Brooklyn Kickball: Day One


The country’s best looking and most notorious kickball league kicks off their summer season today at McCarren Park, despite the cold, wet damper currently suffocating the city. The teams are set, the schedule is up and the Turkey’s Nest just received their ten ton shipment of Styrobeer foam cups to keep everybody properly hydrated.
Two weeks ago, two first-year teams had to battle it out for the last spot in the league in a game that made your little sister’s t-ball league look like the pros. The league’s rowdy band of misfits – the Pirates (Los Piratas Mechanicos…loosely translated and probably poorly spelled) – are more timely and relevant than ever. Look to them for scurvy tales of hostage taking and an abundance of petty arguments over the placement of their pirate flags. We may or may not be sending dispatches from the fields at If you see anything of particular hilarity, feel free to send along tips & photos.


  1. Original Jenkem Huffer says:

    fuck off

  2. pirate says:

    what a bunch of pandas. celebrating these snowshoes is like giving traffic a shout out cause you didn’t feel like getting to work on time anyway. it’s just a lie.

  3. preston caiby says:

    i find sundays much better there are more teams and many one the members of the lobos the 5th place team but don’t let fool you.sooner or later we will come on strong.remember that.strong,if we have to go all the way.i respect my team members because we have more than it’s worth.i don’t care who it is where ready to take you’s be ready it can be ugly

  4. preston caiby says:

    get ready for a challenge it’s going to get ugly.the lobos team are for real

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