Bushwick Country Club 3rd Hole Contest

Perhaps my favorite bar in Williamsburg, Bushwick Country Club, is having an excellent contest for their mini golf course (hence their country club status) that some artsy engineers could have some fun with:

The third hole is in a sorry state so we’re having a contest for the best design to redo it. The winner gets their winning design built, a plaque with their name on it mounted to the hole and a $100 bar tab. The third hole is the one with the mannequin in the red jumpsuit.
It has to replace the same area as the old hole. Roughly 4′ x 8′
The tee and hole have to be in roughly the same place as the original.
No electricity. Gravity can be the only force used. Ok, we will allow the use of the weak force.
Design can be no more than PG-13.
Simplicity is a plus.
The winner is chosen by the Country Club Board of Directors.
The contest is over when we get an awesome design.

Being able to point out a plaque and say “That’s me, baby” such a great pick up. Send your designs here. As a side note, their summer time drink the Jim Bean and coke slushie is back. Be warned, its delicious but dangerous. I speak from experience.


  1. low brau says:

    Can winner be offered a seat on the Board of Directors?

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