One of Greenpoint’s most iconic dive bars is closing

(credit Joe Kowalski)

(credit Joe Kowalski)

If you haven’t been to the Palace Cafe, which is on the edge of McGolrick Park, swing by before they close on September 3. This 83-year-old gem is truly a slice of history. We’re going to be very sad to see them shutter, but thankfully we’ll still have jello shots at Capri Social Club to ease the pain — at least for now. From Gothamist:

The bar began life in 1933 and has been owned by the same family since then. It’s more of a dive in spirit than in cracked linoleum and stale beer odors, timeworn though many of the features may be. [Read more...]

Nada Surf playing two NYC shows in September

Nada Surf FW

Nada Surf return home for a couple of shows in September, firstly at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday the 17th and then Bowery Ballroom on the 18th. Now officially a quartet in the last few years with the addition of guitar maestro Doug Gillard, they will play as a trio for the Music Hall show while he has re-joined Guided By Voices, they’ll be back to a four-piece at Bowery Ballroom (now, how about a GBV/Nada Surf combined show?!).

I’ve previously mentioned that Nada Surf should be considered one of the all time New York greats, and their most recent album, You Know Who You Are, only adds weight to that claim. Released in March on Barsuk Records, it’s another stellar collection of power-pop with perhaps Matthew Caws’ most heartfelt lyrics to date. Few writers can turn a song on its head or throw out a lyric that seems inconspicuous on a first impression and then a masterstroke on further reflection quite like him.

You can watch the two videos from the album, Cold to See Clear and Rushing below.

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Alligator Lounge racially slandered by Trump supporters

Credit ABC3

Credit ABC7NY

According to a local bartender at Williamsburg’s Alligator Lounge, a late night argument with patrons led to a racially-charged incident:

I am a bartender at the Alligator Lounge in Williamsburg. If you aren’t familiar its a dive bar that gives out free pizza with every drink. Our pizza chefs are Mexican. We stop serving pizza at 3:30 a.m. Last night around 3:40 one of our customers became very upset with the fact that we were no longer cooking pizza. For what its worth they already had several pizzas. Anyway they yelled at us and apparently were much more aggressive and disrespectful with our pizza cooks. They left shortly there after. [Read more...]

This Saturday: Beer and BBQ at North Brooklyn Farms


We’re hoping it cools down a bit, but either way Beergarden sounds like a lot of fun. Starting at 5pm this Saturday (Aug 20) sample beers from Threes, Other Half, Finback and more at the riverfront greenspace beside the Williamsburg Bridge:

Join us at North Brooklyn Farms, an urban farm and public greenspace on the footprint of the iconic Domino Sugar Factory [Read more...]

Top 5 shows of the weekend


I don’t make the rules in this city, but everything that is worth mentioning is happening on Friday this weekend. That leaves the rest of your time to… I don’t know, go to a museum, watch netflix, check out a neighbourhood you always thought was too far away, make the most of it, apart from Friday, of course, choose very carefully.

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This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

STARSPAWN-CD1Remember all those mean things I said about August last week–how the pickings were slim, there weren’t many shows, and so on? Well I take it all back. This week makes up for it and then some, so let’s thank the almighty law of averages and get on with it.

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Maison Premiere wannabe The Heyward has closed


The restaurant that took over the former Zebulon space in Williamsburg has closed. We were always lukewarm on the establishment, but admittedly never tried the french toast sandwich. From Eater:

[The Heyward] was known for South Carolina dishes like a hoppin’ John, shrimp and grits, and a ridiculous but highly regarded breakfast sandwich that featured ham, eggs, and fig jam on two slices of French toast. Eater critic Robert Sietsema called it “one of the best things we’ve tasted all year” in 2015, and in a review, he awarded the restaurant two stars — making it stand out in a neighborhood flush with “cleaned-up Southern” restaurants. Eater has reached out to the team and will update with more information. [Read more...]

The Acheron is Back…as the Best Punk Bar in Brooklyn


We’re all familiar with the ghost stories of NYC venues past. CBGB gets co-opted by John Varvatos — CBGB-ish peddler of Billy Joe Armstrong-approved looks and wares. North 6th is snatched up and scrubbed down by Bowery Presents and Ticketmaster’s hamster-powered server farm. 285 Kent and DBA finally slip into Murdoch’s yawning cultural detritus, with lines of former and future Vice employees lining the South 2nd sidewalks in those final weeks to glean Snapchat capital/”say goodbye”/covertly peruse their new cubicle spaces.

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