Bushwick Open Studios Is This Weekend (May 31 – June 2)

Loren Munk - "Bushwick"

Loren Munk – “Bushwick”

For the last six years, this has been one of the highlights of our summer. Bushwick Open Studios is a three-day arts festival showcasing the exciting art, music, and creativity that makes Bushwick such an exciting place to be. It’s going to be hot as hell this year — yes summer is here — but don’t let that slow you down. If it gets too hot, just take a pit stop in one of our favorite Bushwick bars or pick a restaurant from our Best Bushwick Restaurants list.

Arts in Bushwick has maps and lots of information about the festival, but some of the highlights include:

1. The kick-off party tomorrow night at Shea Stadium:

The official Bushwick Open Studios Launch Party is a one-night celebration comprised entirely of local talent, showcasing music by Brooklyn favorites, EULA, AIR WAVES, LODRO, and DARLINGS. DJ MR. AD HOC will spin in between sets. Open bar compliments of Brooklyn Brewery.

$10 tickets; sold at the door.

9pm : EULA
10pm : AIR WAVES
11pm : LODRO

2. 3rd Ward is Having a BBQ – Information here.

3. CinemaSunday – The Closing Party – Information here.

4. And of course, don’t miss the Open Studio Tours. Art Info has a nice overview:

117 Grattan Street: One of the biggest studio buildings in the so-called Morgantown corner of Bushwick, 117 Grattan, it will feature at least two dozen open studios on Saturday and Sunday. Among those we can whole-heartedly recommend are Patricia Satterlee (#312), Andrew Cornell Robinson (#309), Eric Lundquist (#414), and Samuel T. Adams (#416).

119 Ingraham Street: This studio-packed warehouse, better know as Brooklyn Fireproof, can take up your whole day if you’re not careful. To that end we suggest you stop in at the studios of Gili Levy and Rebecca Litt (#301), Lauren Collings (#316), Jenny Morgan (fourth floor), and the group of artists sharing #209 (Hyesu Lee, Pat Kinsella, Dasha Tolstikova, Chi Birmingham, Ben Voldman, and Rafael Alvarez).

566 Johnson Avenue: In case our approach isn’t self-evident already, the best approach for maximum studio space-time efficiency it to hit up buildings with multiple studios. As it happens 566 Johnson, also know as The Active Space, houses not only a slew of studios but also a few exhibition spaces. Among the studios, you shouldn’t miss this chance to see pieces by Ashley Zelinskie (#5), JR Larson (#21), Jen Hitchings (#28), Matt Miller (#10), Stacie Johnson (#30), and Andria Morales (#18).

1717 Troutman Street: You could easily spend an entire day in this mega-building — as we have done in years past — before closing out the evening with a drink on its sweet second-floor balcony with Manhattan views, but in the interest of efficiency you should be sure to check out Rob de Oude and Enrico Gomez (whose studio, #220, also happens to be the gallery Parallel Art Space, listed below), the space shared by Maria Britton, Amanda Browder, and Kristen Schiele (#326), Lisa Corinne Davis (#215), and Aaron Williams (#330).

1828 Troutman Street: Saturday marks the grand opening of this new studio complex — hence the BBQ and dance party, from 4-6pm — with artists Jeff DeGolier, Dave Hardy, Robin Kang, Lauren Portada, John Silvis, Siebren Versteeg, and Max Warsh showing their work.

41 Varick Avenue: Though this is another studio-filled former warehouse, the main reason for recommending it is so you can pay a visit to collageist and new media artist Man Bartlett (#303) and sculptor of surreal and gnarly creatures Dennis McNett (#415).

448 Jefferson Street: Though there are dozens of artists with open studios in this building and next-door at 2 St. Nicholas Avenue, we especially recommend visiting #49 and #51 to see works by Nate Doyle, Austin English, Clara Johansson, Adam Opet, and Catherine Stack.

1013 Grand Street: Over on the Williamsburg side of things, this huge building boasts many studios that are well worth a visit, including those shared by Shaun Acton, Jessica Hargreaves, Kathleen Vance, Debra Zechowski, and Yiji Hong (#6), Rob Weingart (fourth floor), and J. Robert Feld (#28).

929 Broadway: Over on the Bed-Stuy-adjacent side of Bushwick, this building houses the Vacancy NYC collective, with some 10 member artists participating in the open studios.

44 Stewart Avenue: Another artist-filled warehouse building, here you should especially stop in and chat with Andrew Chan (#8), Valerian Pacifico Ocampo and Brandon Elijah Johnson (#50), and Charles Laib Bitton (#39).

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