Inside the sober rave in Williamsburg


sober rave (c/o Gothamist & Mathew Gilbertson)


sober rave (c/o Gothamist & Mathew Gilbertson)

Thanks to Gothamist for doing the leg work. There’s just no way we could take sober dancing and animal masks at 6:30 AM.

A $20 ticket to Morning Gloryville gets you the following: three hugs upon entry (one from each of the Morning Gloryville crew), a plastic lei, and three and a half hours of dancing. There’s a smoothie bar, where smoothies are $6-a-pop and juices run $9, and you can purchase Brooklyn Roasting Co. coffee for around $2-$3, if you so desire. Massages are available for a “suggested donation,” and crews were leading soggy yoga classes every 5 to 10 minutes on the Zoo’s rainy roof.

The dancing, though, was Morning Gloryville’s real bread-and-butter, with DJs blaring house music that reverberated all the way down Bogart Street. The Zoo—which was packed by 7:30 a.m.—boasted a bouncy floor and trampoline, and attendees were all over it, climbing walls, doing handstands and flipping from a rope swing in the middle of the room. The Zoo’s garage doors were open, and passersby kept stopping to snap photos of the dozens of grown-ass adults in sequins doing pike jumps and tossing giant blow-up balls around the faux-graffitied wall.

Morning Gloryville advertises itself as a pre-work “sober rave,” a description that stressed me out initially—how does one survive a strobe-light dance party without intoxicants? Is it appropriate to spike a mango smoothie? Can you blog on an Ecstasy comedown? But those concerns were all for naught, because what Morning Gloryville really is, is a $20 gym class, designed to pump you with endorphins before you move into your cubicle for the day. I prefer running in circles around Maria Hernandez Park but, hey, everybody’s doing their own thing.
The next edition Morning Gloryville goes down on August 13th at 6:30 a.m.; buy your tickets online.

More pics here. You can get tickets for the next sober rave here.

Good news Greenpoint… Ferry service will resume next week


Just in time for the impending G train clusterfuck! From DNA:

Greenpoint’s ferry stop may be back in service by next Friday. The India Street dock that shut down in February after a ramp suddenly collapsed is expected to be replaced in the next week, according to the city’s Economic Development Corporation spokesman Ian Fried.

RedSky Capital, which privately owns the pier, should be finished installing the new ramp by the time the G train suspends service for five weeks for Superstorm Sandy repairs next Friday, said Fried, whose organization is in charge of the ferry route and works with the landings.

Greenpoint riders have had to take a shuttle to the North Williamsburg stop for the past five months.

“The G train is a critical transportation link for people in the area,” Fried said. “We recognize the importance of making sure the East River Ferry is operating in Greenpoint prior to the G train shutdown. RedSky has always operated with this in mind.”

The gangway leading to the ferry’s landing detached in February during a snowstorm, giving away moments after riders had crossed. Noone was injured.

Preliminary reports indicated the gangway itself was safe, but the poles holding it up had problems, Fried said.

Someone managed to make an entire song about Williamsburg without including the word ‘hipster’

brooklyngirlsVirginia native Catey Shaw’s new song Brooklyn Girls takes place in Williamsburg (and a little bit in Bushwick). “There’s a palace of bricks in 11206 where all the fly Brooklyn chicks reside.” While I give her an incredible amount of credit for not putting the word ‘hipster’ in the chorus like everything else ever made, the song/music video is of course still full of standard Williamsburg [Read more...]

Interview: Mortals

mortalsGo ahead, world, thinkpiece yourself until hell freezes into a giant cosmic ice cube and Satan is left jobless and alone, wishing he remembered a damn cardigan. Mortals, don’t give a fuck. Sure, they’re girls in a dude-dominated metal-verse; yeah, they went straight from unsigned to the biggest extreme label on earth; and, yep, they’re from buzz-band Brooklyn, but all these blackened doom breakouts really want to talk about is their debut album, Cursed to See the Future, and it only takes one listen to understand why. A potent concoction of killer riffs, Oslo-approved shriekage, and ambitious arrangements, Cursed is one of the best debuts you will hear this year and we caught up with the trio to discuss it, boxing in bathing suites, idiot MTV writers, and why you shouldn’t miss their record release rager at The Acheron on Friday night. After all, your backpatch cred may well depend on it.

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Mike Judge joined Gorilla Biscuits for “New York Crew” cover at House of Vans last night

hovIn the history of perfect matches—Sonny and Cher, weed and brownies, Jeter and the Yankees—a free hardcore punk show at a Greenpoint skatepark ranks pretty damn high, especially when gratis booze is thrown into the tryst. No matter your feelings on hardcore/skaters/Heineken, ample supporting evidence was on display at House of Vans last night, when NYC hardcore legends Gorilla Biscuits set off the sometime-venue’s fourth free summer bash with a little help from their friends, including Mike Judge of (duh) Judge, who joined the band onstage for a encore rendition of Judge’s “New York Crew” that loosened every damn rivet in the warehouse. Check out the video below and then go smash your forehead off something solid.

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Iron Reagan drop new song, set for Acheron throwdown on Tuesday

Iron-Reagan-Tyrrany-of-WillHappy Thursday, metallic hordes and reviling masses. With summer in full heat and the weekend gleaming brightly in the nightrain headlights, my guess is your itching from something new to feast your carnivorous ears upon. Something heavy, fast, and fucking rad, right? Well, enter Texas Thrash/Punk/Hardcore heathens Iron Reagan and the first song of their upcoming Relapse debut, titled (like your dad’s autobiography) “Miserable Failure”.

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McCarren Park SummerScreen starts tonight

SummerScreen-homePSA: Summerscreen returns to McCarren Park tonight with a free sunset screening of Back to the Future. As in past years, Todd P and Showpaper have curated all-ages shows to run in the park before the films get going around 9ish, so if Biff Tannen and hoverboards aren’t enough to lure you to the corner of North 12th and Bedford this evening, perhaps the fuzzy noise-pop of Tonstartssbandht and The Dreebs will get you through the gates.

If you feel like keeping the party going after the movie, a new Kristina Tequila, Nicky Ottav, Danny Brooklyn and Jeffrey Thomas-hosted Wednesday night party will be taking place between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. at McCarren Hotel & Pool’s (160 North 12th Street btw Bedford & Berry) new rooftop bar. Prince Terrence and Tamaryn will be DJing tonight.

Here’s the full lineup for this year’s SummerScreen:

July 9 – Back to the Future, Tonstartssbandht, The Dreebs
July 16 – Zoolander, Ratking, Princess Nokia
July 23 – Cry-Baby, Man Forever, White Suns
July 30 – Heathers, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (Sean Lennon + Charlotte Kemp Muhl), NYMPH
August 6 – Big Lebowski, Kleenex Girl Wonder, Tanks Amigo (mems Crystal Stilts + Cause Co-Motion! + My Teenage Stride)
August 13 – Audience Pick!, DJ Dog Dick, Eartheater (Alex Drewchin of Guardian Alien)

Gates open at 6 p.m.

Littleneck Outpost now open in Greenpoint

littleneck outpost

Littleneck Outpost;  128 Franklin St., Greenpoint
credit: Daniel Krieger

We can’t wait to try it!

The all-day cafe is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, serving coffee, breakfast dishes like granola or arugula quinoa with a soft egg and boquerones, and sandwiches and salads that range from Littleneck classics like a lobster roll to a chicken confit sandwich with bacon jam. The space is big and bright, with plenty of seating and a little corner of retail items like books, aprons, and pantry items.

Here’s the menu, via Eater, below: [Read more...]