Bushwick Inlet Park Probably Not Happening

Brooklyn Paper and The New York Daily News report that City officials revealed on Tuesday that they had no money and no timetable to continue buying private properties on Kent Avenue and N. 11th Street for the further development of Williamsburg’s largest waterfront park. Politicians and advocates are calling Mayor Bloomberg out after local residents agreed to a 28-acre Bushwick Inlet Park spanning Williamsburg and Greenpoint in exchange for rezoning the area in 2005 to allow luxury condo towers.

According to Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park:

The community vision for the park includes a boat launch, a museum dedicated to the Civil War era battleship USS Monitor, picnic grounds, athletic fields, volleyball courts, wetland preserves, gardens, performance spaces, a dog run and a two mile bicycle and pedestrian path along the East River.

Despite some progress with the institution of a soccer field between N. 9th and N. 10th along Kent, the City has only managed to purchase two properties. Two-thirds of the park remains privately owned.


  1. Surprise, surprise.

  2. bill lee says:

    Since that was a stipulation for the condos the condos can now be torn down. Have at it.

    • my area is overrun by “luxury” condos – ugly, too big, too dense – they have added nothing to the neighborhood – except maybe a patch of grass – meh –
      williamsburg is raped by these developers and politicians

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