Body found in East River – ‘Guy only wearing boxers w a Mohawk pulled out in Greenpoint’



Police think its likely Steven Middleton, who went missing earlier this week. From NY Post:

Cops found the body in the East River near the India Street pier at around 8:30 p.m., police said.
Law enforcement sources said that they believe it belongs to Steven Middleton, who went swimming Saturday morning after an all-night bender to celebrate a friend’s graduation.

Middleton and five others had slipped through a fence opening near the Williamsburg Bridge at 5:30 a.m. on June 26 to get to a pier with a ladder leading down to the water.

He was quickly caught in the swift current and was swept away.

This is of course terribly upsetting. From a firsthand account on Greenpointers:

I was sitting on the rocks at the end of Java St, where I go often to watch the sunset. I saw a big thing floating by way out in the the water — I thought it was maybe a big dead fish. Java is in between two piers; I wasn’t paying too much attention but as the lump got closer to the India St pier, a bunch of people rushed down to the middle of the pier and watched it. This was probably 8:30. Right as it went under the pier, several cops & firefighters came running down the pier, and I realized I could see flashing lights on India St. Someone yelled from the Transmitter pier “Hurry, get him out of the water! He’s still moving!” As far as I could tell, this was untrue, and the thing had not moved at all the whole time, other than being carried by the current.

The really strange thing is that all of a sudden TONS of people started appearing, running down Java and I guess India Sts to the middle of the pier. Several cars pulled up too, and I swear whole families with small children got out, everyone streaming over to the pier to watch what was happening.

The cops brought a big ladder along the pier and a stretcher, but at about the same time two police boats came. My view was obscured (I’m not the kind of person who wants to see a dead body, so I never left my spot on the rocks). The boat was on the other side of the India pier from me, and I believe they tied a rope to the body and towed it away. They went north, so I lost sight of them pretty quickly.

UPDATE: the body has been identified as Steven L. Middleton. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

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