Williamsburg’s Cubana Social is closing on Saturday


Apparently, Cubana Social is yet another casualty of rent hikes as Williamsburg becomes more and more unaffordable. A longtime FreeWilliamsburg favorite, we’re going to miss their Cuban-style, slow-roasted pork which was a staple for the neighborhood. Christina Bouza, who founded Cubana Social, posted these words about the closing on the restaurant’s website:

Maybe what’s most special is the energy felt within our walls from the people who’ve come together and contributed their love. Notably, much of Cubana’s staff & musician family has been with us since the beginning. Quite unusually, we’ve experienced more of a change in neighbors than employees. Cubana Social is one of few remaining old faces in a barely recognizable Williamsburg. While realtors have taken the place of artists in curating a new surreality, rents have soared sky high, fueling the cycle of displacement. [Read more…]

Little King, a new bar and gastropub, is now open in Williamsburg

(credit: Jane Beiles)

(credit: Jane Beiles)

Little King opened recently at 749 Metropolitan Avenue, just off the Graham Avenue stop in Williamsburg. The kitchen is run by the former Five Leaves sous chef Philip Vernier and the menu features high-end bar food including Mussels in Spicy Turmeric Broth ($14), Brioche Grilled Cheese ($10), Scallop Crudo ($13), Roasted Bone Marrow ($6) and the obligatory burger. The booze menu includes a Mezcal Old Fashioned and other inventive cocktails, all in the $13 range. [Read more…]

Williamsburg institution Daddy’s is closing


Because we are no longer allowed to have nice things. This one is gonna hurt. The owners were vague about why they’re shuttering, but stated “times change, neighborhoods change, and this is our time to move on to other achievements.”

Dear Brooklyn, [Read more…]

Sunday In Brooklyn now open in Williamsburg


Sunday in Brooklyn, credit: Eater

Sunday in Brooklyn opened last month in the former home of Isa. Don’t be confused by the name, they are open daily as a multipurpose restaurant and market.

Sunday in Brooklyn is a collaboration among restaurant veterans chef Jaime Young, Todd Enany and Adam Landsman. Together, they’ve taken their favorite day of the week – a day of comfort, adventures, and family- and made it the mission of Sunday. [Read more…]

Williamsburg now has two cheese-centric restaurants: Cheeseboat and Denizen


In case your cholesterol level isn’t already elevated from Thanksgiving indulgence, swing by Cheeseboat or Denizen. Cheeseboat opened earlier this year in the former home of Miranda on Berry Street and serves Georgian-style cheese breads:

Bread and cheese, cheese and bread; how can you not fall recklessly in love with a restaurant unabashedly predicated on this? [Read more…]

Jupiter Disco: a Bushwick bar with a retro-futuristic theme

Credit: Gothamist

Credit: Gothamist

It’s from the same people behind Death & Company, who apparently were missing the now-defunct Mars 2112. We’re not sure Bushwick needs MORE theme bars, but hey, we’ll give it a shot:

Founded by cocktail bar veterans Al Sotack and Maks Pazuniak, Jupiter Bar’s concept is born out of the pair’s deep love of science fiction writers like Gene Wolfe and Frank Herbert. Inside the long, narrow room things are meant to feel scavenged—dim tungsten light emanates from steel fixtures that once hung in a Pennsylvania factory, and a spectrum analyzer sits beside the top shelf liquor. Closer to the ceiling are more neon lights, a working reel-to-reel tape machine, a CRT television, and an Atari console. [Read more…]

Cassette closes, Leuca is now open for lunch & breakfast, Michelins awarded


RIP #cassette #Greenpoint

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Well that was quick. The Kickstarter-owned cafe never really got its footing and will now become an event space:

After a magical year serving the greenpoint community, we are sadly closing our doors for regular service. thank you for supporting us and being a part of our lives. [Read more…]

Fedoroff’s: Philly-style cheese steaks & roast pork sandwiches come to Wburg


Fedoroff’s (credit: Scott Heins/Gothamist)

The new counter joint is called Fedoroff’s and they’re open daily at 178 North 10th Street:

The roast pork is a classic South Philly sandwich,” Dave Fedoroff of Fedoroff’s Roast Pork tells me of the signature sandwich at his new Williamsburg shop. “I always tell people it’s like a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich; this is the Italian holiday leftover sandwich. [Read more…]