Brooklyn Flea booted from Williamsburg waterfront

Brooklyn Flea (c/o DNA)

Brooklyn Flea (c/o DNA)

First the concerts at Rough Trade get shut down for being too loud, now this:

The Brooklyn Flea’s vintage dresses, handmade jewelry, records and trinkets that filled the Williamsburg waterfront each week last summer won’t be returning this year — after locals complained that the popular outdoor market was robbing them of precious park space.

The flea brought dozens of vendors and hundreds of shoppers each Sunday to East River State Park, but organizers agreed to stop holding their market on the land this year to accommodate residents, founder Eric Demby said.

However, the popular food market Smorgasburg, also run by Brooklyn Flea, will continue to set up shop there on Saturdays, he noted.

“The success of our markets in East River State Park this season exceeded everyone’s expectations, including our own, and understandably took some people in the neighborhood by surprise,” Demby said. “And while the large majority of area residents continued to be supportive of our two-day residency, we decided that it made sense to compromise with some of the voices urging moderation in a move that we hope will secure the long-term future of Smorgasburg in the park on Saturdays.”

For North Brooklyn residents who passionately fought the flea, the news came as a welcome resolution that would restore the parkland to its intended use.

“I think it’s a great compromise for 2014,” said longtime flea opponent and local resident Jonathan Burkan. “No one ever thought you were going to have a commercial activity take over this park both days every weekend. It just was too much.”


  1. Dear “Opponents and Residents”,

    Grow the fuck up.

    Andy P. Smith

  2. astralgirl01 says:

    Again, gentrifying, rich White folks messing things up FOR EVERYONE. Williamsburg is definitely the new suburbs of Kansas…

  3. You should all move back to Wisconsin or wherever you came from. You all ruined this neighborhood. F your flee markets and F your condos.

  4. Exactly. It’s the hipster FOOD COURTS and Craptastic CRAFT fairs that are totally suburban, not New York AT ALL kind of touristy things to do. Only an idiot would be sad that a park gets a chance to be just a park on Sundays . Fuck Brooklyn Flea. Fuck Smorgasburg. Go away. We did fine without this shit in New York for 400 years. Take your stupid hipster, yupster crap to Wisconsin.

  5. I fail to see how a flea market like Brooklyn Flea or Smorgasburg could ruin the neighborhood – just the opposite really
    All the craptastic “luxury” condos on the other hand…

  6. John Tamberlain says:

    Eric Demby, the owner of the flea, is a millionaire. Should he really be using public space to run his business?

    If he wants to be in Williamsburg so badly, why doesn’t he rent a space like every other business in Brooklyn? Why should he get to take away a public park from the local community? Last time I checked, the brooklyn flea wasn’t a non-profit..

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