Brooklyn Needs A New Slogan

Earlier this evening, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz sent out a tweet, saying, “I need to think up some new slogans for Brooklyn. Does anyone have ideas?” Well, do we? Let’s help him out! Throw your best ideas in the comments and we’ll publish ’em in a memo to Marty.
update: oh dear. could this be an imposter? Brooklyn Based just wrote: “Just learned from a trusted source that @MartyMarkowitz isn’t really Marty. Who’s behind it? Fess up!”
update2: my my my the account is now deleted. twitter sez “That page doesn’t exist!” what’s going on marty man?


  1. “Brooklyn, it’s not Manhattan. Thank God.”

  2. stuffandthings says:

    “Brooklyn: stop coming here”

  3. dennis F Hernandez says:

    Brooklyn: Misty Land of Romance

  4. Brooklyn: As Seen on MTV’s: The Real World.

  5. Brooklyn: Soon we will have a borough president who isn’t a corporate welfare supporting blowhard.

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