Bushwick the Board Game?

The young, tired, broke, identity-craving, huddled masses continue their surge eastward along the L line… and the inherent humor of Brooklyn’s gentrification has been nearly extinguished by a neverending slew of lousy hipster commentary. Case in point: This “Bushwick the Board Game” video, which is kinda marginally funny. Maybe it’s just that the voice-over is super annoying, but we’re left to wonder WTF is coming next.

From EveryGirlsSecret.com:
‚”NullSet Films has evolved into a full-blown empire, with the creation of NullSet Games and its inaugural release of Bushwick the Board Game. The game has evolved along with our ever changing neighborhood and is now ready for you…
‚”Visit an art show, attend your bands gig, take a ride on the L and take home a handsome stranger. Roll the dice for the trip around the board to gather cards and coins. Physical challenges include tasks such as calling a former lover, spinning the bottle, and additional feats of strength. The first to end up at their new pad in the wick (and is able to pay rent) wins. Simple. Hipster tested, unanimously approved.”


  1. So you’ve somehow got a problem with this though that absolutely dreadful HIPSTERS IN SPACE pablum was chock full o lulz?

  2. please just shut up says:

    “neverending slew of lousy hipster commentary”
    ….like this post?

  3. It just mentioned Williamsburg as being a hipster heaven. It didn’t make fun of hipsters or anything like that?! Maybe it’s just a explanation of what’s going on. What are you gonna do, get bent out of shape about it? Anywho, I’ll play it!

  4. This commercial is hilarious! The game is fun too. ANyone who doesn’t get it is probably just an angry hipster.

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