Brooklyn at the Guggenheim, Part III: Yeasayer and Tanlines

It’s that time of month again– the Guggenheim’s It Came From Brooklyn series is in part three mode, with Yeasayer and CMJ standout Tanlines.
The Yeasayer boys, who built a studio in upstate New York in which to record their second album (with the help of engineer friends, of course), are planning a 3-D light show with cycles of color and animation projected onto the wall of the Frank Lloyd Wright rotunda, for a ‚”synesthetic experience of music and light” (in Kandinsky’s spirit maybe), so it’ll be a blast to see all the Uptown art folk walking around in their special glasses. I don’t know how many more times I can call this event magical, so lets go on a synonym parade– whimsical, entrancing, spellbinding, magnetic. There is a spirit in the air at the Guggenheim shows that echoes along the curved white walls, and allows you to enjoy a performance as you could at no other venue. Coming off of last week’s festivities, this event is a welcomed breath of freshness, with a Brooklyn edge.
Along with the musical performances, readings from Brooklyn author Rachel Sherman and the MC funnies of Max Silvestri are to be expected. Besides, Yeasayer won’t have any tour dates for a while, unless you’re making it out to Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest.
Friday, October 30th @ the Guggenheim– get your tickets here!
Check out a video of Julian Plenti (aka Paul Banks of Interpol) covering “Horse With No Name” at the last installment of Brooklyn here.
Photo by Clarissa Roudabush


  1. yeasayer album has been in the can for a bit. album is finished and has already been shipped to writers. so im guessing they arent still building their recording studio upstate to record the album. just a guess.

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