A photo homage to North Brooklyn’s former DIY scene


Dan Deacon, 285 Kent. May 21, 2011; credit: Richard Gin

If you missed Cloud City’s homage to the (largely) defunct DIY scene in Williamsburg and Bushwick, Slate has posted a handful of great photos from Death By Audio, 285 Kent, The Shank and more:

In the last few years, skyrocketing rents and neighborhood changes have killed some of Brooklyn’s favorite DIY, or “do-it-yourself,” music venues. This month, they got one more celebratory send-off with an exhibit, “RIP DIY,” which was on display at Brooklyn’s Cloud City. Featuring the work of 20 photographers, it showed these independent venues during their glory days, when the bands were loud, the drinks were cheap (and often available for those under age), and the party seemed like it might never stop. Curator Nicki Ishmael, whose photographs were also included in the exhibit, lived in the Williamsburg venue Dead Herring for more than five years before it closed in January 2013. The shutdown followed a trend in the neighborhood, one that has since continued with the recent closings of Glasslands Gallery and Death by Audio. [Read more...]

Williamsburg businesses are fighting the upcoming L train shutdown

In case you forgot, spring is basically being ruined by the fare-raising/surplus rockin‘ MTA, which plans to shut down L train service between Bedford and 8th Ave for SIX weekends beginning April 11. It seems like something like this happens every year, but this time around, local businesses are protesting the springtime service change.

The shutdowns, which will halt L train service between Bedford Avenue and Eighth Avenue from April 11 to May 18, will happen just as foot traffic picks up and revives cash flow, business owners said.

“Spring is like the height — that’s the peak,” said Joseph Franquinha, owner of Crest Hardware and Urban Garden Center at 558 Metropolitan Ave., who relies on the spring gardening season for business. [Read more...]

Cards Against Humanity Brooklyn coming soon


The teaser card above isn’t giving us much hope that this won’t suck, but head over to Kickstarter to get the ball rolling. From Brooklyn Magazine:

The expansion is being funded through Kickstarter by Long Islander Michael Sarrantonio, who’s seeking $1000 for production. Backers will get first dibs at the new 54-card pack, which features questions like “What does the R train smell like?” and answers that include “the ghost of Biggie Smalls” and “Gentrification.” [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

FantasyEmpireI hung out with my girlfriend’s parents all weekend, so chances are I need this more than you right now. Misery does love company, however, so join me as I turn this shit to the ozone, pour something stiff, and pound my forehead off the wall. With a little luck and a lot of faith (get behind me Satan), I’ll be myself again in no time.

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Former motorcycle shop, BBQ joint, and music club mashup reopening in Bushwick


The Shop: credit Katarina Hybenova/Bushwick Daily

That odd spot with the confusing name and concept, The Shop, is slotted to open next month in Bushwick. Formerly in a garage on Metropolitan Ave. in Williamsburg, The Shop’s new focus will be on Texas BBQ and live music:

A shuttered motorcycle club turned barbecue joint will be fully revived next month, serving Texas-style barbecue and hosting live shows. The Shop Brooklyn, at 234 Starr St. in Bushwick, originally launched in an old parking garage on Metropolitan Avenue between Driggs Avenue and Roebling Street in 2008. Owner and motorcycle buff Daniel Lyle, 40, who used to work as an investment banker, started out by letting other motorcycle fans park their bikes in the garage to make the rent. [Read more...]

Bushwick’s Rheingold Brewery development to have a rooftop hiking course

10 Montieth Street (credit: ODA New York)

No word on when construction will begin, but this thing looks as tacky as it is ambitious:

Plans for one of the buildings in the housing development on the former Rheingold Brewery site include amenities like an expansive green roof, urban farming areas and a library. The unique building — which is sloped and tiered in many areas — features a slew of amenities, with a focus on outdoor and green space.

The roof will offer 25,500 square feet of space, with a park, a running and hiking course, eating areas, yoga areas and places for urban farming, according to architect ODA. [Read more...]

Restaurant Round-Up: Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen, Billet & Bellows and Tandoori Masala


Billet & Bellows; credit L Magazine

The Grand Street craft cocktail bar, Billet & Bellows, which opened quietly late last year just started serving small plates. From the owner:

Patrons can now compliment the flavors of their beverages with items like the Ploughman’s Plate with Cured Meats, Cheese, Cornichons, Radish and Bread; Deviled Eggs Benedict with Ham and English Muffin Crumbs; Baby Bliss Potato Skins with Dublin Cheddar, Pork Cracklins, Cream and Scallions; and Skillet Mac and Cheese with Cheddar, Gruyere and a Parmesan Garlic Crumb Topping. Additional menu items include Marinated Olives, a Jumbo Soft Hot Pretzel with Whiskey Mustard Dripping Sauce, and Chicken Liver Toast with Chutney and Cornichons.

Billet and Bellows, 177 Grand Street, Williamsburg [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

GBHappy St. Patrick’s Day everyone. Pour a Guinness, throw on some Primordial, and settle in with another edition of This One Goes To Eleven, now an official green-Exorcist-puke-free institution.

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