REVIEW: Hard Red Rocks Lives Up To The Mile High Hype

Hard Red Rocks

Last Thursday was like Christmas in July for all of us ShipFam that traveled to Colorado for Hard Red Rocks. The stunning view, incredible lineup and turned up crowd were the recipe for a perfect evening, taking place just outside of the Mile High City. Option 4, Branchez and Destructo got the party started well before sundown, gearing the sold-out crowd up for a varied night of bass drops and feels from the likes of Porter Robinson who brought his live “Worlds” set to the scenic venue, Dog Blood, the Skrillex Boys Noize side project that’s rarely scene outside of a full-blown festival setting, and finally The Glitch Mob, whose new EP only fueled the fire behind their always incredible live stage show which featured the return of “The Blade”.

While arriving in a party bus full of shippers seemed the best idea ever, I was sorely mistaken when I realized that the will call stop had been by-passed completely. Red Rocks First Timer PRO TIP: Will Call is two miles away at the F*CKING BOTTOM OF THE MOUNTAIN. Somehow by the grace of God, I was able to grab a cab in my persistent altitude induced drunken state (like two beers and you are hella screwed in the Rockies seriously) and snagged my ticket in a matter of moments. Sure I was pissed about the $20 cab fee, but once I let it go, the universe took care of me when I managed to ground score $16. God Bless.

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This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

YggHuurIt’s a slower week here at the metal lake house, so grab your finest pair of black cut-offs, double bass kick back, and enjoy the late 3rd quarter calm before the 4th quarter storm. Oh, and if you’re thirsty, the beer is in the fridge, as always.

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No Window Shopping tonight at The Yard

NoWindowShoppingA new group exhibition, No Window Shopping, opens Thursday evening at The Yard. Featuring a variety of works on wood and canvas from BEAU, Sam Kirk, and URNY, Phase ii of No Window Shopping aims to highlight current events and local affairs including affordable housing, quality of life, normalizing relations with Cuba and the purpose that respectively defines – and ultimately connects -those relationships.

Continuing a rotating program of local artists exhibited at The Yard’s Brooklyn location, No Window Shopping will be on display through September 18th.

No Window Shopping
Phase ii f/ BEAU, Sam Kirk & URNY
July 30 – September 18, 2015
The Yard: Space to Work
33 Nassau Ave. 2nd floor.

RSVP for July 30th, 6-8pm, opening reception.

Out In The Streets Festival returns with Mr. Twin Sister, Total Slacker and more

Ridgewood’s Onderdonk House is the kind of place you’d visit on an elementary school field trip. Historical lectures, pumpkin picking, craft classes and guided tours hosted by the local historical society are some of the activities typically provided by the space’s curators; save for one August weekend each year when the folks behind the Out In The Streets fest move in with craft beers, food vendors and all of your favorite local indie rock bands.

This year’s fest, which starts on Saturday, August 1, has a great lineup, headlined by dream-pop vets Mr. Twin Sister, slack punks Total Slacker, and Slumberland-devotees Air Waves. Local vendors curated by Ridgewood Market will he hocking their wares, plus food and drink from Archie’s, Montana’s Trailhouse, The Doe Foundation, Wyckoff Starr and Strangeways will be available.

Tickets are still on sale and run $35 for the weekend or $20 per day. [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

locrianWith the dog days looming and a fistful of rad releases in wait, let’s forego the pleasantries this week in lieu of sheer, cold-hearted efficiency. Something tells me I won’t hear too many complaints about that when all is said and done, anyway.

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REVIEW: Forecastle Festival 2015

My Morning Jacket

Jim James of My Morning Jacket brought plenty of hometown energy at this weekend’s Forecastle Festival in Louisville.

Photos by Steve Liskiewicz

Lovers of music, bourbon and all things Kentucky came together over the weekend for a 3-day arts and music festival that proved once again that Louisville is rocking some VERY COOL VIBES. Competing with other major festivals in close proximity like Bonnaroo and Bunbury, organizers of Forecastle Music Festival had plenty of work cut out for them in terms of booking quality acts and convincing ticket buyers that this was the festival in which to commit. Landing headliners like British soul/pop singer Sam Smith, hometown natives My Morning Jacket and longtime jam staple Widespread Panic, certainly didn’t hurt.

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Win Tickets to Full Moon Fest at the Brooklyn Mirage!


The 5th Annual Full Moon Fest is back for another day of gourmet food, dancing and craft cocktails at a brand new venue in East Williamsburg! This year’s festivities, brought to you by MATTE, will take place at The Brooklyn Mirage, an urban oasis surrounded by 10 foot walls and decorated with tropical foliage and sand. This will feel particularly good between your toes while you’re listening to house acts like Yelle, Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap, JDH & Dave P, Oliver Nelson, Tensnake, MXTHER and more. Even better yet, the new venue means that this year the party goes  from 3 PM until sunrise. Aww hell yeah!

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New Bushwick restaurant Okiway dishes out savory Japanese pancakes


1006 Flushing Avenue (Morgan Avenue)
Bushwick, Brooklyn

Recently opened in Bushwick, Okiway is a new restaurant serving up Japanese okonomiyaki :

Pronounced OH-KOH-NO-ME-YAK-I, okonomiyaki is a savory grilled pancake that translates literally to “grilled as you like it”. Though the earliest records of Japanese pancakes date back to the 17th century, okonomiyaki is attributed to the World War 2 era, where this creative and inventive dish sprung from a rice shortage. Today there are many variations of Okonomiyaki, but we focus on the Osaka (our traditional) and Hiroshima (includes yaki-soba noodles) styles. We want you to enjoy your okonomiyaki ‘as you like it’ (with lots of kewpie mayonnaise). [Read more...]