Pop-up rave: Bushwick Gone Basel

Via DNA.Info/Ms. Fitz

Via DNA/Ms. Fitz

From the “oh, this is absolutely necessary” file:

A pack of local adventurers is planning to give Art Basel a taste of the Bushwick art scene with a pop-up rave this week — complete with “lots of trash on the floor,” organizers said.

In Bushwick Gone Basel,dozens of Brooklyn performers are packing up their art, instruments and party skills to ”descend upon the center of paradise” in South Beach for the prestigious arts fest.

“We’re creating a pop-up rave space that’s going to be like a party in Bushwick,” said event promoter and artist Ms. Fitz, who co-organized Bushwick Gone Basel with fellow artist Angelina Dreem, laughing that the party would include “lots of trash in the floor,” in true Bushwick style.

–via DNA.info

That noise? That’s the sound of a millions pairs of eyes glazing over, rolling back into heads and tongues dripping from mouths. But wait, there’s more.

“We believe that Bushwick is a haven for the upcoming and burgeoning artists in New York City, who are paving the way for interesting and groundbreaking new work,” said her email announcement of the event.

Ok, listen: are we done with this faux-artistic poverty fetishization that is this post-GIRLS idea of Bushwick? Go about a block in any direction past the lofts and ask the actual homeless folks what they think about your Art Basel “concept party”. I’m sure they’ll have some suggestions for how to pop it off. And as for Art Basel, it’s interesting that Ms. Fits and company have chosen the art world’s version of Lil Wayne jumping out of a 10-stories-tall Doritos vending machine at SXSW to “bring Bushwick to Basel”. It speaks volumes, in fact.

In the meantime? In the words of Nacho Libre, “Get that corn out mah face.”

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