Bushwick Wiccans Hosting 24-Hour Variety Show/Pledge Drive

According to the Brooklyn Paper, Bushwick Wiccan bookstore Catland, a frequent hangout spot for the infamous Witches of Bushwick, is hosting a 24-hour variety show and pledge drive to raise money to turn its backyard into a garden.

Previously, the store tried to raise the necessary funds through an IndieGogo campaign, but only raised $2,700 of its $15,000 goal.

Co-owner Philip English said, “We want as many people as possible hanging out here and we will be passing the hat. We hope people can donate money and acts of kindness in helping us beg for money.”

The “beg-a-thon,” as English called it, will stream on YouTube and will feature “magician and comedian who goes by Kat Toledo, Duchess Wendi of the electronic goth band Thorazine Unicorn, who will perform a kabuki dance, and Russ Marshalek, who makes eerie soundtrack music under the name A Place Both Wonderful and Strange.”


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