Brooklyn’s youngest shrink offers advice at the Bedford Ave L train platform

Photo via Helayne Seidman/NY Post

Photo via Helayne Seidman/NY Post

On Sundays from 12-2pm, 11-year-old Ciro Ortiz can be found offering “emotional advice” for a $2 charge on the Bedford Ave L train platform. The NY Post stopped by and the couple they observed had a very Brooklyn issue for him to help with:

One recent afternoon, a couple stopped by Ciro’s “Peanuts”-esque card table for some marital counseling. The husband was unhappy that his wife had recently gone vegan.

“I told him that she didn’t get mad at him for eating meat,” Ciro said. “She likes to eat what she wants and he likes to eat whatever he wants so they’re just gonna have to deal with it.”

Many of us have spent a lot more than $2 to get a reasonable answer like that from a psychiatrist. Read more about Ciro at the Post.

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