Top 5 shows of the weekend


5) Lemuria, Slothrust, Aspiga, The Young Leaves, Prince at Brooklyn Night Bazaar
Dating someone from Buffalo for three years gives you a certain appreciation for much of Western New York, including but by no means limited to Lemuria. The indie punk trio, in addition to putting on a tight live show, have been steadily cranking out overlooked LPs for years now, earning the right to more attention than they’ve received, but such is the nature of the music industry. Consider this weekend’s headlining slot at Brooklyn Night Bazaar then, a just due. It’s free as always and sure to be packed to the ping pong tables with holiday cheer, so make sure to get out there and have some fun before “quality” family fun comes calling.

Saturday, doors at 7pm

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Bklyn House – a “Bushwick-inspired hotel” is coming to Bushwick


And by ”Bushwick-inspired” they’re of course referring to the neighborhood’s working class and Latino roots. Oh wait… maybe they’re not:

The hotel will work with local businesses to provide pastries, coffee or amenities to guests… The marketing materials for Bklyn House were hand drawn by Brooklyn artist Daniel Irizarry…

“When you go to a map and pinpoint where 9 Beaver St. is, it is surrounded by galleries and art spaces in Bushwick and Ridgewood,” Mastrelli said. “We’re really inspired by the stuff going on there, and the street art, and that kind of raw feeling of creativity.”

The average cost to stay at the hotel will be $175 per night. It will also eventually have a rooftop bar with outdoor seating, which will open by next summer, Mastrelli said.

Bushwick’s “tight-knit community” and “flourishing” arts scene will be embedded into every part of the guest experience, she said.

In addition to local products, the hotel also hopes to work with art galleries to display rotating local art.

Nice hand-drawn logo, but for rooms starting at $175, Bklyn House is still butt ugly: [Read more...]

A Hip Holiday Gift Guide


Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve done zero shopping. It’s a super busy time of year as it is, and putting the task of shopping for friends, family, loved ones, dogs, landlords, bosses, teachers, the cute girl you see at the coffee shop on Tuesdays, your favorite bartender and, ugh, your step mom, can be daunting. We get it. Lucky for you, we’re taking the guesswork out of your holiday shopping with a number of fun and unique items for everyone on your list this year.

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BangOn NYC! Time + Space NYE Party Returns to Brooklyn


Holy crap! We’re already a week into December. How did that happen? Is someone screwing with the continuum? Well that means if you haven’t made New Year’s Eve plans, you better get on it. We all know anywhere near Times Square is a total nightmare, and places like Webster Hall become playgrounds for the barely legal bridge and tunnel bunch. Oof. Save yourself the headache (you’re going to have one of those the day after anyway), and make the right choice by into the wormhole this New Year’s Eve at BangOn NYC!’s annual Time + Space Party, taking place at a Brooklyn warehouse TBD.

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Arrogant Swine to start serving brunch this weekend… with free bloodies!


Arrogant Swine ‘cue and waffles, credit: Eater

Prohibition ended on December 5th in 1933 and to celebrate the anniversary Arrogant Swine has a couple of special events planned. Tonight they have beer specials, including $2 Six Point tall boys. Saturday and Sunday will be even better as they begin serving brunch with free bloody maries:

Redneck Kegs & Eggs! This Sunday Dec 7th we’re serving brunch!!
Our launch will include FREE BLOODY MARY’s from UBON Bloody Mix, Live music and a new menu!! Bushwick Redneck Brunch, come and get it! [Read more...]

The gangs of North Brooklyn: the Dirty Ones, the Driggs Boys of Justice, and the Screaming Phantoms

Greg Young of the Bowery Boys blog has a great post up about North Brooklyn in the late 70′s and early 80s. As part of a promotion for the upcoming film A Most Violent Year — which looks fascinating and is about New York’s most violent year, 1981 — he discusses the street gangs of Williamsburg, Bushwick and Greenpoint, aka “The Killing Fields:”

The New York Times ran of list of several notorious Williamsburg gangs, including the Dirty Ones, the Driggs Boys Of Justice and the Screaming Phantoms. In 1981 Luis Garden Acosta, a prominent community leader, called northern Brooklyn (Williamsburg, with its neighbors Bushwick and Greenpoint) the “killing fields” for the number of teenagers killed in bloody gang conflicts. [Read more...]

Watch Noah Baumbach’s Bushwick-centric new trailer: ‘While We’re Young’


You might recognize a few local spots. The film, which opens in March, is getting some great advance buzz:

If age is just a state of mind, then “While We’re Young” is the best kind of therapy a fortysomething starting to lose touch with the younger generation could hope for: Witty, articulate and reminiscent of several talented directors who no longer mean so much to today’s kids, Noah Baumbach’s latest stars Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as husband-and-wife filmmakers who “adopt” a mid-20s hipster couple as friends. Though not as broadly appealing as a Judd Apatow picture, Baumbach’s own acutely observed this-is-life laffer features his most relatable characters yet [Read more...]

Goodbye Blue Monday says adios


And another one gone. Their last day was, well, yesterday. And we’re still getting over DBA and D.B.A.:

“New York is making it impossible now for anyone to make a buck doing anything creative,” said [former owner] Trimboli, who said the landlord approached the current owner with a new lease where the rent was tripled. “I am sure that sports bars or bars that only have cover bands will stay open forever.”

Artists and musicians say they are disgusted at the rate at which venues are being pushed out.

“If New York City wants to become an occupied territory for the wealthy only, by all means, let’s just admit it and stop pretending already,” said Rachel Eisley, founder of Teleportation Arts, a multi-disciplinary art collective that operated out of a loft a few doors down from Goodbye Blue Monday until the landlord found a higher paying tenant. “Good luck with further gentrification at such a pace. Once the artists are forced out, we will not be paving the way for you anymore.”