Saint Vitus celebrated their third anniversary with Spirit Caravan


Saint Vitus turned three on Tuesday (4/15) and hosted Spirit Caravan to honor the occasion. Video below:

Whisk: a better on-demand car service app for Williamsburg and NYC



If you’re looking for the best way to get around from Williamsburg, look no further than Whisk, the newest on-demand car service app in the city, which just added more than 100 app-activated cars in Williamsburg. This means that when you want a ride, Whisk has you covered.

New riders get $10 off any ride originating from Williamsburg. Use code WB10 to redeem.

With Whisk, you’ll be using a consumer-friendly interface with pricing displayed like in a cab ride; you’ll have real-time control; and you’ll be able to switch between personal and corporate profiles without having to log in and out. Rides with Whisk are generally within 10-20 percent of the cost of a taxi rides. Bonus!

And, Whisk regularly comes up with new innovations for its subscribers – from the Ride Pass, offering flat-rate weekly memberships for unlimited rides, to Priority Peak, a loyalty program that allows regular riders to jump the queue when demand is highest and bypass any surcharges related to peak travel.

Try it out by downloading the app at

Offer terms:
Riders should use code WB10 to register. Offer is valid for new riders only. Should a ride cost less than $10, the remaining amount is forfeited. Gratuity and tolls are not included. Offer is valid until June 1, 2014.

There’s a Spring Market in Greenpoint on Sunday


From Greenpointers:

We are excited for our Spring Market and cannot wait to show you our awesome vendors!

The Deets: Sunday April 13th from 1-7pm at Greenpoint Loft (67 West, St, 5th Fl)

Please RSVP on Facebook !

Activities: FREE Photo Booth by MAROfoto , FREE Nail Art by @Peenk!, FREE Herbal Crafts with Brooklyn Craft Company, DIY Herbal Planting Workshop

Why You Shouldn’t Be Sad You Missed Nirvana’s Secret Show


I was at St. Vitus, where “Nirvana” (or rather, one half of the Foo Fighters plus Krist Novoselic) played a “secret show” last night. I didn’t see that show. The bar staff told me, and everyone who had been there to see another band, Boyfrndz, to get out at 11:00. They told us they were shooting a music video, and we, all 20 or so of us, needed to leave, and quickly.

Standing outside, watching Boyfrndz load their donated gear into the trailer they rent for $20 a day (their original gear, and their van, was stolen in San Francisco last month), I didn’t think to question the urgency with which St. Vitus’s staff had ushered us out. I’ve never been on a music video shoot before. I guessed that whatever band they were filming wanted a closed set.

Almost immediately after the show ended, St. Vitus hustled the band and its merch table outside along with everyone else, so the bandmates were forced to take breaks from loading their gear to swap merch for cash on the street out front of the bar.

“The people who work at this bar are fucking dicks,” said one the bandmates as he popped open a plastic storage bin full of T-shirts.

“Why, what did they do?” I asked.

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Paulie Gee’s now open on Mondays, expanding to other cities


credit: The Food Doc

Good news! Paulie Gee’s is now open for dinner seven days a week. Paulie (AKA Paul Giannone), a prolific user of social media, has been blitzing Twitter and Instagram with news of the change.

If you’ve been to Paulie Gee’s, you’ve probably met and chatted with Paulie. That’s because he’s always there when the restaurant is open. It’s part of his hands-on approach to making pizza. He likes to know his customers. That’s also why the famous pizzeria has always been closed on Mondays; it’s Paulie’s day of rest.

But, with Paulie looking to expand to other cities, he’s decided to give some of his proteges a chance to practice “being the Paulie,” as Adam Kuban puts it. Kuban, who started the pizza blog Slice, will be managing the front-of-house operations tonight. Paulie plans to hand Kuban the reins of a new Paulie Gee’s location in Portland, Oregon, when it opens.

Going forward, Paulie’s assistant pizzaiolos, including Kuban, will be managing the restaurant every Monday. Paulie told us he has three people working for him now who want to open up Paulie Gee’s franchises in different cities. Ultimately, Paulie plans to open locations in Chicago, Oakland, Portland, LA, Las Vegas, Columbus, Ohio, and on Long Island.

Now open in Williamsburg & Greenpoint: The Sandwich Shop, Lucky Luna and Northern Territory

Lucky Luna's Taiwanese-Mexican fusion, (c/o Time Out)

Lucky Luna’s Taiwanese-Mexican fusion, (c/o Time Out)

Lucky Luna has been open in Greenpoint for a couple of weeks and the Times recently paid them a visit:

I wished that the menu were closer in spirit to the restaurant’s logo, a mash-up of the Chinese character shou, which stands for longevity, and the eyelashed crescent moon from the Lotería (a Mexican form of bingo). Perhaps in time Mr. Jang will dare more.

For now, the excitement lies in unexpected details, like the house-made hot sauce, which starts off Chinese, with a strong hit of vinegar, and finishes Mexican, with a swaggering heat. It’s too bitter to eat alone. But add it wherever it’s needed, and suddenly everything flares into life.

More about Lucky Luna here.

The Sandwich Shop is now open in Williamsburg, with an eclectic menu of sandwiches including The Tokyo Breakfast – Japanese style egg custard, cheddar cheese, smoked ham, roasted tomato and arugula with dijonaise vinaigrette on warm brioche bread. Yum:

The Sandwich Shop is owned by cookbook author Chef Clarisa Penzini and husband artist Ricardo Picon. They offer inventive, high quality sandwiches inspired by different cultures as well as new takes on the classics. Sandwiches like “The Tokyo Breakfast” (baked egg custard, cheddar, ham, arugula on brioche), “The Korean” (Kimchi, Cheddar, Sriracha Mayo on Ciabatta) and the classic “Cubano” (roasted pulled leg of pork, ham and Emmenthal) have become neighborhood favorites.

More information about The Sandwich Shop here. [Read more...]

Pandora hosts BK Night Bazaar this weekend

photo by @StylesbyRoseTran

photo by @StylesbyRoseTran

It’s tough to follow last week’s line-up from Communion, with Rubblebucket singing WHILE crowd surfing and attracting the likes of LiLo, but Pandora’s going to give it a shot.

Tonight night kicks off with the Bronze Radio Return whose happy, toe-tap worthy tunes are sure to attract a crowd. From Hartford, Connecticut, the 6-member band brings rootsy rock to the stage, even recording their latest record in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Saturday night features a variety of danceable bands: Ash, River Run North and Golden Suits. Here is a video for River Run North’s “Fight to Keep”,  which premiered on Conan O’Brien Presents: TeamCoco:

AND Brooklyn Star will be serving up fried chicken in waffle cones all weekend long. There’s mashed potatoes in there too. It’s like the savory ice cream cone of my dreams. RSVP and skip the line here.

I give a “thumbs up”.

Hipster olds are invading your precious Brooklyn

Old people: what won’t they ruin? As if ushering George W. Bush into office (twice), bankrupting Social Security, and racking up so much goddamn debt that most young people will work until the day we die to pay it off weren’t enough, old people are now literally invading our turf.

Sonja Sharp of the New York Observer writes on April 1 that Brooklyn is experiencing an “invasion of grandmothers.” But why? What does Brooklyn have that the olds want? Is it artisanal coffee? DIY music venues? Farm-to-table vegan bistros? Homebrewing workshops?

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