Captured live: Junior Prom @ Cameo Gallery

The dudes from Lazer Cake invited me out to their show on 10/25/2012 at Cameo Gallery. They were the last band to play so I got to catch two bands before them. One of which was this band Junior Prom who absolutely killed it. The last time I saw a two piece this dope was back when The Courtesy Tier was just Omer and Layton. Enough words, time for some music! Watch these dudes do the damn thing. The singer kept yelling out “Wooaaaah!” on some Rick Flair shit. From that little piece of information alone you should be super excited. Great set! You dudes have some serious stage presence. 2 dudes felt/sounded like 5. That drummer is banana’s and I’m sure I saw a could of women tear up from the vocals. Enjoy!

PS: You should call one of your songs “The Nature Boy”…just saying “woaaaaaah”.


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