Robert Sietsema did a Taco Crawl through Bushwick


The famed food critic (Eater and formerly Village Voice) visited Taqueria Sofia (187 Suydam St.) which he says is one of his “favorite places in the neighborhood.” He also swung by Free Williamsburg favorite Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos (271 Starr St.) and was — surprisingly — underwhelmed by the vegetarian taco:

The taco caused some consternation since it tasted like a side salad in a tortilla. “You know, the kind you get with your main course and leave lying on the plate.

He loved Santa Ana Deli, which we honestly have not tried, but will be making our way there ASAP to try their burrito mojado:

First to arrive were a pair of tacos placeros, or “market tacos,” that Santa Ana Deli has been instrumental in popularizing them in Bushwick. One was filled with orange rice and a freshly fried chile relleno, the other with a boiled egg. We topped both with the tomatillo-and-green-chile salsa, and pronounced them soul-satisfying. [Read more…]

Northside Festival announces first wave of 2017 artists and speakers




It’s our favorite time of the year! Northside Festival has just announced its first wave of 2017 artists and speakers— it’s safe to say they have outdone themselves yet again.

Northside Music, which runs from June 8-11, will feature headlining shows from Dirty Projectors, Miguel, Thursday, and Kamasi Washington. [Read more…]

Shea Stadium is trying to reopen as a legit club


They’ve always been legit in our book, but in view of their recent problems, they’ve started a Kickstarter to get the city off their back:

We want to make Shea a completely legal, 100% permitted venue to protect its future. [Read more…]

Why this dating app will make you ditch Tinder


Inner Circle

Are you in a dating-app rut? Do you have a nauseating number of Tinder nightmare experiences piling up, but aren’t a celebrity with the red carpet resume to make it into the highly exclusive Raya app?

Enter, The Inner Circle. This Amsterdam-born “selective dating app” promises to “connect ambitious, like-minded people.” Since its launch in 2013, it has been met with a large amount of publicity and success, and with that, a large amount of criticism due to its perceived exclusivity. [Read more…]

22-year old fatally shot at Bushwick’s Brooklyn Asylum

Dance floors blues at @brooklynasylum

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We have few details, and no arrests have been made, but the tragic shooting occurred in the Bushwick club last night at 5:20 AM:

A 22-year-old man was fatally shot in the face inside an illegal nightclub in Brooklyn early Sunday, cops said. [Read more…]

Where to avoid St. Patrick’s day in Brooklyn

No thanks

No thanks

Do you want to leave your house tonight but also feel pretty passionate about avoiding a run-in with NYC’s drunkest? Ya know, the green-adorned pub-goers who just can’t seem to leave their college days behind? They’re decorated with cheap plastic shamrock beads and leprechaun hats—perhaps a day as awful as Santacon in terms of public displays of intoxication and douchiness [Read more…]

This One Goes to Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

a2264146891_10Happy St. Paddy’s fellow wanna-be Irishmen and women. Trade the green Bud Light for some Primordial and join us as we go forth into the puked-strewn night. 

[Read more…]

Did this cute duck slow down your L Train commute this AM?

Officers captured and released “Presh” the duck, as Gothamist reports, after it hopped onto the L train tracks this morning. He was rescued from the tracks on the Jefferson L train stop without incident. He did not resist arrest and has since been released to Highland Park: [Read more…]