This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

cryptsermonIn a fit of domestication (and, in this case, transparency), I spent this past Sunday assembling IKEA furniture for my girlfriend. And as anyone who has ever spent their weekend assembling IKEA furniture can tell you, the only thing it makes you want to do is throw on something caustic and smash that pile of Swedish voodoo back into the splinters from whence it came. So here’s to that caustic something and the perhaps foolhardy hope that I can find solace in sonic destruction alone.

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Williamsburg’s oldest bar, Teddy’s, sold to new owner


If you lived in Williamsburg in the 90s, you likely have warm memories about Teddy’s bar. Before other, more-trendy establishments took over it was the place to get a drink in the neighborhood – a welcoming home to artists and locals alike. The owners were evidently choosy about who purchased the bar, wanting someone who would keep the “classic vibe intact.” Fingers crossed that the buyer doesn’t turn Teddy’s into another generic drinking hole that pays no tribute to its history.

The three owners of Teddy’s Bar and Grill sold it last week, ending their nearly-three-decade claim on the more-than-a-century-old watering hole. In shopping it around, they made a point of picking a buyer who pledged to keep the classic vibe intact, they said.

“We were very eager to find an owner-operator who would cherish what was happening here and not turn it into a luxury steakhouse or an obnoxious chain,” Felice Kirby said. “We had some crazy offers from people, but we did not think those would be a smart move…” [Read more...]

New Sun Kil Moon record takes a snarky dig at Williamsburg

Sun Kil Moon; credit: The Quietus

Sun Kil Moon; credit: The Quietus

The king of snark Mark Kozelek has apparently moved on from poking fun at War on Drugs. He’s got a new record coming out in June, Universal Themes, which contains a track hilariously titled “Cry Me A River Williamsburg Sleeve Tattoo Blues.” From Stereogum:

The Benji follow-up was recorded over this year and last in San Francisco and Hoboken, and features percussion from Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth. The album will contain last year’s one-off “The Possum,” and its B-side “Cry Me A River Williamsburg Sleeve Tattoo Blues.” And the tracklist also contains some more Kozelek gems like “With A Sort Of Grace I Walked To The Bathroom To Cry” and “This Is My First Day And I’m Indian And I Work At A Gas Station.” Thankfully, no War On Drugs diss tracks made the cut. The album artwork appears to be of a payphone in the middle of nowhere.

Here’s the first track, “The Possum:” [Read more...]

It’s Grand Street Restaurant Week



Now in its second year, Grand Street Restaurant Week is already a Williamsburg tradition. From February 16th-22nd enjoy two course lunches from $8-$10 and/or three course dinners for $18-$30 at these Grand Street establishments: Chuvoys, Williams & Bailey, The Grand National, Dar, Le Barricou, Desy’s Clam Bar, Lily Thai, The Grand Bar & Grill, The Sandwich Shop, Bahia, Los Primos, Grand Morelos, Masha and the Bear, Lula Bean and Sky Bar and Grill.

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Metz releasing “Metz II,” tour coming to Music Hall and Bowery Ballroom

I was pretty pissed off when I found out Metz were one of the secret bands playing Death By Audio’s swan songs a few months ago, because I couldn’t make it out that night. I wasn’t pissed for long though, because I knew it meant that they were probably working on a new record. Not that it meant that it’d be out anytime soon; the Toronto noisepunks played their first shows in 2007 and didn’t release their debut until 2012, but it inspired hope. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait five years for the followup, because earlier today, the band announced that Metz II is out on May 4 internationally and May 5 in North America via Sub Pop. You can stream the first single, the blistering “Acetate” below. [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

sumacAlright head count time, I just want to make sure everybody survived the one-two gut punch that was Valentine’s weekend and an Ulver-approved polar vortex. We all good? Hearts, minds, and frostbitten fingertips still intact? OK, alright, awesome. Now let’s get down to business.

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There was a fashion show on the L train


In honor of Fashion Week Kim Mesches, a Brooklyn-based fashion designer, staged a guerrilla fashion show on the L train. Check it out below: [Read more...]

A new bar is opening on a boat in the East River in Greenpoint

bkbargeIs it summer yet?

The above rendering is for Brooklyn Barge Bar, a new bar on a docked barge at 91 West Street. Its owner, the comically named Will Drawbridge, hopes to open (cast away?) on May 1.

Brooklyn Barge Bar is a seasonal bar and restaurant planned for the Greenpoint waterfront, at 91 West St., that would have picnic tables on land and seating on a docked barge.

The effect, said owner Will Drawbridge, is of a restaurant on a floating pier, similar to popular bar-on-a-boat The Frying Pan in Chelsea, where Drawbridge has done some consulting.

“It doesn’t move, hardly at all,” Drawbridge said. “It just offers an incredible view of New York City, frankly.” [Read more...]