This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

a3086885428_10-e1454183992677With Punxsutawney Phil’s surely scientific prediction that this winter will be a short one looming, let’s get at this before the insidious bastions of Sol are loosed once again on this frozen slab of dirt we call hearth, home, and happiness.

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The Boobs of Bushwick group did a ‘titty pub crawl’ in Brooklyn

Boobs of Bushwick; credit Nate “Igor” Smith

Boobs of Bushwick; credit Nate “Igor” Smith

Boobs of Bushwick have been around for a few years now, but following the Time’s article on the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society, the Free the Nipple rage is in full swing. Earlier this week, the Boobs of Bushwick women paid a visit to Birdy’s and Happyfun Hideaway. Thankfully, no one got punched this time.

Boobie Trap still holds the record for most synthetic breasts in a bar, but last night Birdy’s and Happyfun Hideaway hosted the real deal. Boobs of Bushwick, the group known for going topless around the neighborhood and uploading shots to Tumblr, bounced into Birdy’s for some foosball at around 11 p.m., followed by Jenga at Happyfun Hideaway. [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

0006202671_10Between 30 inches of snow and the pitiless winter illness that blew in on it, I’m running on veritable empty this week, so please forgive me if we just skip the usual pleasantries and get at it. The completion of this damn thing may well depend on it.

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Ridgewood Masonic Temple to become apartments

Credit: Lore Croghan/Brooklyn Eagle

Credit: Lore Croghan/Brooklyn Eagle

Sad but predictable news for this landmark building, which incidentally is in Bushwick, not Ridgewood. We miss the days when it was a great music venue.

A Bushwick Masons’ lodge that was one of Brooklyn’s coolest indie concert venues — for a while — is a step closer to getting a residential makeover.

On Tuesday, the city Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) unanimously approved the owner’s plan to build an addition on the top and rear of the Masonic Temple at 1054 Bushwick Ave. and turn the iconic property into an apartment house. [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

abbathalbumThe first truly seismic release week is officially here and, with it, a brass-knuckled fistful of new records from some of the genre’s tenure-track heavy hitters. Hope you’ve been saving those holiday pennies, everyone. You’re gonna need them.

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Syndicated: Bushwick has its own dine-in movie theater


Syndicated opened last Friday on the Morgan stop in Bushwick. It’s a 50-seat theater that will host regular film screenings as well as screenings of special events including the Academy Awards and the premiere of the new X-Files. You can check out the full calendar here. Tonight, as a tribute to David Bowie, check out The Man Who Fell to Earth.

From Eater:

A movie theater and restaurant — with wait service during the film in the same vein as Nitehawk Cinema — is opening near the Morgan Avenue L stop on Friday. Syndicated, located at 40 Bogart St., is much smaller than Nitehawk with just one 50-seat theater. Its restaurant and bar is also just as big as the theater, with 70 seats in the restaurant and nearly 30 at the bar. [Read more...]

Furnishare: a more affordable New York with furniture subscriptions



Living in New York City is expensive, especially when you’re tasked with finding and furnishing an apartment. Agent fees. Security deposits. First and last month’s rent due up front. The bill can be in the thousands before you even consider furnishing your space.

Furnishare makes it easy and affordable by offering subscriptions for your favorite brand name furniture  – all for less than the price of a daily cup of coffee. With a 12 month subscription, pay just $50 a month for any 3 pieces from the Furnishare catalog.  (Three and 6 month subscriptions are available as well.) You can get a bed, sofa and dining set — yes, dining sets count as one piece — for less than $2 a day! Every subscription includes free delivery and setup as well as free return services.

What’s more, when your subscription ends, you can choose to extend it at the same monthly cost or simply have Furnishare take your items away.

Whether you’re moving in, moving out or just looking to redecorate Furnishare makes apartment furnishing as easy as ordering on Amazon.

Depressing interactive map reveals NYC neighborhoods you can afford to live alone in

incomemapTurns out you need to make $130,000 per year to live alone in Williamsburg. Greenpoint comes in at $136,000 per year! Don’t worry, Bushwick is a “steal” at $107,960. Yeesh.

Punch in your income here to see what hoods you can actually afford. Thanks DNAinfo… I think.