Top 5 shows of the weekend


I’ll be taking over this column from Coleman, who has admirably been handing you better plans than you had for the weekend for quite some time now. Your ears might get a bit more of a break from time to time (please, always bring earplugs), but as someone who goes to 150-odd shows a year, I’m hoping you will find the quality of recommendations remain high.

5) Dave Gorman at Subculture
I’m throwing a bit of a curveball to start things off, with a comedy show at Subculture. Dave Gorman is a British comic, and I’m always a bit wary of our humour getting lost in translation (as the saying goes, “a common language separated by two countries”), but Gorman is nerdy and niche enough to hopefully pull in more than just an expat crowd. I went last night and thought he was hilarious. There will be a powerpoint presentation…

Friday and Saturday, 7pm and 9pm both nights (and another 6 performances at the same venue next week).

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A sad songs dance party is coming to Williamsburg next week

wineHave you ever wanted to cry and dance at the same time in a public setting? Next week you’ll have your chance at Passenger Bar‘s “Cry and Wine: A Party For Your Feelings” featuring Alicia Kennedy on the decks starting at 8pm on 1/28. From Brooklyn Paper:

“I want to play the kind of music that makes you get into your feelings. You’ll feel something different than a normal dance party.”

Cry and Wine: A Party for Your Feelings is Kennedy’s first solo set, a departure from her usual collaboration as part of the Teenage Guide to Popularity, a monthly music video party with pal Douglas Bleggi.

Kennedy said she plans to play a mix of tearjerkers, including dancey-but-depressing classics from Joy Division and the Smiths, along with newer sensitive kids, such as Drake and Lana Del Rey.


- @joshmorrissey

REVIEW: Wild Child Brought Warm Austin Vibes To Williamsburg


The cold snap may have still been kicking this weekend, but you couldn’t tell inside the cozy confines of Music Hall of Williamsburg where Austin based Indie Folk band Wild Child kept the crowd feeling warm and fuzzy with their endearing love songs, energetic sing-alongs and thoughtful lyrics. This rag tag bunch of southerners was considerably well-received in Brooklyn where they played to a packed house of fans who were not afraid to dance, holler and play vocal response games with the band. There’s nothing pretentious about Wild Child – these buds are all about having fun.
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REVIEW: Dillon Francis Lost His Pants at Terminal 5, and We Lost Our Minds


Dillon Francis brought his Friends Rule Tour to Terminal 5 this Weekend

Photos by Tyler Etheridge

Terminal 5 got dirty for Dillon Francis this weekend. I’m talking, sweat was literally dripping from the ceiling, dirty. And that’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it.

Dillon Francis’s sold out Friday night performance was an endless barrage of bass and special guests that satisfied longtime fans of the 27-year-old DJ/Producer/Internet Celeb/Comedian/Guy who will babysit your kid for a hefty price tag of $7,500, while winning over new fans as well. The positive vibes, impeccable showmanship and seemingly endless surprises made this, quite possibly, the best show I’ve ever experienced at the often sub-par Midtown West venue. I didn’t even care that I had to wade through fake ID-toting teenagers who opted to wear tube tops and bikini bottoms in 18 degree weather. This was a special occasion. Dillon Fucking Francis was in town, and that meant that rules were going to be broken. I hope the girl who was so drunk she could hardly stand and crying her eyes out in the crop top and jeans found her way back to Jersey, because her friends were NOT GONNA MISS DILLON FRANCIS. They made that very clear. And sorry not sorry, I had to silently support them. SORRY GIRLFRAN YOU DUN FUCKED UP.

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Live Review: The Vaselines played The Bell House

Vaselines Bell House1

One of Glasgow’s finest, The Vaselines, had fans swaying during their songs and in stitches between at The Bell House on Friday night. The once fairly enigmatic band have been going more steady since 2008 and released their third full-length record, V For Vaslines, last year. The album is packed with their customarily catchy tunes and two-part vocal harmonies; unfairly flying under the radar of critics best-of lists.

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This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

EinherjerWith a barrage of killer new releases, more Brent Hinds weirdness, and a huge show announcement from This One Goes To Eleven, this week is by far 2015’s biggest yet. So sit down, strap in, and get ready for some whiplash, it’s going to be a good one.

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This One Goes To Eleven presents: Horrendous & Artificial Brain at The Acheron

HORRENDOUS_thumbnailAs we continue our collective slog through resolution season, This One Goes Eleven is proud to announce not only our first 2015 showcase but the perfect way to make good on that “more metal shows” pledge, bringing Horrendous, Aritificial Brain, Throaat, and Kosmodemonic to The Acheron for a face-meltathon of star-destroying proportions on Saturday, 1/31. Two of best bands currently operating under the American death metal banner, Philly-based Horrendous and local rippers Artificial Brain (featuring Revocation guitarist Dan Gargiulo and former Biolich vocalist, Will Smith) are set to put their stellar 2014 full lengths on mind-splattering display, living up to the accolades heaped on them in recent weeks.

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Deep House Yoga at Verboten This Month


Deep house. Deep stretches. Deep Meditation. Deep Introspection. That’s deep, man.

Start your year off right with a unique take on the traditional yoga practice, happening every Monday and Tuesday (7 PM and 8:30 PM sessions) this month at Verboten night club on N. 11th Street. Align you chakras, listen to live house DJ’s and come out on the other side a more groovy and grounded person. Sick lights, chill music and a vibey atmosphere make this the coolest way to keep your new resolutions while having fun at the same time.

Check out the schedule below:

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