"Bored to Death" is Sooooo Brooklyn

Remember “Bored to Death,” that upcoming series on HBO that’s about a bored writer living in Brooklyn who puts up an ad on Craigslist to become a private detective? Well, it’s kinda hitting close to home. The show was created by real-life (and no longer bored?) Brooklyn writer Jonathan Ames, was shot in Fort Green, and stars Williamsburg residents Olivia Thirlby and our beloved Zach Galifianakis. Zach, it’s worth noting, rides/rode his bike to work every day and hurt his knee! So, he’s limping, and they had to write his injury into the script. But of course, Ames says it “isn’t really about being a writer, or living in Brooklyn, or being a Brooklyn-based artsy person.” That’s all an aside. It’s a detective show! But in Brooklyn.


  1. they were filming a skate-boarding scene in front of our apt in Carroll Gardens. The same six kids chased a Jason Schwartzman stunt double all day long, up & down the street. About as glamorous & interesting as this comment.

  2. lerenardrusé says:

    Also starring the completely uninteresting Jason Schwartzman. Some one was dumb enough to give this guy his own tv show? Really? Is this 1998? What a waste.

  3. HalfChemical says:

    They filmed a bunch of scenes on Franklin and Huron in Greenpoint as well.

  4. They had a screeing last night at Berry Park on North 14th.

  5. They had a screeing last night at Berry Park on North 14th.

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