Bushwick Ninja Anarchists Making Real Anarchists Look Bad

Over on the anarchist forums, anonymous commenters are furiously debating the actions of the Williamsburg Bubble Tea Ninjas. One writes:

Looks like it [ed: Williamsburg] needed a little broken glass around the place, too clean and liberal smugville, the broken glass glitters beautifully at night in the headlights, or at sunrise as the slanting rays of the sun remind us that nothing is permanent.

Many over there do however believe it was a terrible move by the anarchist ninjas, as they’re making real anarchists look like stupid, violent, nihilistic and irrational ninja anarchists. Which they totally aren’t! One writes, you ninjas shouldn’t be attacking quaint little boutiques, storefronts, and normal people cars, but the system.

Attack the rich, attack banks, attack the RULING CLASS not yuppies or hipsters. it might not be as easy, because they usually don’t just park their cars on the street, and they usually have security guard stations and don’t run boutiques but multinational corporations.

Quite the debate going on over there, where everyone is “anon” and forever temporarily unidentified in that damn system of Google Cache. Fight the power, anarchists, friends of the hipsters.


  1. Bushwick invaders are the equivalent of Williamsburg invaders circa 2004 except they are uglier, whiter and a lot fatter from what I’ve noticed on the L train.

  2. Yuppies and hipsters ARE the ruling class (or its children). Who better to attack than those rich brats?

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