Brunch couldn’t be sweeter with FINE & RAW


With a couple new products in-house including chocolate hazelnut butter and coconut dulce de leche, FINE & RAW invites everyone over for a taste test on Saturday. [Read more...]

Teddy’s reopens with a new menu


That was quick. We stopped by and, thankfully, Teddy’s looks pretty much the same. We’d hate to have seen this Northside institution morph into something more trendy, though it was definitely time to improve upon the food. [Read more...]

Pete Wells loved Williamsburg’s Meat Hook Sandwich


Meat Hook Sandwich
495 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn;

We do too so we’re not surprised.

I ended up eating something that I would call the greatest cheeseburger I’ve ever tasted if not for the inconvenient fact that it wasn’t a cheeseburger. What I ate was a chopped cheese sandwich, also known — in the very small patch of the United States where it is known at all — as chop cheese. [Read more...]

Trash Bar was on ABC’s new crime show ‘Forever’ and it was hilarious


Who knew Cuba Gooding Jr owned Trash bar, which “was actually open before CBGB.” [Read more...]

Drive In Sandwiches now open in Williamsburg


Thankfully, you can walk right in — no car needed — to enjoy this new drive-in inspired restaurant. The menu features film-themed sandwiches including The Big Lebowski (turkey, sausage, provolone and an over-easy egg) and our favorite Down by Law (gouda, provolone, guacomole and turkey bacon). Bedford and Bowery spoke with the owners:

Naz Medici, co-owner of Drive In, said she and her husband Michael, a home cook, started working on the project a couple of years ago. “We both went to school for visual arts — he for directing and I for animation and design. He loves to cook [whereas] I don’t know how to cook at all. He would always make these amazing meals and my friends would come over.” [Read more...]

Williamsburg’s iconic Graham Avenue Meats and Deli is closed


Another another one gone…

Wlliamsburg sandwich legend Graham Avenue Meats and Deli, known for its Willie’s Italian Special and Godfather subs, appears to have closed its doors without warning or explanation after 30 years. As one Eater reader reports in the forums: “The workers are in the process clearing it out. Confirmed dunzo forever by the staff. It’s been dark for a week or so.” An employee at Beaner Bar next door told the Village Voice: “It’s been over a week since their gates have been down and we honestly don’t know what happened.” Ex-employees don’t seem to know what transpired either. No sign was posted in the window and the phone line has been disconnected, but both Yelp and Foursquare are reporting a shutter. [Read more...]

Masha & the Bear – Russian restaurant with vodka on tap now open

Masha & the Bear, credit: NY Times

Masha & the Bear, credit: NY Times

There’s a new Russian restaurant in East Williamsburg called Masha & the Bear. It opened softly in January and is a great addition to the neighborhood. Especially since the have an amazing craft beer selection and, um, Vodka on tap! The Times paid them a visit and liked the food, but not the spotty service:

In the time of Peter the Great, the czar’s chief of police trained a bear to offer visitors a cup of pepper brandy. Down it, and you were ushered in; fail, and you were mauled (or “hugged,” as one 19th-century account delicately put it). At Masha & the Bear, which opened in January in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there is no such entrance fee or ursine enforcer. But a challenge of sorts awaits on the drinks menu: horseradish vodka, infused in house. According to Vitaly Sherman, who runs the restaurant with his wife, Maria (known as Masha), Peter the Great mandated that all Russian inns keep a stash of horseradish vodka in their cellars for the rejuvenation of weary travelers. If an innkeeper did not comply, “he was executed,” Mr. Sherman said… [Read more...]

Former motorcycle shop, BBQ joint, and music club mashup reopening in Bushwick


The Shop: credit Katarina Hybenova/Bushwick Daily

That odd spot with the confusing name and concept, The Shop, is slotted to open next month in Bushwick. Formerly in a garage on Metropolitan Ave. in Williamsburg, The Shop’s new focus will be on Texas BBQ and live music:

A shuttered motorcycle club turned barbecue joint will be fully revived next month, serving Texas-style barbecue and hosting live shows. The Shop Brooklyn, at 234 Starr St. in Bushwick, originally launched in an old parking garage on Metropolitan Avenue between Driggs Avenue and Roebling Street in 2008. Owner and motorcycle buff Daniel Lyle, 40, who used to work as an investment banker, started out by letting other motorcycle fans park their bikes in the garage to make the rent. [Read more...]