and corporate-backed music conferences that have come to define music festivals. More specifically, the punk and hardcore fest has been everything that the much-maligned CBGB festival should have aspired to be – real ass punk rock without any co-opted bullshit, played loudly by sweaty dudes in dingy spaces like ABC No Rio and The Acheron. And it’s almost time to do it again.

Advance tickets will be available online on Valentine’s Day (Saturday, February 14) for this year’s fest, which runs from Friday, April 17 through Sunday, April 19. You can also pick up tickets at Bushwick’s Heaven Street Records. You’ll want to do that; the 2015 edition of New York’s Alright is the best-curated one yet, boasting both the finest in Japanese hardcore and Australian noise. It even includes past “Over the Counter” luminaries, L.O.T.I.O.N. and Sadist, so you know its pretty dope right off the bat. But there’s one more reason to go. This is its last hurrah.

It is the last year of the fest, for sure. Why? I feel this is the biggest and best year, it’s the third year, don’t want to keep overwhelming all the locals who have to deal with the influx of tourists, etc. Also, I never wanted the fest to become some sort of institution like a lot of fests. I’ve actually made it smaller each year and I think it’s finally the right size. [IMPOSE]

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Health dept says air is safe, Stephen Levin sees CitiStorage fire as opportunity to get started on park


The Health Department conceded last night that they could have responded more quickly to concerns about dangerous fumes from the CitiStorage fire. They reassured the community that, though the CitiStorage site could be toxic for weeks, the air quality in Williamsburg has not been compromised:

At a town hall meeting last night, the health department admitted it took too long to issue warnings in the wake of the massive Williamsburg warehouse fire; meanwhile, the fire department said it might take as long as a month to return the site to safety.

Daniel Kass, the health department’s Deputy Commissioner of Environmental Health, acknowledged that the agency could have warned neighbors about elevated levels of air pollution sooner than it did, late in the day of the early-morning fire. [Read more...]