Whisk: a better on-demand car service app for Williamsburg and NYC



If you’re looking for the best way to get around from Williamsburg, look no further than Whisk, the newest on-demand car service app in the city, which just added more than 100 app-activated cars in Williamsburg. This means that when you want a ride, Whisk has you covered.

New riders get $10 off any ride originating from Williamsburg. Use code WB10 to redeem.

With Whisk, you’ll be using a consumer-friendly interface with pricing displayed like in a cab ride; you’ll have real-time control; and you’ll be able to switch between personal and corporate profiles without having to log in and out. Rides with Whisk are generally within 10-20 percent of the cost of a taxi rides. Bonus!

And, Whisk regularly comes up with new innovations for its subscribers – from the Ride Pass, offering flat-rate weekly memberships for unlimited rides, to Priority Peak, a loyalty program that allows regular riders to jump the queue when demand is highest and bypass any surcharges related to peak travel.

Try it out by downloading the app at http://get.whisk.me.

Offer terms:
Riders should use code WB10 to register. Offer is valid for new riders only. Should a ride cost less than $10, the remaining amount is forfeited. Gratuity and tolls are not included. Offer is valid until June 1, 2014.

Roberta’s swag is on sale


If you want everyone to know what a cool kid you are, you need to be spotted in a Roberta’s sweatshirt. They’re currently on sale for 20% off because it’s about to be too hot to wear a sweatshirt, anyway. Take note that only sweatshirts are on sale. Use the promo code PIZZASALE14 for the discount.


Meet Coyote and Crow, the raspy voice at Bedford Avenue

Photo by Mark Eggensperger

Photo by Mark Eggensperger

Lately, when I’m rushing to catch the L to work, skipping down the stairs from Bedford Avenue two at a time, one sound freezes me dead in my tracks- the banjo.

When I hear strings being plucked and a hefty boot stomping on a tambourine, I tiptoe down the rest of the stairs, as if anyone can hear my flats on the concrete over the screeching train. I put my hood up, sunglasses on and sneak behind a pole. The roaring blast of Americana that once was a sound of comfort and home now has me slithering with fear to the yellow strip to wait incognito for the next Manhattan bound train.

I’m avoiding any chance of confrontation with the raspy voice of Coyote and Crow, Thomas Kopie. [Read more...]

The top of OfficeOps becomes a MEAT MRKT


This Saturday, MEAT MRKT takes over the top of OfficeOps in Bushwick for the first of an integrated pop-up series, pairing music, art and fashion, told with an urban tilt.

Talking with founder Sebastian Morris, the founder of MEAT MRKT, his aim was to make the event more than local vendors and more of an experience.

“I have not noticed pop-up shops to integrate all these elements- you have craft beer events and pop-up shops, but not something that brings it all together,” said Morris. “I want to make it more than a room or space with people who just rent booths, but a very curated experience.”

He’s aiming big, and hoping to make this a cross continental effort in the future with thoughts of expanding to Chicago and LA, but right now, all his attention is on Brooklyn. In fact, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is scheduled to make an appearance.

As an art curator by day at Bar Catalonia, Morris is hoping MEAT MRKT can be a platform for local artists to share their talents and gain attention. Saturday’s exhibit is curated by Wu-Tang Hybrid Arts initiative and MEAT MRKT is working with a graffiti artist on a functional raffle piece so some lucky winner can bring art into their everyday life. Entry is free, beer $7.

Hipster olds are invading your precious Brooklyn

Old people: what won’t they ruin? As if ushering George W. Bush into office (twice), bankrupting Social Security, and racking up so much goddamn debt that most young people will work until the day we die to pay it off weren’t enough, old people are now literally invading our turf.

Sonja Sharp of the New York Observer writes on April 1 that Brooklyn is experiencing an “invasion of grandmothers.” But why? What does Brooklyn have that the olds want? Is it artisanal coffee? DIY music venues? Farm-to-table vegan bistros? Homebrewing workshops?

[Read more...]

Second person goes missing in Bushwick

casey chance

The NYPD is looking for missing 15-year old male Casey Chance. Chance was last seen at his residence, located at 99 Stockholm Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn, at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 29.  He was wearing a blue sweatshirt, tan pants, and blue sneakers. He was carrying a black backpack. He is 5’9, 120 lbs., with brown eyes and black hair.

Anyone with information about Casey Chance should call 1-800-577-TIPS or by going to www.nypdcrimestoppers.com or by texting tips to 274637 and entering TIPS577.


The Wick is finally hosting shows starting tonight: Keiji Haino (plus full schedule)


Tonight’s the night. The Wick has been teasing us since 2012 but tonight the 4,000-square-foot beer hall and concert space will finally have music! Check out Keiji Haino at 260 Meserole Street in Bushwick:

Keiji Haino (Haino Keiji) born 1952 in Chiba, Japan, and currently residing in Tokyo, is a Japanese musician whose work has included rock, free improvisation, noise, singer-songwriter, solo percussion, psychedelic, minimalism and drone styles, and covers. He has been active since the 1970s and continues to record regularly and in new styles. His main instruments of choice have been guitar and vocals, with many other instruments and approaches incorporated into his career’s work. Haino is known for intensely cathartic sound explorations, and much of his work bears an insular singularity, but his output has been so varied as to not always be recognizable as him. [Read more...]

What’s moving in to the old 3rd Ward building?

3rd Ward, the East Williamsburg co-working space/artists’ collective/amorphous “art thing” closed its doors at 195 Morgan Ave. on October 9, 2013.

Recently, ads like this have been popping up on Reddit: “Former Third Ward Space Available for Lease 195 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237 – 10,000 SF – Rental Rate Negotiable.”

Out of curiosity we contacted the broker, NSNRYE, and it turns out that the space has already been rented. So, what’s going to replace the 3rd Ward? According to a spokesperson, “an internet company” will be doing “something really cool in the space.”

But what? We needed to know, so we pressed for details:

What I can tell you is this: The spirit of community, learning and fun remains strong at 195 Morgan Avenue; as does the excitement around technology, sustainability and freedom of ideas. It is our intent to find original companies to nurture an environment of synergy and affiliation with the world of arts, business and technology. We believe we’ve found the perfect partner to do so.

So, it’s going to be an internet company/community/learning, fun, and free ideas space that encourages excitement about technology and sustainability and is affiliated with the world of arts, business, and technology. No company ever, in other words.

195 Morgan is going to remain empty forever. You heard it here first.